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Some things of note


Click for a bigger version.

Are you concerned about maintaining the lustrous finish of your toilet seats? Because I sure as hell am. Thank goodness I read these instructions and can now devote all my free time to keeping the toilet seats looking new for years to come.


Seventeen weeks, fifteen pounds (moo), say hello to the maternity pants.

Sorry for the shitty picture quality, but no way in hell am I retaking it. Now sure, my regular pants still fit since I'm really only 5 pounds over my pre-pregnancy pre-diet weight (and sweet jeebus but those ten pounds I lost this Spring leapt back on in about four seconds) and never bought new pants, but the maternity pants are just so much more comfortable that I've decided to give up the fight. Granted, I spent the morning catching them halfway down my ass and hauling them back up to a decent level, but it's either that or punch another hole in my belts and I just can't deal with that.

So I hope all (three) of you who have been clamoring for belly shots are happy now and will leave me the hell alone while I go get some more ice cream. It takes work to look this good, you know.

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I don't even count that as a belly shot since you have no belly! PPPftt.

Wait a minute...people who read your blog were 'clamoring for belly shots'? Unless that has something to do with pictures of people doing shots of alcohol off of someone else's belly, why the hell would anyone be desperate to see the progress of your womb? I mean, I trust you when you and Chris say that you're pregnant. Until the little person arrives, though, I can't see why anyone would require further proof.

Or perhaps understanding of this point requires a uterus?

You'll look cute no matter WHAT size that belly becomes. Resolve to be comfortable!

I've not been pregnant for nearly six years, and my belly is more pronounced than that. Please, no need to ask me for a belly shot. As I'm fond of saying to people who call me skinny, "You've never seen me naked nor will you ever."

Mmmm. Ice cream.

Your pregnancy belly looks like my belly today... and I am NOT pregnant (sniff, tear)... If you're looking for me I will be in the gym, every day this week...

I'm all about the belly shots. I love them!! Not in a perverted way, but I find them fascinating and sweet all at the same time. Sort of like an Oreo blizzard.

Well, I for one am EXCITED for a belly shot--so thank you! And you look fabulous! I can't wait to bust into the maternity pants! But then again I'm new at this so it's all exciting to me at this point. Plus, the way I see it, when I'll actually need the maternity pants will be when I'm not gagging and puking all the time, and really, won't that be just the most glorious day?

Yeah for cute (albeit grainy) belly shots! Keep em coming! I think only certain people appreciate them. I did not the first time around but for baby #2 I have BIG plans for belly shots!

Hmmm...I don't see a belly. I see you pushing your stomach out...on purpose! :-)

I think pregnancy is contagious in the blog world. I better stay away! And that tummy is NOTHING!

I like the part where it tells you not do use disinfectants on your toilet seat. Oh heavens no!

I'll give you that the pants are more comfy; but girl, where's the "belly"? I mean, I'm skinny and people were always telling me I didn't have much there (all baby, they say), but by 17 weeks there was more than that ;)

Or maybe it had more to do with the fact hat they were just surprised I didn't look eleventy months pregnant that early since I'm on #4!

enjoy the ice cream, Beth! and eat a second scoop for me!

everyone - including yours truly - will tell you how great you look (because, seriously? you do. look. great.) but it won't probably feel huge. hang in there and learn to embrace the inner moo!!!!!!

you look fab.u.lous!

what? oh. sorry. i was distracting because i was cleaning the toilet seat.

YOU DID IT!!! It only took pulling your arm (and Chris'), but you really did it!! Chris said that he thought he had you convinced, but I was beginning to wonder if you'd changed your mind. I'm so glad you didn't!!

Did you ever decide on what to call the baby since Bean has previously been used?

Sorry I am late,
First, great belly shot.
Second, thanks for the toilet seat tip.
Third, Coming your way Sept 13-18!!!

My word, Beth! That's what my belly looks like now - and there's no baby in there! You look terrific.

Yay for belly shots!

Can you make it a weekly feature?

you have such a fit looking baby belly. you're lucky. :)

You look fabulous.

You forgot to put your belly in the picture!

I SO don't miss being preggers. I was never cute preggers the way most women are.

How exciting! 17 weeks already. Should be finding out the sex soon huh? I was due with last baby on Feb.9th and found out the sex the first week of Sept. Can't wait to hear what it is.... my guess is girl #2. Good luck to you!

Still skinnier than me. ;)

oh, come on. that isn't a belly, you're totally pushing it out, aren't you?


i highly recommend mcdonald's vanilla cones as far as ice cream goes. i'm just saying. it's what i've been doing once a week since...oh...june.

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