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Eight down, sixty to go

They say that half of all marriages end in divorce. Here's to bucking the trend.

Love ya, BB.

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Look at how cute you both are! Congratulations!!!!

Congrats and Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a lot of fun celebrating.

Happy Anniversary! Such a lovely picture.

Happy Anniversary!!! Here's to many more!!!

awwww....happy day, you two!


Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

happy anniversary! :)

As I said to Chris,
Happy Anniversary to my favorite Cyber-Couple!!!

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. You are setting a wonderful example for both your children and your readers !

Here, here.

Happy anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

Awww.. Happy anniversary and best wishes for many more!

Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary! (You two seem so happy.)


Happy anniversary!

Well happy anniversary, guys! You're both totally adorable. My grandparents celebrated 58 years just yesterday, and today's my sister's birthday. So you totally fit in with the celebratory theme currently affecting my family.

Hooray! Here's to continuing to buck the trend!

Congrats! That's fantastic!

Aww...Happy Anniversary!!

How totally sweet that is. Happy, happy, happy! And I hope you get lucky tonight.

oh, the cuteness! It's almost too much......almost! Congrats ya'll!! Based on the ever rounding belly, I'd say ya started celebrating early ;) Here's to many more years!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!! I love the picture.

Lovely picture. Already told Chris and now wishing you a Happy Anniversary. Keep bucking the trend.

Happy, happy anniversary!

Oh yeah, that's right! We share the same anniversary - to the year too! Hope your anniversary was great.

Happy, uh, wait... 68? That's it? Splain pwease.

Happy Anniversary!

If you made it to eight, then your chances are good. Congrats!

Congratulations! You beat the 7 year itch. Or is it, 7 year ditch? In any case-good job!

Happy Anniversary to the cutest blogging couple! Hope you have many many more!

You two are the ultimate hottie couple. Keep blazing, yo!

Happy Anniversary! Today is our anniversary too (3 years).

So cute! Happy Anniversary!

My husband and I are celebrating our 3rd in a few weeks. We aspire to keep it as HOT as you and Mr. Cactus. ;)




Like I told Chris: You guys make a great commercial for marriage.

Congratulations. :) My hubby and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary in July. 1999 was a good year to get hitched!

Happy anniversary to you both!

P.S. Bryan says he will *only* stay married to me for 99 years and then it's OVER. Can you believe the nerve?

And P.S. have I mentioned how much it freaks me out that Chris looks kinda like Bryan? I will email you a wedding photo of ours.

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

We're just coming up for our 2nd in a week.

Happy Anniversary!

Wish you and Chris a Happy Anniversary!

¡ Feliz aniversario ! 1000 años mas de amor. Congratulations, i wish you a full life of love.

they also say babies use 8000 diapers before being potty trained. so congrats on both stats!

Awww, Happy 8th Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary!!

We're right behind you. Our eighth anniversary is next week.

Happy anniversary! It's ours today, but I decided on blogging about Hugh Grand instead :)

Happy Anniversary

I'm so late...statistics stink!
Cheers to many many more years of love and happiness.

Not that I needed to be reminded but I just texted my husband of 12 years an " I lurv U".

happy anni!!!


Happy Anniversary!!

Happy's to staying together for the long haul!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy be-lated anniversary! I hit 11 years on Friday, crazy.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Belated Anniversary! We're coming up on eight at the end of the month.

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