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I have 28 bottles of wine, 96 bottles of beer, a gallon and a half of tequila and a margarita machine in my garage.

You guys bring the food, ok?

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Yay I'm first, i'll bring some pizza!! know how to party! I'll bring the cheese and crackers.

WOW! And I bet one of Chris' pesky rules is that you can't have any? ;)

I will bring the chips and dip....

Funny your list sounds like the beginning to a country song... (except for maybe the wine part)

Torture. Pure torture.


What time should I get there?

Hope your party goes smoothly!

And WHY again am I not invited to this party? WHY am I instead going to hang out with a couple and their children and not have even a SIP of alcohol? WHY?

Sounds like I'm set, what are YOU all going to drink? :-) Enjoy the party, or at least, don't stress out too much!

I'll bring homeade guacamole.

Awesome - Steve and I are in, thanks for the invite! But what are YOU going to drink?

Oh man.... here I had this witty comment and someone else already stole my thunder two comments ago. I suck.

Well I don't think I'm really invited but if I were I'd knock your socks off with a mean Buffalo Chicken dip I make.

Only three more bottles of beer and you've got yourself a really annoying song! Have a great party!

I hope that all goes wonderfully and that Chris takes lots of pictures.

Someone beat me to the comment about the bottles of beer (on the wall).


you forgot the "take one down, pass it around..."

I am about to host the first official cocktail party I've thrown since I got pregnant, and my kid is now four. So far I have a nice formal dress code involving cocktail hats, stockings, and uncomfortable shoes, and two extrordonary cooks bringing food. And guess what I'm providing? Two teenagers to wrangle children, because we ALL seem to have procreated, and NONE of us can have fun with the kids there, nor can any of us seem to leave them behind. *sigh* Who'da thunk I'd consider the most important part of a party to be the babysitters???
So send me the tequila and I'll give you the names of my sitters :P Fair trade yo!

It's like the holy grail for frazzled mamas!

Your party is set for success. Good luck!

Wow. You're my kind of friend! Or rather, if I knew you itrw you totally would be. Alas, I can only party with you through the internet. So let's do an upside-down margarita just like back in college. What? You didn't do those? Hmmm. Maybe it was just me, then. Anyway, woo-hoo!

LOLOL Wow!!!!

Damn! I missed it.

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