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Decision 2008

I am involved in a raging dispute with the lovely and entertaining Aimee. One of us feels that our respective husbands resemble each other, and the other one of us does not. And I figured hey, you guys obviously aren't doing anything too critical right now if you have time to be wandering around my blog, so I will let you do your bit to foster world peace and solve this disagreement once and for all.

Here they are, you be the judge. (Click for bigger versions to allow full scientific inspection.)

Comments (29)

Can't believe how much they look alike. Although, you and I know, Chris is the cuter one!

I could see some similarity in their noses and lips...but otherwise, not so much...What do you think? (Oh, and ofcourse, both like to be goofy I can see)

I answered that I'd do 'em both...(because pregnancy hormones are making me a little naughty on this monday morning...I swear, it's the hormones, it's not me!)....but I do find they look alike....They seem (in the pictures anyway) to have similarly shaped eyes and faces....and they're both hot...of course!

I like the picture selection ;) I bet they'd look more alike in a different picture with more similar angles, but yeah, I can sorta see it. And they are both pretty cute. But I wouldn't do 'em :P Because then you'd whup my ass, and it'd hurt.

There wasn't an option to choose, "No, my husband looks waaay more like him." But that's my vote. Observe:

Lordy, do they try and look like eachother?

I was gonna choose the "...I'd do 'em both" option, but feared a double ass kicking (as in, you and Aimee would both kick my ass, not that I have two asses. Although, my ass is double wide these days.)

I think they look like similar TYPES. Like, I don't think "OMG TWINZ!" but I do think they seem like the same category of guy. One could play the other in a movie of his life.

Yep, I'd say, at least in those pics, they look very similar. Could possibly pass for brothers. that they both have brown hair and make faces for the camera kind of way.

i'd need to see them in person to judge! :)

I wouldn't DO them both (I mean, gosh- we're all married and stuff) but I would check out their butts if they walked by. Could anyone blame me for that?

I vote twins only because I know Bryan, well, and from what I know of Chris, they are freakishly similar.

I think they have similar features and problably similar personalities.

now who's the celebrity they most resemble?

Okay, and how many people think both men voted for the last option.

*raising hand*

Don't even remotely resemble each other. However the second photo does look like Chris Isaak.
And they're both handsome fellas. Tho I do have a thing for yellow roses... even tiny chewed up ones.

I want to know which of you can't see it. ?
Second thought, I'll just side with you.

Maaaaybe. A little around the eyes. If you introduced them to me as brothers, I would buy it. Otherwise, I wouldn't notice.

Maaaaaybe. A little. Around the eyes, perhaps.

If you introduced them to me as brothers, I would buy it. Otherwise, I wouldn't see it.

Sorry. Or, You're Welcome. Whichever one fits., clearly, I tried to add to my answer. I thought I caught it in time. I am such a loser.

I so wanted to vote for both of the last two options, but I was more in need of smoking something than I was in need of sex, so I chose the third one.

Nope. But I've met one - actually had lovely Aimee and her family over for dinner last night - and not the other, so that's probably the source of my skepticism.

I'd say ur friends husband looks a little more like mr. clive owen on ur side bar does that tell ya?
but i do see it a little bit, in the eyes

You know, Aimee kept telling me that I resemble Bryan, too. Maybe she just thinks all men look like her husband? I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not...

Maybe a touch in the eyebrows. Heh.

I do think Aimee's husband looks a bit like Chris Isaak...hmmmmmm.

I gotta see them together. I think mannerisms make people resemble one another much more starkly than in photographs.

don't shoot me, but i've poked around aimee's blog a bit and have never noted a resemblance. though the two photos you posted have slight similarities, i'd bet if they were standing next to each other live we would have a different perspective. or, three very different photos of each of them.

fun game...what do the guys think?

Aimee's husband looks a bit like Chris Isaak, if Chris Isaak had the mumps.

Or... If Chris Isaak was trying to imitate Brando

Now that you mention it Doo, I remember that. But you are missing the main point here. Cheers to the 8 per centers! We love you!

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