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Damaged for life

I took Mia to story time this week and there was a woman there with another two-year old. The toddler was of the rambunctious type and the woman was of the much older than me and rather chubby variety. And she was wearing a thong.

How do I know that, you are wondering? Because I saw the top poking out of her low-rise pants? Oh how I wish. I can sympathize with that as something that sooner or later happens to most of us. Sadly though, no. Said woman was wearing a very short skirt of the type I was beginning to feel was a bit too wee when I was 25 or so and we were all sitting on the floor, as one does at story time, and she kept running to the front of the room to bend down and retrieve her assigned toddler.

I'm still traumatized.

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was it britney spears?

Oh god. So gross. But maybe a much needed lesson for all of the little ladies in the group. Don't grow up to be that woman!

Oh lord, that's a terrible visual image. EEK.

Don't ask me why, but story time attract thongs.

I am damaged and all I did was read about it. Sadly, in my neck of the woods, this is common practice. Although, the toddler would also be wearing a skirt of the too short variety and a crop top.

The trauma you have suffered so that Mia can have a story read to her. You get mother of the year!!!
Maybe someone should tell thong Mommy to clean up her act! After all, didn't Northwest Airlines refuse to board a Hooters waitress who came scantily clad to a flight?

I was about to ask if you and Britney frequented the same story time but someone beat me to it....

oh my God Beth, where are you taking this child?? Between pants painted on so that you could see her thong through them and now skirt too short so that you are getting the ass flash, it's almost too traumatic to imagine!

On the other hand, perhaps you can use these God Given opportunities to begin a dialog with Mia about fashion (and underfashion) dos and don'ts? It's never too early to learn.

Perhaps she was doing it intentionally, getting off at flashing the other moms at story time. You need to find a different story place.

Sorry to comment twice, but your Google ads right now have many items of interest: Thongs for Men; Mean Wearing Thongs; I see London I see France. Excuse me, but I'm now going to make you some money by clicking through.

Ack... I'm traumatized just reading about it!

Look on the bright side, though... at least she was wearing something under there.

Oh, Oh, Oh, no! Do you think she would even have been embarrassed if she knew? Because it seems like she set herself up pretty well.

No! That's horrible. I once went on a picnic with my knitting group, and the woman opposite me had no knickers on and was wearing a skirt, sitting with her legs crossed. I saw everything. And then she told me about how she was polyamorous...

She'll be the mother whose teenage daughter just shudders whenever she has to acknowledge, in public, that she's her mother.

As a voluptuous woman myself, I cannot imagine wearing a short skirt, let alone a THONG with my short skirt. I just don't think that anyone realizes how much a skirt climbs when you bend over and when you are a plus-sized woman, no REALLY have no idea.

I would like to think I would have quietly tapped her on the shoulder and whispered that her skirt was riding up every time she bent over. I cannot promise that I would have, but I would like to think so.

Also? Your ads are killing me! Too funny!

Dude, c'mon. I just ate.


AGH! Gross. How am I going to eat lunch now?

Eeek thats awful {shudder} although again quite a common choice of outfit near here too.

You should have made a citizens arrest for public indecency.

Why do people feel the need to do that? Do they really think it makes them look good? Or that it gives off a good impression? ick

I can relate.

We have a thong woman in yoga class. She used to sit right in front of me. Given that I don't know every pose and don't attend class nearly enough, I have to look up occasionally. Her tops are always way too short which makes it even worse.

These women should realize that their thong isn't always appropriate. The rest of us shouldn't have to suffer.

ew ew ew.

Yeah, on the rare occasion that I wear a short skirt (mostly I don't, because like zanie said, on us voluptuous sorts, they get a little mobile) then I *definitely* wear full underwear just in case! (Of course, I have been known to slip and fall in the middle of the grocery store. But that's just me.)

Oh my. Some sights once seen cannot be unseen...once that's burned onto your retinas, it's there forever.

It's a sad day when a dress code needs to be instituted for Story didnt see it and I'm traumatized...

Oh. Dear. God.

That's just so wrong. The worse part is that the toddler will grow up thinking that is the norm.

Thank you for putting that image inside my head.

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