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Like that thing about foxholes

Oh sweet jeebus,

Please save me from this child.

Many thanks.

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Is it in the water? Michael got quite a lecture from me before naptime about listening and following directions and how disappointed I am in his behavior. It's like talking to a wall.

Sorry for the craziness... when it hits, it can hit hard, god knows. If you weren't pregnant you could make some good martini money by renting her out for parties, killing two birds with one stone. Shirley Temple money doesn't really have the same ring.

I've been praying that prayer but about the molars. Fucking molars.

You mean we can't just ship them all off together somewhere?

I keep having to use the line, "Look at me when I am talking to you..." My god when did I turn into my mother!

Rito was hell baby yesterday, but went to bed and slept 13 (THIRTEEN) hours straight and woke up all cute well-behaved and charming. Thank god because mamamamama drank too much wine last night.....


Which child?

Irene asked a very good question.

Yeah...I was going to ask which kid too? I'm guessing it's the one OUTSIDE the womb, no?

Yeah...I was going to ask which kid too? I'm guessing it's the one OUTSIDE the womb, no?

Mia or Wally? And what'd she/he do?

Sorry, Jeebus is too busy saving me from mine.

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