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Dear Fetus,

Kid - we have another 16 weeks or so of cohabitation left, now is not the time to start getting all up in my ribs.


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Dear Mama,

You are not the boss of me.

The Fetus

Dear Mama,
I am burrowing closer to your heart. ...How's that for some quality b.s.?
Love, Fetus

The fetus really wants you to appreciate how much better it is when he moves down to squash your bladder in a few weeks.

dear mama,

some dudes on here say you have a smokin' butt, so i say you have a smokin' butt. does that buy me some ribbin' time?

love, fetus.

Awh come on, he's just stretching. ;)

I remember at the end when I was really huge (I got the "How many babies are in there?" thing ALL the time)he would push up on my ribs and lungs so bad that I couldn't breathe at all, and I have asthma too. I would be huffing and puffing all the time. I feel your pain!

Give it up. I tried. Mine decided that's where it was coziest. And he still continues to be stubborn.

Did you ever consider the possibility that the fetus is growing at an alarming rate? LOL, kidding!!!

But mooommmm, it's not my fault. Mia made me do it.
As a younger sibling, it's never our fault....

Love your love letter to the baby. Love the replies from your readers.

Yeah...good luck with that.

I remember this as if it were yesterday and I feel for you.

Ahhh, memories...
K was the same way. Towards the end I called him "Stretch Armstrong".

Ha! I really have nothing else to say except funny!

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