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And sexier

So yes, I went to see the Hotty Pediatrician with peanut butter on my pants just so we could talk about poop, and yes, additionally it turned out that I had syrup on my sweater, right on the boob which I think is totally suggestive and hott in a "mother of toddler who must lean over to see her own feet" sort of way, but at least I'm not the one who dropped "anal fissures" into the conversation. Rawr.

Also, every time I see the Hotty Pediatrician about something that requires instructions, he gives me the exact same set of instructions three or four times. I used to think that either 1) he's one of those socially-awkward people who can't quite tell when to stop talking so he just keeps repeating himself until some little internal timer buzzes and alerts him that our time is up, or 2) he thought I was so stupid I needed to hear it all three or four times to get it. But today, I figured out that the real reason is that when you are trying to listen to directions while holding a squirming toddler on your lap and trying to stop her from poking your eye out with the shot from her play doctor kit, three or four repetitions is barely enough for whatever it is to sink into your brain and you will still find yourself at home trying desperately to remember whether it was twice a day for three days or three times a day for two days. So see, hot and clever too.

Although really, anal fissures? I just don't think we have that sort of relationship.

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Poor Mia's little bum. Especially on Halloween!!

The syrup on the boob? That's DAMN sexy. It's like you're inviting him to lick it off. C'mon, hotty- I DARE you!

He went WAY too far with the anal fissures though. What a freak...

You can't really blame him for trying to steal one base too many. I mean, peanut butter AND syrup. Mixed signals much?

I realize I'm kind of off topic with my comment... but the toddler mom in me is actually curious about the conversation that led to the talk of "anal fissures". sorry.

Oh, Michael had those when he was really little. Blood in the poop, not a good things.

Yikes. Hope everything is okay.

Poor Mia!

You should hear the things that come out of my sister's mouth at the dinner table. She's a nurse practitioner, and it just does not occur to her to be embarrassed--or that we might be embarrassed to hear her talk about some things. Of course, she's also been asked out more than once after doing the "turn and cough" exam, so maybe there's a reason she's lost perspective.

So what connoction are you making with peanut butter and syrup? I'm stymied.

I had a talk about anal fissures with my sons hottie pediatrician last week too. Maybe they just had some sort of hot doctor conference on them.

Our doctor talks in a quiet monotone that you can barely hear when a child is making noise. I think clearly your doctor wanted to confuse you so you would have an excuse to call him later, don't you think?

ouch! No chance that Mia is a fan of spinach or prunes, eh?? Hope things improve rapidly!

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