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Right now, this very minute, my baby is sound asleep in her big girl bed.

I think I'm going to cry. Don't mind me.

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Good lord, what brought this development on? You are very brave. So glad it's working out so well!

Oh, I am so jealous. Michael is not sleeping. And as you know, he so needs a nap right now.

I'm not taking him out of his crib until 4:00.

Congrats! I'm glad she's atleast staying there too! lol When the "big boy bed" came, naptime was out the door with my boys.

It's funny that you used baby and big girl bed in the same sentence. I remember leaving Nate in bed when I went to go give birth to Danika...I almost cried because he was such a baby when I left and when I returned only 3 days later he seemed so big!

Congrats! I'm not ready for that, yet...someday...but not yet.

Hope it all continues to go well. :)


We moved MF into a junior bed at 2 years... he loves it!

Damn, girlfriend!

Woah. Is this the first time ever?

*Golf claps so as not to wake Mia*

Oh my goodness! A big girl bed! I'm not ready for this. She is still your precious baby girl! Next thing she will be in heels and wearing lip gloss!
Seriously though, I did the same transitional thing with Mandy when I was pregnant with Katie and it was really emotional for me.
One night I got up after Katie's birth and went in to check the girls and there they were, Amanda all curled up with "her" baby sister. I still get tears when I think of that.

I'm glad the transition worked out!

Oh go ahead and cry. But enjoy it too. She's still a teeny thing.

Did she stay asleep in it? It took my niece a few weeks to adjust. I hope it's easy for Mia.

I am so happy for you! It hat got to be a little stres removed for the new baby, knowing that the crib is all free for him, and that Mia can part with it. Rito is only 15 months old and I am contemplating turning his crib into a toddler bed, since he tries to climb out regularly anyways.

I love seeing babies in big beds there is something so sweet and innocent about them in a big kid bed when they are so tiny still.....

We could cry together, my baby just turned 5 and I am so not handling it well.

What a good baby girl!!

Awwwww, who wouldn't cry? And especially what pregnant mother wouldn't cry at that?

Last night was Jayla's first night in her big girl bed. She had spent the past 2 weeks completely disregarding the rails of her crib anyway. So, while the bed is proably now the safer option, it sure does make it seem like she is more of a big girl than I want to admit. It really hit me this morning when I heard her stirring. She usually calls for me and I come to her room and lift her out of the crib. Instead, I saw the door of my bedroom crack open and she walked on in and told me about how she got out of the bed all by herself!

Awwww! You can come cry on my shoulder.


show us the big girl bed!

But the best stuff is ahead of you!


I fully believe since Michael was so terrible yesterday she wanted to show him up!

isabella's arrived yesterday.
we go through the same thing tonight.
cry away :)

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