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No, you be coherent

Hey, you know what's an unsung benefit of being pregnant? You can clean your belly button really, really well. I mean once it starts getting all pushed out and sort of flat, of course.

I tried to feed Mia McDonald's french fries for lunch today and she rejected them in favor of a protein bar and grapes. What's wrong with this kid?

One of the things I hated about our old house was that they picked up the trash really late in the day, and since our horrible neighbors were all too lazy and vulgar to bag their trash or put it in trash cans, by the time they came to collect it was spread all over the neighborhood and nobody ever picked it up. At the new house, people actually know how to use trash cans, which is nice, and they also usually come collect pretty early, which is also nice. In theory. In practice, when the garbage truck comes at 6:30 in the morning after you have been up until 3:00 trying to get your kid to go the hell back to sleep already that early pick-up seems like enough reason to put the house straight back on the market.

Also, the new house has these lovely granite counter tops, which make me feel very fancy since I am used to stained formica. They are sort of brown and speckled and don't show dirt at all, which is fabulous because I don't have to wipe them every five seconds. Except that they don't show dirt at all so I have no idea if they are dirty or not and I have to wipe them every five seconds.

Note to everyone who has been sucking up to Sarah in hopes of scoring Claudia's giraffe dress: you can start sucking up to me now, because that bad boy it totally hanging in Mia's closet right this minute. It's only in the closet because for the first time in a week she agreed to take it off long enough for me to wash and dry it.

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Your kid has weird health food tendencies! Oh no! ;-) I bet she looks totally adorable in that giraffe dress!


Oh my god dude, what are you DOING to that kid? You're a horrible parent for making her like things like protein bars. Jesus, I bet she loves vegetables too. You'll never be on an episode of Honey we're killing the kids at this rate.

Also, I LOVED feeling the inside of my belly button when I was pregnant. It was a borderline obsession. It felt like a soup bowl of soft old lady skin.

The giraffe dress rules. Mia only got it because it was so short on Claudia that you could actually see most of her butt.

She wore it until I made her stop.

Wait - everyone still feel free to suck up to me for no good reason.

I know what you need to do about Mia's sleep issues, here's my advice: just kidding :) I just had to leave a comment to say that Statia's soup bowl comment is going to be in my head for the rest of the day. What an image!

Thanks for reminding me that I have not cleaned my belly button in over 9 years.

I really did enjoy that part of pregnancy, but that night have been it!

Just wait. Broccoli will be next and on down the slippery slope.

Have a wonderful weekend - you and your navel.


I just never know what I will find here. It's a little bit exciting. My bellybutton hurt when I was pregnant, but I did like the "turkey baster" feeling.

I never got the "turkey baster" experience. Wow, somehow that sounded dirty. Too many triplet mommies talking about IUI, I guess!

Congrats on the granite counter tops, even though I'm sure they will bring you great pains :)

Our garbage pick-up is really early too. I couldn't even count the number of times we shoot straight out of bed to go take it out when we hear the sound of a truck.

Cute dress...but it's not my size.

What a cute dress! Mia and Lilli would get along well together. The only french fries that Lilli will eat are the waffle fries at Chick Fil A. And more than half the time she prefers the fruit cup to fries anyway.

So, so love that dress! I have searched for places on the interwebosphere to purchase Dolca clothing, to no avail. How does one acquire such adorable clothing? I also want to purchase some of the shoes on the website. Any idea how?

Alas, I do NOT covet the giraffe dress because it would look completely ridiculous on my boys. And, I'm not about to get pregnant again so that I can chance having a girl.

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