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The Non-Update Update

People, I am so sorry. I'm not coming to tell you the gender of the fetus because there are still a few people we have to tell ourselves before it goes out on the world wide webernet, so it will most likely be Monday, but it never occurred to me that you guys would worry. Y'all are so sweet.

Everything is fine, perfect, the fetus is in great shape and spent the entire sonogram jumping on my bladder, which I could totally have told you without the fancy equipment. We're thrilled, we told Mia, she likes to kiss my tummy so the baby feels better and won't cry, and she's worried that the baby doesn't have any milk in there, because she knows babies like milk.

And that's it for now. Sorry. Kisses. Don't throw things at me, I'm knocked up.

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Aww, and here I was hoping for some news. See ya Monday!

I was so sure we'd get some news when I saw that you and Chris posted at the same time... Do we really have to wait out the entire weekend? Rats. So glad you saw something, though!

You mean that people OUTSIDE of the computer are MORE IMPORTANT than US?

Glad the little baby is doin' good!

Well, thank you for letting us know everything is fine!! I even told my mom about you when we were looking at sheets at Kohls just now. Enjoy your "secret from the internet"!

SPLAT!!! That was tomato hitting your face! ;)

Thanks for letting us know everything's great! Yay!

Well the most important thing is that everything is fine! So cute that Mia wants the baby to have milk. Can't wait to hear!

That is flippin' adorable! She kisses your tummy to make the baby not cry, and is worried "it" doesn't have milk? Awwww...that's it...sprained ovary. The kisses are pretty standard stuff, but the milk thing blew me away...what a smarty! We're currently trying for number two with no luck in several months now. (Suprisingly, getting prego on accident was very easy, but on purpose not so much.) Thanks for letting me live vicariously, even if I have to wait until Monday.

Good. I was starting to creep myself out with the blog-stalking you. Don't panic about the weird ass Canadian when you look at your sitemeter, K? I can wait.

As long as everyone is healthy, I think we can wait it out, but I AM dying to know! lol

Have a great weekend!

I am sure I can throw chocolates at you, and you would not mind!

We find out the gender too on Monday! With Tim, we kept it a secret from everybody. We might just go public this time!

can hardly wait to hear, but guess I will have to huh? Congrats that everything is fine though and my guess is that it is a baby boy. But I know either will be fine with you both or should say all, including Mia.


That's cute about Mia. You just told us that to make us feel better about not knowing, right?

Awww, Mia! That's so cute :)

Glad to know that Wally Festus Cactus-Fish (Chris didn't seem too enamoured with this name when I suggested it..can't imagine why!) is healthy and energetic :)


Of course I'm not upset... I'm just glad all is going well. Mia is so cute. ;)

You are SO the Friday afternoon episodes of Days of our lives.....
Can't wait till monday!

Heck, I remember the wait to hear about Mia! And I totally understand the issue of telling all the people in "real life" first - so, yes, we all understand, but we can't wait! CAN'T WAIT!

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