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Claim your clique

There weren't enough brownies in the world to make yesterday ok, and that includes the pan of brownies I had recently made and spent the afternoon eating just the edges of because that's the best part and I'm pregnant and can if I want to. Then, I was up for four hours last night, either because Mia hadn't quite finished torturing me yesterday or because she wanted to get a jump on the torture for today. I suppose time will tell.

Since I won't be fit company today short of securing and chugging a highly verboten bottle of wine, I thought we would play a little game instead. We went to a high school football game on Saturday, and I spent a lot of the time giggling at all those terribly young children who were taking themselves so seriously. They were babies, and yet I well remember being that age and believing I was so grown up and mature. I suppose it is one of the requirements of adolescence. I started wondering where each of them fit into the horrible little microcosm that is high school.

And then I started wondering where you all fit in. Did you take French and play third viola in the orchestra? Spanish and play wide receiver on the JV football team? German and skip third period every day to get baked behind the shop building? (Hey, what's the cool phrase for smoking pot these days? I feel like "get baked" must be so 15 years ago, which is coincidentally the last time I personally got baked. Hypothetically, of course.) The language you studied is very telling somehow, don't you think?

I'll go first. I took Spanish, did Drama all four years and was in almost all of the plays and musicals staged while I was there, and did two years of Chorus. I had rather unfortunate hair and a more unfortunate fashion sense, was a huge dork and endured a lot of teasing from the trashy girls in my gym class but never really cared because hello, have you seen how trashy they are?

And now you, define your 16 year old self in the most superficial terms possible. I bet it will tell us a lot.

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Oh, this is a good one!

I took French and hated every minute of it. I was a JV cheerleader for the first 2 years, and in color guard in the marching band my last 2 years. I had a boring sense of fashion and tried to keep myself from being noticed. I was never teased, and I never teased anyone. I spent my entire highschool existence in a corner either fighting or making up with my boyfriend, who coincidentally, is now my husband. I floated right down the middle, never popular, never a nerd. I look back fondly on my highschool days.

Spanish. Cheerleader. Captain of dance team. Hung with a very popular groups of girls who pretty much ran all the school teams/groups/clubs. Dated a guy that made me spend too much time wondering if he was cheating on me. I wore huge glasses and V-neck sweaters and tennis skirts. Oh, and hard, tall hair that most girls coveted.

I was in 4 years of band (saxophone), 3 of choir (until I quit b/c the choir director was a sexist asshole), took French early in HS but quit, was really bad at math and good at english. I also was a horrible dresser and was pretty darned unpopular, but had enough friends at my popularity level that it wasn't horrible. I don't want to go back, though.

Hmmm, 16 years old. I was one of those "angry" girls. Wore black most of the time but wasn't a goth chick. Anorexic. Spanish because my father made me--said it would be more useful than French. Academic overacheiver, but socially numb. Played soccer the first year but never again. Sang in the choir first year, but never again. Drama my last year (and then through college) but never again. Hmmm, there seems to be a trend here.

I was an overachieving nerd. If there was a school activity, I was probably involved in it in some way. I took Spanish for a year, but then our Spanish teacher left so I had to take French for 2 years until I could wrangle some independent study Spanish out of our new teacher. I played soccer and was a manager for basketball and baseball. However, there were only 30 kids in my graduating class, so it wasn't unusual for people to be involved in a lot of different things. Someone had to do it!

You and Chris are so deep on a day when I am (gasp) getting older - 31 - and sorta reminiscing about who I was and blah blah blah.

I was a cheerleader for three years. Took Spanish for two. Was in choir, and thus inthe musicals (because it was a requirement, not because I had any particular skill). Loved writing. I wasn't one of those popular cliquey cheerleaders - I had friends in many groups - but mostly surface friends. I've always only had a few CLOSE friends, but got along with most people. I dated a really sweet, but dumb, boy whose papers I wrote so he didn't fail English.

I took three years of French before giving it up, having realized I hadn't learned much. My mom was still pretty much dressing me, and I looked it. The only club I was part of was the Broadcast Journalism club. I didn't really have a group of friends to call my own, but I did have people I hung out with now and then. I loved to sneak off campus to Wendy's when I cut English class (i.e., every chance I got). I sucked at Math and sailed through English (despite all the cutting). I spent my lunch hour in the library. I was neither teaser nor teasee, but I wouldn't go back for any amount of money in the world.

My 16 yr old self was kind of similar to you.

-Choir all 4 years
-Show Choirs (sub groups of choir with dancing!)
-A couple of musicals (The Music Man, Grease)
-2 years of Spanish
-A total wallflower who wasn't the geekiest in the school but who was by far NOT the coolest.
-I managed to get kissed more than once, while maintaining my virtue.

All in all I would say it was a total success!

(except not because if I could go back and do it all over again I would a) be more outgoing b) study more c) apply for more colleges and scholarships)

Hrm. Can you say you didn't conform to just one clique? I was valedictorian (geeks), #1 cross-country & track runner (jocks), singer in a choir and a vocal jazz group (choir/drama folks), hung out in a trailer and played pool with some of the goths, and was friends with pretty much everyone. The only things I didn't relate to in high school were those folks that drank/smoked (anything). But I still hung out with some of them.

Actually, looking back, the only thing I didn't do was elect to take part in the mock sword battles that the Ren. Fair and Star Wars dorks always seemed to be trying to convince me to do. And I'm pretty sure I don't regret that choice, either :-)

I took two years of French, 3 years of band (saxophone) and generally tried to fly under the radar. I worked on a couple of plays building sets and running the curtain, primarily because the guy I had a crush on was involved, too.

Thirteen years later, I can say little more than "oui" in French and I couldn't play the saxophone if my life depended on it. But my crush and I have been married for six years, and our second baby will be here next month. So it's all worked out.

I took French (and hated every moment of it - had to take it for four years in order to qualify for CA state schools... UGH), I was on the swim team and I was sort of middle of the road kind of gal meaning I mostly hung out with swimmers/water polo players but I also spent a lot of time with a wide group of people - goths, heavy metal kids, pretty girls (that means they were not quite popular but they were models who were in 17 and other teeny booper mags), etc.

I drank (and you know did what Beth did- ah hypothetically, of course...)too much. I was pathetically self conscious and sort of shy (unless I was doing the aforementioned drinking than watch out...) I also hung out with a lot of kids from other schools because of swimming which made for a weird HS experience for some reason. I was way better at English and History and actually had to retake a Math class in summer school once. I also got caught cheating in HS more than 1 time and I skipped a lot because my mother would write me notes OR I knew how to forge the notes VERY well (plus she did not care if I went to school or not...)I probably fell more on the angry side, had a close group of friends and thankfully looking back NEVER had a bf.

I some how managed to graduate from HS in the middle of my class - I was just sort of the average kid with a lot of problems but not enough that people would remember me years later!

Well, let's see. I took French and did marching band, but I was in the drumline - does that make it less geeky? So I suppose I was sort of a band nerd, but I was also friends with the "popular" people even though I wasn't really one of them. So I'm not sure where I fit in.

I took Spanish 8th-11th grades (they ran out of classes after that) and Italian in 12th. I was in marching and concert band my first two years of high school, played JV and varsity volleyball, ran (if I may use that term loosely) track. I was pretty nerdy -- in all advanced and AP classes, member of all the honor societies I was eligible for, including art (and our school had a lot... I only didn't qualify for French). Took art classes all four years, including photography my senior year (which you'd never be able to tell from photos I take now), but wasn't really part of the "artsy" crowd, or any particular crowd for that matter. I had a core group of close friends, but aside from the other group of 50 or so kids in all my advanced classes, I was pretty much invisible to everyone... which was fine by me.

Spanish. Flag corps co-captain at age 16. Eventual valedictorian and marching band drum major. Ran mostly with the popular crowd. Hair that was permed, hot rolled, and sprayed within an inch of its life. And big shoulder pads. Hey, it was the 80s. Dating a college guy but messing around with a freshman trombone player on the side.

I was a flute player, but no way was I going to be a marching band flute player, so I was in the flag corps. I towed the line between being a band geek and being semi-popular, because I had grown up as friends with the popular group of girls. (Three of us had been Camp Fire Girls since age 6, but we would never let anyone else know that. We would just say, covertly, that we had a "meeting" tonight.) There were 8 girls in the group, and I was probably number 8 on the list. All 8 now married, with kids; all college grads; 4 with post-grad degrees.

And whenever I look back, the most fun was always with the band - football games in the fall and then out of town stage performances/contests in the spring.

I was the super peppy head cheerleader with a parade of friends. But I broke the rules and was also really smart in all advanced classes, less the classes that were dual enrolled by the local community college in which I was receiving credit. I also played tennis in the spring, but only to keep in shape for cheerleading....ok, only to make out with my boyfriend before his parents came home from work. He'd drop me off at the tennis courts before I was to be picked up. Oh wait, did I mention that tennis coach was my church pastor....oops!

Remembering my 16 year-old self is kind of hard because I have to go back TWENTY DAMN YEARS but here goes:

I played clarinet in marching band (assistant drum major)and wind ensemble (first chair, section leader).
I was in all honors classes.
I had a mullet AND a spiral perm.
The only cool thing about me was my car - a candy-apple red 1970 1/2 Camaro SS.
I had my first kiss AND boyfriend when I was sixteen.
My fashion sense was tragic (I recall a pair of mustard-colored parachute pants).
I was such a huge dork, but I had a great bunch of friends. Granted, they were all band geeks like me, but still, they were great and I still keep up with most of them.
Oh, and I was NOT POPULAR. But you probably guessed that.

I don't think I fit into any category (and not in a good way). Calling myself a wallflower even feels like assigning myself a sweet title that wasn't always true. I hated high school but knew if I wanted to have a good job, I needed to freaking get it done already. I was just waiting for my life to start. Still am. I did whatever clubs took the least commitment that I could put on a college application. Worked after school - no sports. In fact, I faked doctor's noted for 3 years to get out of gym (white out, date change, photocopy. I had balls.). I took Latin because I knew I wanted to get into medicine and Spanish because I expected to need it. I had 2 friends who were inseperable with me. I didn't really talk to the popular kids because I was afraid they would make fun of me behind my back but I wasn't not nice ever. If one of my friends wasn't at my lunch (there were three lunch times) I didn't go. I would go smoke in the ladies room or get homework done so I wouldn't have to do it at home. I guess 16 year old me was kind of insecure and pathetic. And horny. Very horny. And trying to piss my parents off at every turn. I must have been a peach to live with.

I was in all the music classes, I sang with the jass band, I had the lead in the spring musical three years in a row. I loved history, had great skin (no zits at all!!!--I have them now) and never dated. Because.....I was the outcast. The preacher's daughter. The nice guys wouldn't date me the bad guys wouldn't date me. I didn't get asked to prom, I didn't go to any of the dances, but if they needed someone to sing the national anthem at one of their flippin' games...they called me. Thank god high school is over.

I was in all the music classes, I sang with the jass band, I had the lead in the spring musical three years in a row. I loved history, had great skin (no zits at all!!!--I have them now) and never dated. Because.....I was the outcast. The preacher's daughter. The nice guys wouldn't date me the bad guys wouldn't date me. I didn't get asked to prom, I didn't go to any of the dances, but if they needed someone to sing the national anthem at one of their flippin' games...they called me. Thank god high school is over.
this will make you a very happy pregnant mommy...

jazz ....dammit. jazz band.....stupid typing fingers.

started out playing sports & drama, but a major knee injury ended the sports thing and I spent the rest of my time DEVOTED to the theatre department and showchoir. I was too responsible for my own good, got good grades and not so many friends. My verybestfriend now is someone I connected with in HS though.

I took spanish, but growing up in SoCal, I'm not sure how telling that really is.

They do seem impossibly young now though, don't they?

(damn, brownies sound good now.)

I took, and failed, spanish. Did drama club, musicals, dance team, and was very active in a jewish youth group. I was always on the crux on the "in crowd" sometimes included, sometimes not. My senior year we learned we could get into the bars at georgetown and bye bye high school parties!

I took Spanish and was a theater geek. But not even a successful theater geek. I couldn't sing so I always had to be in the background for the fall musical. I wore a lot of black and/or skirts and used to grow my pinky nail out very long. I was one of the few girls in school that didn't have big hair and a spiral perm. I never really got taunted by anyone; I got along all right once I figured out that all cliques liked a smart ass.

But mostly I remember living in my head a lot.

I was in the drama club, but was never cast in any of the shows, so I did costumes/make up/publicity/pretty much everything else. My acting was for the annual CYO one-act contest, and a bit of community theater. I took Spanish from 7th grade until 12th. My best subjects were English and the various Social Studies options (I graduated with twice as many Social Studies courses on my transcript as any other department.) My worst subjects were higher math (Algebra II/Trig) and chemistry, but I still managed to keep a B or C in those. I was too smart for the stoner/slacker kids to accept me and not grade-mongerish enough for the honors students. I was active in my church youth group, but was far from being a good Catholic girl. I couldn't get a date until senior year. My hair was the same non-descript layered style that I keep coming back to even now. My skin was tempramental. My glasses took up half of my face, until I convinced my parents to let me get contacts in 10th grade. So, I didn't quite fit in any box. And I'm still trying to find my niche.

We were much the same, except I was also in the band. Bad hair, braces, giant glasses and fashion sense that still makes my husband laugh until he cries.

First off, do you realize how many years ago that was for me? Do you? *sigh*

-I was in spanish for six years (started in jr high - or middle school as it is now called). Got good grades, but never learned to speak the language beyond a few numbers and catch phrases.
-I wasn't goth, but very introverted. I always compare myself to Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club. I even was told I looked like her.
- Got really good grades. Loved to learn. Loved school. Hated the people.
- Started dating...rather, sneaking around... with the man who would become my first husband. Climbing out the bedroom window at night and staying out scooping the loop all night with him and a couple of friends. How I managed to function, let alone get good grades on no sleep is still a mystery to me.
- Was first chair in band, trumpet, until I dropped out my senior year.
- Never went to a sports event at my school except the couple of times the marching band performed
- Had a crappy homelife

Okay, maybe that was TMI. I'll stop now.

I was in drum and bugle corp my first two years, then high kick drill team and then I was a cheerleader. I did drama for two years. I was part of the drug free club for a year. All that to say, I never truly felt like I fit in anywhere. Oh, and I took Spanish, but down here in Texas, that's the norm. I don't even know if they offer any other languages.

Twenty years ago - how is that possible b/c I don't feel this old!
I was sort of in between cliques - I was not with the sporty popular kids, not with the "hoods" (as we called them then), not with the drama/music kids and not with the smarties. We were in the middle of all that and got along well with everyone, for the most part. We drank alot, smoked alot and tried to find ways to pass time in a tiny Iowa town with not much to do. We had big hair (thank you AquaNet!), big shoulder pads and big scrunchy socks worn with Reebok high tops. I can see how ridiculous I looked then but I sure thought I was the shit!

What a great idea!?

At 16 I was on the varsity drillteam (dance team), was in my third year of Spanish (I went on to take another year in h.s. and four years in college. And all I can really say is "When is your birthday?") I took dance outside of school. English was my favorite class. I had a serious boyfriend even though my hair was unfortunate, as well. I actually liked the cafeteria cheeseburgers. And sometime that year I drove my first car--an 89 Honda Civic--into a stop sign. Oh, and my favorite store was Wet Seal.

I came from the "wrong side of the tracks" in an extremely small and small-minded community. I existed on the fringe of everything - people liked me well enough but I didn't truly fit in anywhere. I was smart but not smart enough to be a geek. I was funny but too poor to be popular. I didn't join clubs because my parents weren't available to taxi me around (we lived way out in the country.)

The people I considered "friends" changed as quickly and as often as the adolescent temperaments of those who ran each clique. All I really remember is feeling monstrously awkward, uncertain, and unhappy.

I always knew there HAD to be more to life than what I was handed and that I'd just have to muster the courage to go find it. I did.

Miserable and desperate to leave as soon as humanly possible. I was a fair athlete who just stopped trying because of the idiotic baloney involved with being a jock; a smart kid who stopped trying because it all felt pointless; and a musically talented idiot who didn't bother applying any effort. The day I left high school, I found all of those things and put them all to good use, but only after being freed from what I saw as a seriously toxic environment.

I took a couple of years of French and sign language. I was in the band for 3 years and played tuba, sax, guitar, and bass, but never managed to quite be a band geek. I was in an acting troupe but wasn't a drama geek. I played D&D my senior year, but wasn't a geek-geek. I didn't really fit in anywhere, but I wasn't completely excluded anywhere either. I didn't get made fun of, but I didn't have friends. I had an... interesting sense of fashion that sometimes turned out to be really awesome and other times not so much. I was very hard to define, which I don't really think was a bad thing.

I took French, was in chorus for 3 years, show choir for my senior year too. Never played an instrument though. Was in drama club for 3 years and in senior play my last year. Never did any singing parts though - just not my thing. My friends were pretty much all invovled in the same things, although I did have an easy time making friends across cliques when I wanted to.

I took French. I don't remember ANY of it.
I was a tomboy, so I was on the softball team in the spring & cheerleading in the fall.

I didn't really have a clique, I could slide from the jocks to the nerds in a heartbeat.

I took French. I don't remember ANY of it.
I was a tomboy, so I was on the softball team in the spring & cheerleading in the fall.

I didn't really have a clique, I could slide from the jocks to the nerds in a heartbeat.

Latin (my grandfather was a high school Latin teacher). National Honor Society (secretary). Newspaper (editor in chief). Choir (three years). I took stats for the boys basketball team. I wasn't really in a "clique" but I had lots of friends in lots of different groups and different grades. I made the Homecoming court, which was Cuh-ray-zee, because, as you can see, I was a huge dork.

Gad, I was such a goody-goody. I was smart, but pretended not to be, because I didn't want the label. Four years of French, Honor Roll or High Honor Roll most of the time. I didn't go to college because I was going to be a rock and roll star, and what good was four years of college going to do me huh? HUH?? Yeah well...

I was in one of those cliques that hangs on the fringes of all the others, trying not to draw attention to ourselves, yet not quite being cool enough or nerdy enough to be the butt of every joke. I just remember we were the fun crowd. We didn't really smoke, drink or do drugs, but we knew how to have a good time without them. I miss those years, sometimes.

Let's see...By 16 I had taken 4 years of Spanish and a year of French (that one year was a total waste!); played the saxophone (first chair since 6th grade over a bunch of pubescent boys who thought they were God's gift to band class...c'mon, you know you're impressed!); had one boyfriend ever; played varsity volleyball and varsity softball; worked two jobs.

Hmmm...that puts me in a lot of different cliques but I was an outsider or on the fringe of any clique, never directly a part of one. I had lots of friends but not good enough friends to get invited to the keggers or the boy-girl parties or the slumber parties.

High School was kinda lonely.

I was a band geek, Orchestra dork, and lazy in classes. I played the flute and I was in every musical in the Pit Orchestra, 5 years of marching band, pep bands (during basketball and football games), and any extra-music classes I could possibly take, I took. I got low grades in the rest of my classes, not sure if I was bored with them or just didn't care. Probably just didn't care. I spent a lot of my free time making out with my high-school sweetheart, or just sitting around the school playing cards, or practising flute in the music rooms.

MAN I was boring in high school!

I took french for 3 years, and only passed because I used to write to conjugated verbs out on my shoes. I was in band, first or second flute all the way through. I was on the track team throwing shot-put (which I was good at) and javelin (not so good). I pretended to be a cool kid by not doing well in classes (because guys dig dumb chicks right?), and when I grew up and realized I was smart and got a Medical Engineering degree on scholorships. I was lucky though, I had friends in every group - stoners, skippers, jocks, band geeks and nerds. I as also awarded the biggest flirt award in school at Grad.

I took French. And while I didn't do drama, I did take a choreography class for three years. I was excused from gym because I did ballet most days after school, so no one ever teased me there. I hung out with the artsy "black is what I wear on the outside because black is how I feel on the inside" crowd. I got baked plenty (or whatever they are calling it these days) although never at school. We did sneak away to what we called the Moakin' Oak to smoke cigarettes sometimes, but that was VERY daring. I listened to the Cure a lot. My hair may have also been somewhat Cure-influenced and thus, unfortunate at times. I had a small group of really good friends who made high school bearable. And then I went to college. Which was much better!

Straight-A band dork cheerleader, taking French at the community college because my high school didn't have a French class.

At that point I was in my hippy type phase, which I never totally grew out of. I did take Spanish but when I realized I didn't need a language to major in Animal Science I stopped after my second year. I thought I was too cool for any school related activities and would skip class whenever I could. I also smoked cigarettes for awhile which now I think is totally discusting!!

Spanish, but like twirl I grew up in So CA where knowing the language was actually useful.

My school persona, not just in high school but pretty much K-12, could be summarized neatly as "complete and utter geek." Straight A's, went to summer school by *choice* (so I could get a year ahead in math, take Calculus as a senior, and thus get to the *really* interesting math in college), no social life to speak of (and small wonder). I was so wrapped up in my own head that I didn't really notice.

Now I have a 17-year-old stepdaughter who is just *sure* that every little nuance in high-school society is so very important, and it's all I can do not to smack her on the back of the head and yell, "It doesn't matter!"

(I hear you on the wine thing; I've long wondered why parenting magazines don't run liquor ads.)

Music geek - piano, cello (still play both regularly). Orchestra, choir and vocal jazz. Private lessons all of the above. Drama all 4 years. National Honor Society. MAJOR school nerd. Ich spreche Deutsch. Tennis team captain.

All-around goody-two-shoes grade-obsessed overachiever with over-involved parents.

And really, REALLY unfortunate eyebrows.

4.0 grade point average, French all 4 years, band all 4 years with big hair. It screams dork but I did date the captain of the football team for 2 years.

Choir: 4 years
Drama: 4 years, plus extracurricular shows in local theater... such a geek
German: 4 years
Continued with 8 years of ballet
Loved, and was good at, classes; National Honor Society
Never figured out, until my younger sister did, that I could put the forbidden make-up on at school, and take it off before my parents got home...

I was a big fish in a little pond -- president of the French club, newspaper editor, varsity volleyball player, marching band flautist, regular band bassoonist, and oh yeah, voted "Most Intelligent" (which we petitioned to get changed from "Class Nerd" because it was so offensive -- uh, apparently I was a humorless bitch in high school). I was also the token non-white person at my suburban high school, and went through my teen years thinking that no one would ever want me, because no one did back then. I was indifferent to the cheerleaders (even then, I thought it was kind of misogynistic to hate on them for being pretty and popular), but I despised the football players, many of whom I knew would regard h.s. as the pinnacle of their lives.

Oh, and I idolized the drama club people and how they were all so outgoing and funny, but was too shy to befriend them until my junior or senior year. Too bad, because over the many post-hs years, I've found that they have definitely remained my peeps.

We would've been BFFs I think. Spanish, Drama, choir, getting baked behind the shop building and an unholy number of cigarettes. Ahhh.....the innocence of youth. Now it is more like, Elmo, The Wheels on The Bus, Potty Training and breastfeeding on the couch. Where did the time go and when did I become so lame?

Took French, although was far better at math and physical sciences. Did band (alto sax) for five years (Ontario was a five year program at the time), with two stints in the orchestra for musicals. I was also part of the "Science Olympiad" (it's even more of a nerd-fest than it sounds).

Smart and funny looking are the kiss of death in high school, and I was no exception to this rule. I was angry and took myself way too seriously most of the time.

Four years of field hockey, three years of Spanish... and I remember writing an article or two for the newsletter, but wasn't ever on staff. It was the school my older brother and sister attended as well, so I was following in the footsteps of an overachiever and a slacker. I'd like to believe I hit the middle ground quite nicely.

Lets see...16 was only 5 years ago so this shouldn't be too hard.
-marching band freshman and sophomore year playing clarinet and haven't thouched it since then
-spanish for 3 years
-friends with just about everyone excpet the goths
-my little group was mostly popular kids
-more guy friends than girl friends
-desprately boy crazy, but never had a boyfriend
-not involved in any real activities as I went to my family's business after school
-did just well enough in classes to get a B/C average until senior year when I had a 3.8 (of course I had to wait until the end to do well...)

If I could do it over, which I would love to do, I would study more to get into the college I wanted rather than the one I'm at and be a little more outgoing.

Overall it was a good experience. I have 3 close friends from high school, actually 2 from kindergarden if you can believe that, a perfect boyfriend (finally), and 1 more year of school. All in all, I suppose I can't complain too much.

Nice one.

Spanish ( 8th-12th grade)
French for a semester as well because it sounded sexy.
Theater all four years including UIL competitions.
Stage manager for a few.
Drill squad - played snare drum and won Best Drummer thankyouverymuch. I am now very cool.
Enormously frizzy hair held back in a banana clip.
Not part of the coolest clique, but ran with them and many others. Floated amongst most groups - stoners included. :)

Hm, 4 years of horseback riding, 5 years of latin dance. And 6 years English and French of course (we all had to do that - that's the way it goes in Austria and Switzerland. One foreign language at least...)

Hm, I still enjoy horses (and I am still galloping around and doing showjumping ), BUT unfortunately, my husband is afraid of horses AND afraid of dancing, hihi... he and has no tact when it comes to dancing. So I gave it up.

In grammar school (and university) I had some very good friends - those friendships started at the age of 6, maybe 7 and most of them last till now...

Greetings from Switzerland.


P.S. Sorry for my bad English. I'm not using it very often... Si vous voulez, on peut continuer à francais... ;-)

Hm, 4 years of horseback riding, 5 years of latin dance. And 6 years English and French of course (we all had to do that - that's the way it goes in Austria and Switzerland. One foreign language at least...)

Hm, I still enjoy horses (and I am still galloping around and doing showjumping ), BUT unfortunately, my husband is afraid of horses AND afraid of dancing, hihi... he and has no tact when it comes to dancing. So I gave it up.

In grammar school (and university) I had some very good friends - those friendships started at the age of 6, maybe 7 and most of them last till now...

Greetings from Switzerland.


P.S. Sorry for my bad English. I'm not using it very often... Si vous voulez, on peut continuer à francais... ;-)

Hm, 4 years of horseback riding, 5 years of latin dance. And 6 years English and French of course (we all had to do that - that's the way it goes in Austria and Switzerland. One foreign language at least...)

Hm, I still enjoy horses (and I am still galloping around and doing showjumping ), BUT unfortunately, my husband is afraid of horses AND afraid of dancing, hihi... he and has no tact when it comes to dancing. So I gave it up.

In grammar school (and university) I had some very good friends - those friendships started at the age of 6, maybe 7 and most of them last till now...

Greetings from Switzerland.


I was a marching band geek, recently reassigned to pit (marimbas, xylophones and such) due to ankle problems. We were a pseudo family of freaks, and you were required to own a pair of Birkenstocks to join. We wore wispy skirts and didn't eat meat and relished being complete and utter wack-jobs. I'm sure there were other things I did, but that was all I really cared about.

16 year old me was part of the popular girls, and our click was called the Tampon Posse. I was popular despite being yearbook editor. I drove a 1985 VW Golf hatchback and had my own parking spot that people just knew not to park in. I was (an still am) a pretty laid back girl I wore jeans, t-shirt and a flannel over it all the time! Man I had a nice flannel collection. I also ditched the big bangs and perm for straight hippie like hair. Oh how I miss the 16 year old me.

I took Spanish for 3 years and French for 1. I was in Drama all 4 years and Chorus for two. I was not part of the "in" crowd, but things got better when I started dating a guy junior year and kept him through senior year. I don't remember those times all too fondly, except for the participation in the arts.

I was baked.

I quit Spanish in high school. I was a math geek and would have been a band/orchestra geek too except that my instrument was piano. So, I was sort of a loner with band geek friends (and kinda 80s hair and glasses, and preppy clothes).

Happy Birthday to Sarah (early in the comments)! It's my birthday today too and I have met SO incredibly few people who have my birthday that it's a rare treat to stumble across one anywhere.

University track (4 years maths, sciences, english, foreign languages, social studies, etc) + excelled at sports + yearbook staff = didn't quite fit in anywhere...

Well similar to Chris, we moved back to the town I graduated High School from just ov er 3 years ago.

It is crazy when my son asks to go to the HS Football games...even though it is a new stadium...we are in TX. Even weirder is when I sit in the bleachers and watch my son play football on the now old stadium that was brand that is old feeling...

On to the game:

Spanish all 4 years
Long red spiral haired skinny brace face girl
Flag twirler
Future Business Leaders of America - secretary
Awkward around crowds - basically sung to my own tune as far as fitting in with this or that.

Took German, as it was the only language offered at my school, was in band (flute but at 16, I was making the transition to tenor sax - rawk!), was incredibly angry and anti-social, and in love with a boy who didn't love me back. Per the usual. I wrote A LOT of bad poetry and fiction. In the past 14 years, my poetry has improved not at all. But I think my fiction has gotten slightly better. heh

I took German, didn't drive, sang in the choir, was a vegetarian, had a small group of close friend but no real clique - I told myself I was an outsider, one of a kind! lol And just a year or so later, got knocked up...oh the joys....

German+Academic Club+1st Chair Viola+Honor Society=BIG, BIG NERD.

Sixteen, oy. I took French all four years, did theater, chorus (and stayed after school to do MORE singing in a Madrigal group). I had a short, asymmetrical hair cut and you would often find me in my Cure concert shirt or a considerable amount of black, vintage clothing. I was loud, often shouting Dead Milkmen lyrics. I believe the proper term at my school for my group of friends was, "art fags."

Colleen, glad to hear I wasn't the only one who used the excuse "But I got an A in band..." Hmmm... let's see...

Three years of French, which I can still remember because of that hellish teacher. Thanks now to her, of course, I can teach master classes when I'm on orchestra tours, which brings me to band, band, and more band. Everything else kinda took a back seat to band, so grades? Not the most stellar, because I was counting on a music scholarship, which back then trumped a 3.0 for admission and paying for school. Don't even ask me about math, although I rocked biology and chemistry and English.

I took spanish. Though I suffered from big hair, I played volleyball, basketball, baseball and was on the track team. Worked on the school news paper, yearbooks [photographer] and student council for a year, I think.

I was friends with pretty much everyone, but was more interested in my social life than school! lol Still managed A's & B's, despite my lack of interest. I skipped or cut class a few times, received a 1 day suspension, twice, for skipping school. Both of which, I hid from my parents by pretending to go to school, but instead spent the day shopping and at a movie!

And I think it's called "Smokin' a Fatty" these days! LOL At least thats one of the terms I hear!

Oh fun!

Let's see, four years of French, band geek (flute, 3rd chair - first two chairs took lessons so they were impossible to beat!), worked about 30 hours a week after school and on the weekends, not really baked myself but had friends who were.

I was that strange girl who was always in the art room. I didn't have a lot of friends- a few here and there, scattered around different groups. No one really tormented me actively after my freshman year, but no one really paid much attention to me either. I was extremely withdrawn, dissociated, and depressed in high school which I'm sure had quite a lot to do with it.

Oh, and I took Spanish. Thank Goddess. Because I actually need it!!! (Daya's sitter doesn't speak English)

Ok, I've tried to block out most of my high school experience because, well, it sucked...but here goes.
Not popular, had a few friends. Mainly just "went with the flow" to get through it all. Started off as an over-achiever and ended up on the outer edge of almost not graduating because after 3 years I just wanted to get the hell out of there!
Wore lots of black, skipped gym class, hung out at Super C's convenience store which was across the street from the school.
Had the "ocean spray" bangs that were teased and molded with way too much hairspray so that they'd stand up 5 inches and dyed them blonde, a striking contrast to the rest of my hair which was brown.
I didn't focus on any particular subject, just wanted to "do the time" and get on with it. LOL.

French--2 years
Choir--any an all available, but it was the cool thing to do at our school (and I don't just say that because my dad was our director)
Drank more in Jr. High when my older sister and her friends were home to corrupt me. Dated a guy throughout high school who was a tee totaler, so I was, too. Never did any drugs.
My best friends were the most popular girls in school although I was never as well liked.
Had to be on my best behavior at school as my mom was a guidance counselor, my dad was a teacher, and my best friend's dad was the head football coach.

I absolutely hated school but wanted to stay out of trouble and just got on with it. I think I was the quiet weird one, but that was partly because I wasn't coping with exams and having panic attacks. I wish my 16 year old self could see me now - look, it all turned out ok!

And since everyone is mentioning languages, I did French, and I wish I could remember more of it.

Great question!

I was WAY too worried about life. Basically, I would say I was a floater - no one clique - but had a core of two friends, and was aquaintances with many from all groups.

Took French since 6th grade, and would decide to add Spanish my senior year since I didn't want to take another year of science.

I joined the theater company for the final two years of school even though I had terrible stage fright. (Oh, BTW, Eric Mabius, of Ugly Betty, and I were husband and wife in a play. I know. Touch me. I'm cool.)

And I took private music lessons - piano, guitar and voice - because again, the stage fright thing - I might have to actually PERFORM.

I'm proud to say I didn't peak in high school, because we all know where THOSE people are...

It was fun reading everyone else's.

if my high school had cheerleading, i would have been a cheerleader. i was cliquey and obnoxious and bitchy. but, i was also yearbook editor and newspaper editor. oh, and junior class president. oh, and student council secretary. i was an overachiever who spent a lot of time in detention because my skirts never covered my knees like they were supposed to...

At 16 I was in Spanish II, had been in band since 5th grade (flute), took all of the art and photography classes I could and was (inexplicably) a wrestling cheerleander.

I also smoked cigarettes, drank beer, took a keen interest in the boys I was partying with, learned to skip classes without getting in trouble and drove my mom's car like I was indestructible.

I was just average,not popular not a nerd.I studies Afrikaans as a second language but only because it was compulsory.I was totally OBSESSED with a particular guy (who returned the favour) and I am still married to him today.I recently got in touch with old school friends and all they could say was "oh yeah we knew you were going to marry him!"

Spanish, because I was done with stupid Latin (oh how lame I sounded), and I wanted to be able to speak to the Mexicans who lived in our town. It never helped. Let's see...clique. At 16, I was not really in a clique. I took drama, but wasn't a drama kid. I guess I hung out with some of the punks and goths, some of the geeks, but mostly, had a couple close friends. We all ended up being rebels in the next couple of years, and we tortured the popular girls who'd tortured us previously.

At 17? Still taking Spanish, but skipping third period and getting baked in the parking lot pretty much summed up the last couple years of high school for me. I hated high school :)

At 16, I was the girl who didn't really fit into any one clique, but could move through all of them without actually calling one my own. Make sense? I've always been the type to have very few very genuine close friends that I treasure, and lots and lots of acquaintances. In a lot of ways, I think I'm still very much like that.

And I was a huge dork, with bangs.

If goth had moved through south central Michigan, that's probably the direction I would have headed. Chorus, drama. Misfit. You know the drill. Widely acknowledged as one of the smartest people in my class bt still had a C average.

Thanks. Now I have go drink to numb the pain...

By 16, I had stopped being a stoner (which I'd started being at 13), and I had moved onto being a theatre geek. (And, please note, that "theatre" with the "re" not the "er." That seemed important at the time.) I hung out with fantastically smart or creative types. I did the stage manager gig. Onstage wasn't my cup of tea.

I took Spanish. I was on the academic team, a member of the Beta Club, and a member of SADD. I worked on the school yearbook committee and the homecoming float. But I wasn't cool at all--I just happened to have a cool friend. I was painfully awkward and had horrible, permed and poofy 80's hair and my favorite shirt was a Hypercolor t-shirt in blue and pink.

Graduated without ever taking a foreign language, chemistry or geometry. Who knew that animal science classes would count for foreign language credit? Took more agriculture and animal science courses than should exist in a Southern CA high school. Ditched so many days to go to the beach that I had to go to continuation HS for a quarter in order to make up credits (work at your own pace)so I could graduate with my class. Changed schools my junior year because my dad pulled the vice-principal over the desk by the collar. Was a big-wig in FFA, but didn't hang out with any of the other kids. Spent some time my senior year hanging out with the motorhead boys. They liked to tinker with my 65 Mustang. I was one of those girls who looked pretty hot, but acted like one of the guys. Had long, Farrah Fawcett hair in sun-bleached brown and D cup boobs. I had one best friend and a lot of people who would claim me as their friend, but whom I wouldn't characterize as the same (that part hasn't changed). Will tell you that college chemistry and algebra would have been a lot easier if I'd taken them in high school!
I'm currently teaching Jr. High and it's really pretty wild to see that nothing's changed except that the kids have no respect for authority.

I took French AND Latin, and I took four years of Chorus (alto) so I wouldn't have to take Art. I took Physics so I wouldn't have to take Chemistry.

I had bagel bangs and a spiral perm and highlights. I was a Good Student, so I was shy and awkward my first three years, then got all cocky senior year when it became apparent to me that the Good Students were the ones who were BLOWING THIS POPSICLE STAND while the Popular Kids stayed behind and got jobs at popsicle stands.

Latin (do they even teach it anymore?), French horn (badly) and choir (mezzo or alto depending on what they needed at the time).

I hated that school so badly I crammed 4 years into 3.

Time has not mellowed me greatly.


Virgin. Drama Club. Lit Magazine. Marching Band. Ice Skating. Depressed. Salem Lights. Blue Eyeliner.

Bill won me a stuffed animal at the State Fair. Then broke up with me and broke my heart.

Then a guy names Steve kissed me during a Police song, and reminded me that life After Bill still had some promise.

17 wasn't much better, but at least it wasn't 16.

I took 5 yrs of Latin, 2 yrs of Spanish, 4yrs of English, Math and Science (including Chem II). I only had study hall one semester as a freshman. DORK. I was a clueless, often timid girl from wrong side of tracks. Every honors course was filled with the popular rich kids. 16 was a rough year.

If only I could talk to that girl today. Let her know not to put up with that crap and that a big butt does NOT equal fat. *sigh*

Hm, well, I took French, and was good enough at it to be the teacher's aide. I was funny and loyal, but most people didn't take the time to figure that out. I was (still am) overweight and overly emotional, and didn't fit in with anyone, really - a lot of that due to the fact that I went to a really small school, and had 16 people in my graduating class. I tried to be nice to everyone, but didn't have many friends. I did, however, have a totally obsessive crush on an older boy, who is now married and expecting his first child ;-)

I was in marching band freshman year, decided it was way too dorky for my social palate and dropped out. I was vice-president of the Spanish club (took Spanish, obviosuly), president of FCA (which was a joke by the way), and didn't get into National Honor Society simply because I was lacking enough extra-curriculars. I was on the track team briefly, and decided I despised running. So instead, I threw shot-put and discus (I thoroughly sucked at this). I managed the cross-country team, because, hello, I hated running, but totally had the hots for half the team. My senior year, I played tennis, and was the worst on the team, but didn't care because at the end of the day, it was fun to go out there and hit the balls around (and even more fun to make the freshman who had to play me chase after them). The only thing I was really good at was talking on the phone and playing piano... which I gave up because it totally cut into my phone time. God, I was stupid. I floated between cliques, falling in line with a out 7 other kids who knew and hung out with the "popular crowd" but weren't hot enough to actually belong... and didn't mind hanging out with the nerds or underclassmen either. We ourselves were our own little clique... I suppose.

I played the flute in the band, sang in chorus, and also did played with the drama club. I had no sense for languages, so the only one I took and passed was English.
I never fit in anywhere in school, and when my boyfriend said we should get married when I was 17 I said yes and we did. (what was I thinking?) But I thought I was the totally cool, all grown up girl and after all, somebody finally loved me.
Sad, but true.
Amanda was born 1 year later and I got to understand just how young I really was.
Looking back I wish I could change so much of it. But then, no one could have told me anything. I was so darn stubborn and pig headed.
Like most 17 year olds.

Spanish. Pom Squad (that's like drill team/dance team). Student Council. Homecoming Princess, Prom Princess. Poodly hair and eyebrows to match (my husband gives me such grief about my high school eyebrows). Dated a really popular football-playing boy to make my mom happy but cheated on him with a motorcycle riding, bass playing, trouble-making, older boy to make ME happy. Funniest part? The "bad" boy (who my mother thought was a total LOSER) is now a Rocket Scientist. FOR REAL!

I moved in with my aunt, uncle and four cousins because my mom decided she wanted to travel. I started smoking, got my belly button pierced and skipped classes. I started to fail all subjects except creative writing. Later I moved in with my dad and we fought constantly, but he provided me with security. Of course I didn't know I needed it then. I snuck out, skipped more class, smoked pot, hung out with much older men and smoked cigarettes in the bathroom. Now that I think back on some of the risky situations that I got myself in to, it's a miracle that I made it though ok and hung on to my virginity beyond graduation. Not very cute or funny, I know, but it's the truth.

Two years French, one year Spanish. Wanted to get in the Drama Club, didn't have the balls to audition. Favorite of some teachers, kicked out of class by others. Truth be told, I baited the ones I didn't like. Or did they bait me?

Definitely a floater. Friends with nerds, jocks, burnouts, punks.

At sixteen was no longer a virgin, smoked, did my fair share of drinking. VERY naive - no, immature is the word - when it came to boys. Not quite sure what to do once I had them. I didn't let that stop me. Making out always smoothed over the conversational glitches.

May have gotten baked during the lunch hour from time to time.

This was fun! More, please.

Awesome idea. I may have to steal it.

But as for me, I was middle-class in high school. Not entirely nerdy but certainly not popular. I took (AP) Spanish (even got college credit), was on yearbook, but mainly was known as the photographer (sound familiar?). I was a bit heavier than I am now, so in teen terms I was FAT AS HELL. I was the "friend" to all the boys and my hair was bleach blonde. Mainly because I was blonde as a child and I freaked when it started turning brown so I started coloring it, even though it looked like crap.

Oh, and my high school was straight out of the movie Heathers.

At 16, I came over to the U.S. By myself. I dreaded going to gym class with American girls, more dreading the locker room than anything else. But fortunately, my previous 2 years of PE from home counted. I came from a culture where we changed in and out of our PE clothes and school uniform without even showing any skin. (Oh yeah. Good skills to have when you need to change cloths in public.) 2 years of Thai also counted as foreign language so I escaped having to catch up with everyone in Spanish too.

So, at 16, I was in drama class for one year, was crew for many shows and acted in one. Hand Bell Choir was the class that helped me survived it all, found my best friends in there and Mr. Benjamin, my teacher, was my mentor in every possible way.

Total and complete outsider, being the only international student and a few of the minority in a highly white bread Orange County. I was either eating lunch alone behind the chapel or in the choir room with special permission from Mr. B. But I didn't mind. I never expected to fit in, being "a foreigner" and all. It was a nice surprise to be welcomed by a few other "outsiders". :)

jock girl. smart without trying. teachers liked me. so did the boys, but not well enough to date me. great body under t-shirts and jeans (oh, how I miss it). no makeup. smartass. independent. definitely NOT a cheerleader :) played football during lunch. drinker / partier / smoker. daddy's girl. uninhibited. all by the age of 15.

I took French. And was in all the plays (we didn't have a Drama class) and was in Show Choir for a year because my friends were and because we didn't do a play that year and I wanted something to do. We didn't do a play because I got in a huge fight with the Director/English Teacher and he decided to punish me. Or that was my interpretation, anyway. I also was the scorekeeper for baseball (my boyfriend was on the team), boys' soccer, and girls' basketball. I thought I was an outcast and a complete dork. I was also living in the shadow of my incredibly smart and athletic older brother. I went to Denmark my junior year as an exchange student.

I took Spanish for two years and hated it! The spanish teachers were known pervs and seated all the hot girls in the front row. I did not sit in the front row.

I tried out for basketball my freshman year, didn't make it so I joined the "Pep Squad".....really lame group of people that didn't fit in anywhere else. I loved English and History and took extra classes every semester. I hated Science and Math and back then it wasn't required to take 4 years of each, so I didn't, thats how I had extra time to take more English and History....also took them in place of the "easy" electives like Home Ec, Painting, Ceramics, etc. I ran track my senior year only because a girl in my home room threatened to beat me up if I didn't. Worked on the school newspaper and wanted to be on the yearbook staff but they were so clickish.....

Me at 16: All Girls Catholic High School. Spanish. Pretended to play the fife in the school marching band. Too independent. Smartmouth. Sometimes sarcastic. Supermarket cashier. Raged against my mother. Hung out on the lower east side of Manhattan and the village. Shopped in all five buroughs, but mostly Brooklyn. Partied in the village. Dressed total 80s style when not in uniform. Tried to dye my hair red but it ended up orange because I left it on too long.

Let's see, took Spanish for 6 years including Junior High, was in Spanish club, FBLA, really big into my church (then, not now) so I didn't do much with school people. Big geek. Wore skirts all the time. Never teased though, got along with everyone. Very quiet until senior year, when I found my own voice and became a lot more outspoken. Still a geek to this day though.

I played football all four years, a starter for two of them, but I wasn't a jock. I played in a garage band (in my garage) where I was the drummer, but we never played any shows. I played trombone in the marching band all four years and was quite good, but I never quite fit in with one of the more than 150 kids we had in that huge show.

Basically, I was good at doing my own thing. I rocked at hackeysack and video games, and I had a solid crew consisting of a girlfriend and two guy friends. Apparently that was the way to go, because the four of us are still together.

At 16, I was growing my hair long from a very unfortunate 80's short cut so there was a lot of hairspray and bobbypins involved. I took French from 7th-12th (mom is a French teacher) and advanced Chemistry, thinking I wanted to be a doctor. It kicked my butt. I am definitely a social sciences girl. I was in all the honors/AP classes I could be in, and in Nat'l Honor Society etc. Grades were important to me but I could have worked harder. I didn't really fit into any one group because I wanted to hang out with the popular girls (all of whom I had known since nursery school and had been friends with) but I was sort of awkward so I didn't really fit in with them anymore. I kind of floated around mostly. At the time it didn't bother me, but in retrospect I wasted a lot of time wanting to be friends with people who didn't care one way or the other about me, and should have spent the time with the people in my classes who I liked but I thought weren't cool enough for me. My best friend was the only gay guy who was out and he is still is one of my closest friends. I played field hockey and was on the swim team, but not all four years. I did youth group stuff and had a job, too. I made some unfortunate fashion choices but mostly if it came from the Gap, I wore it. I wish I could back and tell the 16 year old me to stop trying so hard to be someone I just am not. Things would have been much easier through college, too, if I could have done that!

At 16, I was trying ever so desperately to fit in with the punk crowd. I was a skate rat and hung out with all the skateboarders at school. But I was a huge overachieving dork underneath who was actually friends with a lot of different people but never a part of just one clique. I was in the background most of the time but I got my kicks here and there with a few other eccentrics.

French. Band and theater geek. Involved in everything I could get my hands on, but wasn't popular enough to get onto student council. Really bad hair, and not in an 80s big hair way, but in an unfortunate way. Glasses bigger than my face. Full of teenage drama. I went to a high school with only 250 students total in all 4 grades and hated every second of it. I would have been in all honors classes, but there weren't any offered - the school was too small to support them.

OK OK I am a bit late i have been sick all week. But since i can't seem to get back into the work thing (and this looks like fun) i'll play along...
I was "cool" yup that was me. I was smart, got good grades but didn't try, i skipped scool all the time and came in late the rest. I took 6 years spanish If i had a choice i probably would have taken french but i was not offered a choice when i started taking a language. I smoked behind the shop class or in my car. My style was ripped jeans, concert Ts, ty dies and tank tops and flannel with of course dock martins. I was a member of choir and girls ensemble. No sports or extra curricular activities. I couldn't stand being on school grounds. I worked 1 to 2 jobs throughout high school, i had a mean independent streak no one could break me of. And i partied after work most nights. Oh and i took debate class and got the highest grade in the class by debating legalization of marijuana. Oh yes i was so original! Looking back WHAT A DORK!!! but i was "COOL"!

At 16, we just moved so I could complete my HS career at a much better school. Went from low- to middle-income very diverse to upper-/very high-upper and high class not-so-diverse school. Can we say culture shock? We were lucky to live in the poorest section of the school district. Met my bestest friend (and we still are to this very day). Took German, flag corp and choir. Was in Ski Club, DECA (business club) and worked in the bookstore. Hung out with D&D folks (I didn't play), Drama and Ren Fest folks mostly. I was the "new girl" for the rest of my HS career as everyone else had known each other since elementary school. I cut too many English and Math classes (ah, the drama filled life of a 16 year old) but didn't have to work too hard to maintain a B+ average. Graduated in top 26% out of 700 (damn 1% still kills me) then went to community college. Most of the other kids went to 4yr private and ivy league. Didn't really fit in anywhere, liked socializing with friends, could care less about the classes. Hair was typical 80's, jeans rolled at the cuff, converse sneakers, big belts, HUGE Duran Duran fan. No real partying to speak of. Just kinda blended in so no one really knew me at that school. I didn't even go to the 20th reunion because I know 2% of the people who might have attended. Managed to escape HS without trying drugs and a virgin! I would NOT want to be in HS today.

Wow this really opened the memory floodgates! Great topic!

Let's see - I swam on a year-round swim team until the end of my SR year - so I had shortish, chlorine-shiny blond hair and worried about it anyway..

I took German for 3 years (continued in college and don't speak much, but can read enough to get the gist of something).

I was in chorus, show choir and an all-city show choir - gak! Did one year of rifle (color guard) in the band on a dare. Managed both the baseball and soccer teams - so I had a lot of boy "friends". Was either president or vice-president of everything my brilliant friend Joe wasn't (foreign language club, a service club, vp of student council and a few other things I've forgotten). I didn't conform to one clique and made it known that I could get along with anyone and was pretty popular as a result - especially when I became one of the only kids in my crowd with a 1966 Mustang convertible! (I became known as "the chick with The Car) Began my lifelong love of great music - went to concerts starting at 15 (the Stones) and never looked back. And - started drinking way too young - partied a LOT - but managed to graduate #20 out of 450 and am now one of only 2 lawyers from my grad class.

good grief that was long.

I don't know if it's too late to reply to this but here it goes:

I was a nerd who mostly hung out with other nerds and we liked to congregate in my physics teacher's classroom. I joined a lot of community service clubs so I'd have something more to add to my college apps. I worked at a one hour photo studio that was very popular among teenagers therefore I was pretty well-known among my peers (as the "photo place girl" ... so not great). I made quite a few enemies during my days. The populars (by that I mean cheerleaders/jocks) didn't like me because I wouldn't allow them to cut in front of me to get lunch. And the Asian gangsters didn't like me because I dated a white, skater boy. I evaded a serious ass kicking a couple of times.

Needless to say, I'm good with never going back.

I had two high school selves. In Delaware, I went to a very geeky high school for smart kids and took Technical Drafting. Yeah, I had a major. In high school. It was like prep school on crack. I was also a Jehovah's Witness. I spent most of my day knee-deep in eraser dust and blueprint ink. I had no friends outside of shop, and couldn't anyway because it was forbidden by my religion. My Colorado high school, however, was totally different. I was in the middle of 11th grade when I entered it and a recovering Jehovah's Witness. I made my very first non-JW friends there. I was the set crew chief for the theater program. I didn't need any more credits to graduate (see crazy good school above) so i took whatever classes I wanted, which worked out to be art, theater, chemistry, english, english and english. I said my first curse word at 17 and my friends spent one whole day trying to each me how to flip a good bird. I wore all black and was the girl most of the kids were afraid of (I have year book entries to prove that). I was also the editor of the yearbook, the "Event" photographer, I never once skipped a class and I stayed a few hours after school every day to work in the kiln or on the set. And I DIDN'T NEED ANY CREDITS TO GRADUATE.


Oh jeezus. This is awesome. I need a few hours to go back and re-read everyones.

Popular, but not the most popular. Friendly with just about everyone. A student, photographer for the yearbook. No sports, cause I sucked. Went to all school events, dated jocks. One of the few people who would say, I loved high school.

Please don't hate me. :)

This is going to be probably the most weird combination.

Captain of the debate team. Undefeated in high school debates. Drama club. AND one of the cool kids. I know! Is that possible?!?!

I wrote an entire entry about this and explained who I am!

I took french. I did play football my freshman year when I weighed all of 125 pounds. Friday Night Lights it wasn't. My junior year I got cut trying to make the golf team and the same my senior year with tennis. I was a pretty good swimmer though. My best stroke was the butterfly. We moved between my freshman and sophomore years. It was hard to fit in with any group in the new high school so I was a bit of a loner in high school.

This is totally fun! Let's see...

As a 16 year old high school sophomore, I wore khaki pants and white oxford shirts nearly every day of my life. I was a choir nerd, and I was good at it. I studied often. I put forth (probably too much) effort on my homework. My best friend was asked to leave school; I was pretty sure my heart would break. I didn't really fit in with anyone, but I got along with everyone. And I had pictures on the inside of my locker.

I was tall and skinny. I didn't learn a language in school. No clubs other than FBLA. I was athletic and would have liked to have tried out for sports. I wasn't allowed.

I was on the outside. I clicked with people that didn't belong and weren't popular.

I thought I knew it all. There is something wonderful about being young, but at 16, I didn't appreciate how experience and/or age counted for much of anything.

How my perception has changed looking at life differently now that I'm 41.

I took French for 4 years - there was no other language option. Although I wasn't great back then, I'm fantastic now. I played the clarinet and I sang in the choir. Not because I was good, because it was fun. I was in drama and it was great. More telling than the French, I took all of my maths and sciences because my dad told me I had to. It was the best of times and the worst of times. I spent a lot of time dreaming about kissing boys. When I finally did it was a rip off. Thankfully that was cleared up in college !

What a great thread...

My sixteen-year-old self thought she was 20. I was a curious combination of things - slightly geeky (commonly considered the smartest girl in my class, but lost valedictorian to the smartest boy), athletic (varsity basketball team all through highschool), school leader (VP of my graduating class, yearbook, etc), hung at the margins of the "popular crowd" but probably wasn't actually one of them.

I had a strong group of 5 girlfriends who were a lot like me, one of whom was the kind of person absolutely everyone likes and wants to be friends with... that's probably why we were on the fringes of the popular crowd.

I had the hots for a number of highschool boys, but never really dated any of them. My boyfriends were strictly of the "bad boy" variety - already graduated from high school, not doing much with their lives, smoking way too much dope and partying too much. I loved them, my mother hated them. I'm surprised she survived my highschool years!

When I turned 16, I was already one month into my freshman year at university. In high school though, I was popular by association but didn't care much for it. It was sorta cool being untouchable though. I didn't study much but I breezed through academics. Teachers? Some will forever remember me fondly, some will still cringe at the sound of my name. Hehe. I was all over the place - editor for paper, president of language club, school representative for math and science contests, etc. Didn't date but not for lack of options. I had more interesting books to read. I was an angry kid, had the world on my shoulders.

Well, I lettered in Drama and Chorus. I was an Exchangette and a thespian, and I smoked cigarettes with the burnouts and I dated long haired guitar players.

No language in high school. I ran track and played volleyball. But didn't fit in with the "athletic girls", so I quit. I was considered the "hippie"...but really wasn't that either. And um, my dad taught at my high school, so people kind of stayed away from me.

Weren't we all sort of losers in high school??

Softball two years, Spanish three years, photography one year, on costume crew for Thespian Group three years, PALS (peer assistance leadership students) my senior year, participated in just about every school activity, worked two jobs, involved in youth group and made friends with my teachers.

I was friends with everyone... able to jump around the different cliques. And no two outfits were ever the same. I had a ton of fun; but I still wouldn't go back to that time. It was good while it lasted. But I'm happy it's over. Being a teenager is exhausting.

wow. My 16 year old self had super long hair, to my waist almost. Had I been thinner, it would definatly have reached my waist. I was heavily involved in theatre, music, art, wore black a lot, sang in the jazz choir, hung out in the annex off the cafeteria playing cards. My 16 year old self skipped ancient history class frequently to hang out with the boy she adored, but would never have, except as a friend. She had her licence and loved to drive the family car. And she dreamed of being thin and pretty and popular and loved.

I'm not sure I'm all that different now. I could only relate to people by making jokes, which were maybe funny 50% of the time, and my sense of self-worth came from being in a rock band. I was angry a lot, which was more comfortable than being afraid. I wrote and talked about social things (i.e. girls I liked) in a very cryptic way. And to put this in a new-agey way, in gym class I "attracted" psychological abuse by anticipating it.

I'm not convinced modern society needs the high school experience; I've read about cultures where after a few grades of school you can start apprenticing in a craft or trade, and that seems to be like it would be a much more pleasant growing-up experience than being herded like cattle with every personality type under the sun.

Ah, yes, sixteen. pretty.

I was on-again, off-again in love/sleeping with the future captain of the football team (hey, we were both sophomores at the time). I had a gaggle of girlfriends who were good at keeping me on the phone and away from doing any school work whatsoever. But what I really liked was boys. I always felt more at home with my guy friends, more real, more "me." I still feel that way and am shy as hell around women in general and avoid groups of women at. all. costs.
Sixteen year old girls interpreted this as me "being slutty." Whatever, I liked sex more than any of them which is why I went for that over being with girls as much as possible.

I guess I haven't changed much.

Except then, I woke an hour earlier especially to do my hair and makeup.

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