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The Update Update

You know what I hate? When people email or post sonogram pictures with the genitalia circled or surrounded by flashing arrows or otherwise ridiculously prominent. Dude, you can just tell me, I promise to believe you. You know what I loathe and despise? When the fetus in question is a boy and the totally unnecessary genital circling is accompanied by jokes about the size or girth or resemblance to the purported father of the item in question. I mean really, the kids is 20 weeks from even being born, do we have to start with the penis jokes already?

So y'all are just going to have to take my word for it that Wally does seem pretty certain to be a boy.

Mia wants to name him Banana Froggie.

Comments (81)

CONGRATS!!! How exciting!! You get to start shopping all over again for blue stuff : )


Congratulations Beth, Chris and Mia!

I just knew it! WooHoo...cactus jr.

Congratulations! You guys will have a blast with a boy.

Mia will have such fun with a baby brother. Congratulations!

I was in a gift store yesterday looking at all the precious baby-blue things that said "Prince" on them and feeling heartstrings. You will LOVE having a boy. So sweet!


My friends daughter wants to name their baby to be "chocolate".

YAY!! A BOY!! How exciting. Of course, he'd look sort of silly if you dressed him in all of Mia's girly clothes, so the baby wardrobe at your house will need a massive overhaul, but that aside - W00T!! Congratulations!!

Weren't you guys able to agree on boy names but not girl names? If so - the fact that Wally is a boy will come in handy. :P

Yay! Congratulations. Boys are great! Of course, I don't have a girl so I am biased. Guess my prediction for a gaggle of girls was wrong. (Good thing I'm not starting up any psychic hotlines)Congrats to you and your family.

Congrats! Now you get to buy all new stuff! Boys are so much fun.

Congrats!! I just read the news over at the hubby's blog. How wonderful! Mia is a doll, all concerned about the babeh. How cute is that??!!

Outstanding! Congratulations! Glad you guys got that new house -- Boys need LOTS of space. ha ha!

I have boy/girl twins so I know, having a girl is great, having a boy is so great, the greatness you don't know until you have one.

Congrats!! I am so pleased it is a boy :) I suggest naming him Calliou (Kiyou) LOL my 2 year grandson loves that show. Actually my favorite boys name is Michael. But whatever you name him will be perfect for him :)
Hugs to the Cactus/Bean family.

Congratulations! Boys are just as much fun as girls, but different for the obvious reasons.

Congratulations! Banana Froggie is a great name.

Congratulations! Is he going to have a name beginning with T so you can have Mia Monday and, for example, Thomas Tuesday?

Congratulations! I like Banana Froggie, but I may be partial since my oldest daughter wanted to name her baby sister Tuna Luna.


Wally, Banana Froggie, can't wait to hear some more name suggestions!

I advised Chris to name the boy Thor, but Mia's trumped me with Banana Froggie. A name involving both a reptile and a fruit is pretty hard to beat.

Congrats - Mia has a naming knack. I'd go with it. ;)
I'll give you same boy advice I gave Chris - make sure you keep that sucker covered when you change him for the first month or so. Otherwise....well, you'll be wet and regret it. ;)

Mia has great naming skills. Where was she when we were trying to name Bridget?

Congrats on your boy! It'll be so much fun to get all those fun boy things!

well..he would probably be the only Banana Froggie in his kindergarten class!

Congratulations to all 3.5 of you!

Congratulations! It's never too early to start with the penis jokes, trust me.

Yay! Clearly his name now has to be Wally Banana Froggie. It's got a nice ring to it.

Congratulations to the 3 of you. I am super excited for you guys.

Congratulations! (And I'm sorry to say it, but if the Banana Froggie name had come from Chris, I'd've thought it was a penis joke....)

Having a boy (after being told we were having a girl, remember?) has totally rocked.

Boys are really cool. You are so lucky - you are in for a treat! :D


Wow.. Congratulations! While I love having a girl too, little boys are so much fun... and IMO, easier in terms of dressing, hair styling, etc! LOL, Of course, mine, has spent most of his life nekkid, so maybe that's why I feel that way!


Banana Froggie is an excellent name. Congrats.


I've never had a baby girl...but the little boy I have sure is a treat. You guys are going to have a blast! :-)

i can't believe i was wrong...there i go, making everything about me...

seriously, though, i'm so happy for you guys! he's going to make such a perfect addition to your family!

Congrats! Yay for boy parts which are not circled with flashing neon signs attached!

Traci beat me to it here and someone else got there first on Rude Cactus.

Speaking from experience, be sure to have something (like a diaper) between your face and his penis.

Congratulations. Of course I'd say that no matter which way it went.

I like being right. Congrats. Now we'll just focus on healthy...

So does this mean we don't get to see the sonogram? Because I really like sonogram pictures.

I even like arrows pointing at genetalia - but maybe it's just me.

Congrats on the boy. I was wrong, but I'm rather happy about it.

Yeah! Congratulations. P.S. Did my comment about IKEA sheets make it through on the last post?

congratulations! what's great about little boys is they love their mammas. :-)


Congratulations! I love the name too.

That's great news! Congratulations!


Wouldn't it be funny if Mia called him that regardless of what you named him?

Congratulations! I foresee that, not too far in the future, we will be typing banana froggie in the "trust-me-I-am-human" box above. We had a student, when I was teaching abroad, that wanted to be named Noodle.

YAY! How excitting, little Wally really is a little Wally!

Yay for penises! :)

Congratulations! I am sure that the Banana Froggie will be just as beautiful as the Mia Bean!


That's great. Now you have one of each.

I hope I didn't sound like a weird "child collector" or something... ya'll know what I mean right?

In any case, I can't wait to see how this story unfolds. The kid will be cute, no doubt. Mia/Wally Mondays will now be twice as cute.

Congrats! Boys are fun, even if named Banana Froggie! :-)

Yay! Congratulations. I'm looking forward to Wally Wednesdays...or maybe Froggie Fridays?

Oh! Congratulations!

My daughter could not be convinced that the baby in mom's tummy was not, in fact, a pony. To be named Silly Dude. But only because she hadn't thought of Banana Froggie.

Good luck picking out names...we almost ended up going with Silly Dude after all.

Eeee! That's fantastic -- the "million dollar family," as they call it! If it were a girl, it'd be fantastic, too, though. But, SO nice to have one of each. :)

Hardy congratulations all around. Love the name Mia has chosen for him.

Congrats!! That is awesome! :)

i don't know if i can put a link in your comments, so i will simply advise, since others are (likewise) concerned: google "pee pee teepee."

I think Bananna Froggie sounds like a fabulous name.

Mia has nice tastes in names.
It could have been Banana Hammock ;)

congratulations! I like Mia's name suggestion too! :)

Hi!! Lots to tell you...but I am at just wanted to say that week before last we found out our first is A BOY!! Pretty cool!!

So I guess the kid has a disproportionately small winkie and you're a little embarrassed about what that says about Chris, then? 'Cuz surely you would have circled and pointed to it if the equipment was HUGE. ;-P

Well, duh! Because "Greeble" is already taken!

Big congrats!

Big congrats!! I guessed right, although I'm not sure if I ever logged my guess on your guessing page... I love the name that Mia has chosen - maybe you can at least call him that until he arrives.

Congratulations....Hooray for the boy bits! I can never decifer those pictures anyway. :)

Wonderful! Congratulations! Enjoy every minute!

Yay! When my brother was born, someone sent my mom a card that said "Boys are wonderful! Boys are great!" They are! and they are!


So happy for you. A boy. You know, in Hollywood "Banana Froggie" might fit right in! Something to consider.

Yay! A banana!

Baby boys are so much fun! Congratulations!

Very cool! Boys are great :)

(Now you just need to have 2 more of them & we'll be just alike, only in reverse! ;) )


What goes well with "Mia Bean". "Wally Bean"? "Pinto Bean"? If he's thin, how about "String Bean"?

You'll love having a boy. Not that I know any different, but it's a lot of fun.

LOL!! Love Mia's choice of names, lolol... and Congrats!!! I have 3 girls and a boy... they're both fun...enjoy!!!

That's awesome news!! Congratulations to you all!!!!

Congratulations!!! Now your princess gets to stay the only princess!!! She will be happy about that...unfortunately/or fortunately you will have to buy all new clothes for the new baby.

Congrats! I didn't know I wanted a boy til I had one. I think Froggie Banana is a superlative choice

Congratulations!! How fantabulously exciting. I am so thrilled for all y'all. :)

Oh congrats!!!! We have a 2 year old girl and now are expecting a boy too!!!

Exciting stuff:-)

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