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Mia Monday #90: One Toddler Band Edition

First, I know I look like re-heated hell in these pictures, there's no need to mention it. First person to make a crack about it gets banned for life, and don't even think I'm kidding and decide to tempt me because I am pregnant and irrational and overly sensitive about my girth crescendo (also oh sweet jesus but are we watching entirely too much Little Einsteins. I come up with crescendo as the only possible word and yesterday Mia told me to slow down because I was driving allegro).

Second, these are too adorable to pass up. Mia is playing a special symphony for her little brother, who is also wearing the bracelet she selected for him (that would be the red thing shielding my poor, stretched-out belly button from your prying eyes).

Third, put your head at that angle and let's see how many chins you have, shall we? Let she who is 17 and without the slightest bit of extraneous neck skin cast the first stone. (But first, see above re: banned for life, so not kidding about.)

And finally, how do you get a two year old to wear pants? We do ok in the morning, but by noon Mia is invariably modeling the latest in disposable diaper fashion for anyone who cares to see it.

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You're still wearing jewlery, so you can't be feeling that bad...and I'm referring to the necklace, not the belly bracelet.
Really, you look great and your hair style still looks good too!

Oh shut UP, you look adorable! I had forgotten how cute your hair is that length.

Mia is going to be a fabulous big sister.

I wish I looked an eigth that great when I was pregnant.

Mia is going to be a fabulous big sister.

I wish I looked an eighth that great when I was pregnant.

Opps! Sorry about that. I thought I caught the first one before it posted.

So adorable! I love the pictures where she is playing DIRECTLY into your stomach.

Fabulous series of pictures. Really.

You both look adorable. Really.

As for pants, well, can't help you there.

You look wonderful, and I love the pictures of you and Mia. Really sweet, Beth!

You do look great!!!

Also, at least you can get her to wear diaper! We struggle with getting anything on his butt on any given day. He says everything is itchy?! ACK, naked child beware!

see, all I could think about is that the position you're in would be so much more comfortable with a pillow behind your back!

good luck with the pants. my niece shunned pants altogether from age 2-3, as she had decided that princesses only wear dresses. I second the comment above commending her for keeping her diaper on (knock on wood!) especially during what must have been a beautiful and thoughtful serenade =)

Girth crescendo. A phrase well-turned.

Maybe Mia has a future as the flute-playing rock maniac in a Jethro Tull tribute band. Let's cross our fingers and pray for that one, shall we?

Oh please! You look like one of those glowing, zen pregnant ladies. Darling photos.

Reheated hell? No, that's the first hours after the baby is born ;) You look just any normal pregnant mama! Cute pics, they are!

I agree with you about the pants thing. After a certain amount of time in a day, my little boy has to take off his clothes, not only pants but shirt and sometimes underwear. I need a solution fast.

Not kidding, you look fabulous. And these pictures are adorable.


Ha! Those pics are adorable!

As for how to get a 2 year old to wear pants? Its usually impossible. Pick n choose your battles. Around our house its anything goes. When we're getting ready to leave, thats when the battle starts, but luckily I only have one that refuses. The other is a bit more modest at this point in his life. The youngest has yet to learn that throwing a fit doesn't get your way around here... Unless you're the mommy! haha

Honey, if that's your idea of reheated hell, then you have it easy in the looks department. You look adorable and so does Mia.

Mia is so ver sweet. I think you look fab.

If I squish hard, I can get 3 chins. I know it is sexxy....

Mia is such a sweetie and she rocks the disposable diaper fashion!

Picture #3 is gorgeous. Not hellish. Gorgeous. I'm just saying.

What an adorable set of pictures.

Thanks for sharing.


First, it's great taht she's looking forward to having a brother so much. so cute.

Second, I use Little Einsteins to my advantage. I'm all the time telling Ally "Don't be slow, son't be slow, just go allegro" Use it while it works.

Third, my kids spend roughly 3/4 of their lives pantless. Not because they like it that way, but because it's just easier to change diapers when you need to for Anya, and Ally never makes it out of the bathroom wearing them. whatever.

Fourth, your ass is smokin'

You are positively radiant and glowing with motherhood!

That is so sweet!

the third photo down is one to frame....simply adorable!

You look gorgeous as always, dummy.

Also, that is TOO CUTE. TOO CUTE. I mean it: TOO CUTE. That she is playing a song to your tummy.

Also, we are doing the "no pants by afternoon" thing around here, too, and by "we" I mean Elizabeth. Also no shoes. Also no socks. Also too many alsos.

Well, I'm glad at least one of you is wearing pants. I concur with the masses regarding the adorableness of these photos as well as the beauty of you and your daughter. (Oh, and that would be 6 chins for me - on a good day. You have substantially fewer and are much cuter than I.)

So cut - both of you :P But you're probably getting sick of hearing that by now ;)

No clue. My niece is three and still does it. Maybe overalls if you're not potty training. Or dresses. Go for the dresses.

I don't even look half as good as you do and I'm not pregnant.
Take that.

You look beautiful. Pinky Swear.

My 5 year old strips down to his skivvies every day after school, so if you get any info on this crisis, let ME know. Thanks.


You look beautiful. Pinky Swear.

My 5 year old strips down to his skivvies every day after school, so if you get any info on this crisis, let ME know. Thanks.


You look beautiful. Pinky Swear.

My 5 year old strips down to his skivvies every day after school, so if you get any info on this crisis, let ME know. Thanks.


So... I'm NOT supposed to take off my pants and walk around in a t-shirt and undies every evening? My bad. Please tell Mia that she and I got the wrong info somewhere along the line...

Damn, you're a GORGEOUS pregnant lady. And look at the two of you!

It's been two years since I gave birth and I am not pregnant again (yet), and I would STILL need a bracelet (possibly even a bigger one) to hide the horror that is my bellybutton from the world.
And I see no extra chins anywhere in those pictures. Only cuteness.

I think you look pretty.

In the big scheme of things, how important is it for her to wear pants. It's sure not important to her yet.

She's adorable and you ain't half bad yourself.

You both look gorgeous!! She'll be such a sweet little sister.

I think you look great!

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