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Hotty, MD

I called the Hotty Pediatrician yesterday to casually mention that I was totally hot for his skinny, geeky bod discuss whether Mia should or should not get a flu shot considering that she is a) mildly allergic to eggs and b) likely to be licking an infant come February. When he didn't call back by 5:00 I figured, eh, whatever. It wasn't exactly an urgent issue, today would be fine. And then the phone rang at 7:30 last night, and it was the Hotty Pediatrician. Calling me back. From home. That's hott, right?

So we chatted for a while (about absolutely nothing other than that whole flu shot thing, but he was a heck of a lot more personable than he usually is on the phone, so it was very nearly like chatting) (and by "more personable" I mean "didn't sound like he would prefer to be performing an un-anesthetized appendectomy on himself with a rusty fondue fork" but hey, I'm not good on the phone either) and it came out that he had checked Mia's chart that afternoon to look up the exact level of her egg-allergic-ness. Now sure, you people probably just think that he didn't call in the afternoon after the chart-checking because he had a very busy day what with the appointments and the hottiness and the adjusting the Dora stickers on his stethoscope and all and was just being conscientious by calling me on his own time rather than making me wait until morning. But me? I totally think he saved it so he could call me from home and, like, savor the experience of discussing anaphylaxis with me.

Sadly, Chris came home basically right as the phone rang, so I had to be totally subtle with my flirting. I'll just have to hope he knew what I really meant by "EpiPen."

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"savor the experience of discussing anaphylaxis with me" is the best thing I have seen all day. Thank you.

"savor the experience of discussing anaphylaxis with me" is the best thing I have seen all day. Thank you.

Oooh, 'epipen'. Of course he knew!

The hottie ped is calling you at home. That's gotta mean something. ;)

Awesome -- I love reading about HP over here :)

Am I the only one left hanging wanting to know what you and Dr. McHotty decided? Is Mia anti-eggy enough to not get the flu shot?

I love my ped, but the one drawback is that she is not hott. Well, she's cute, but she also is female which is less good for me.

Oh, he totally wants you.

This was hysterical. I'm usually a lurker when I stumble across a new blog, but this made me laugh enough that I had to comment.

You know my eye surgeon called me on a Sunday afternoon because he said he'd been thinking abut me all weekend. Come to think of it, he is sort of a hottie!

Who isn't hot for you? Of course he wants you. Did you ever stop to think what he might have been NOTHING wearing NOTHING when NOTHING he NOTHING called NOTHING you?

We just recently found out that our daughter has a major egg allergy...I had no idea about the flu shot!!

Showing my ignorance, here, probably, but what do eggs have to do with flu shots? Bird flu or something??

oh wow...guess it's good she's so picky!

"I'll just have to hope he knew what I really meant by "EpiPen."
This fantastic sentence is exactly why you are my first blog read of the day!!
and..I choose to believe he knew....

LOL... why weren't there hotty pediatricians around when MY kids were little? I always got the old geezer peds.

You are so lucky. Our ped is Dorky McNerdson. With his ponytail-wearing (and not in a good way) business partner as my only alternative.

Yes. He totally wants you. And he totally waited to call you from home (and with Caller ID announcing his number, no less).

He wants you.

And I think we both know the he knows what Epi Pen means *nods head up and down*

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