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Mia Monday #91: Dance Party Mia Bean

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OMG - the tush in the air touchdown is priceless!

I love a good toddler dance party/ musical play along. The best is how she holds that cd the whole time and only stops to pick it up.

Also, will you please ask Mia what she's doing to make her hair look so pretty? Lady is anxious to know how to add some life and volume to her pageboy.

Yay! Touchdown!! Got to love that!!! What a wonderful way to start my day! Thanks, Mia!!!

I think you've got yourself a rockin' little football player on your hands! She'll be teaching her little brother a few things!

Awwwww she is fab, but ii'm sure you don't need me to tell you so. My little boy also liked it he asked for the dancing girl 4 times now!

OH my gosh... look at those curls!!! I love it!!

she's hilarious!!
i love when toddlers jump and dance!

She's only a chair and a bucket of water away from Flashdance. That's very advanced for her age.

oh my goodness..thank you for the monday morning gigglefit. that is the best :) "touchdown!"

Absolutely adorable. I love it when the wee ones dance.

Ah, Mia likes The Boss.

I love the unapologetic way that kids express themselves. Totally turns me into a kid again. I don't think I've ever said "no" to any goofy thing that Zoey has ever asked me to do.

Dear God! The cuteness!

My daughter is sitting on my lap right now saying "Baby show. See baby show!"

Was that touchdown, followed by hookers that she said? Awesome!

I didn't realize how long her hair has gotten! And she's freaking adorable.

BTW, are you going to make an effort to name the new little dude something that starts with T, W, F or S so he can has his own day too?

Oh how cute! She's so beautiful. :)

Thanks Beth. You made me laugh and smile watching Mia dance to Bruce. Quite adorable.

That was awesome, especially the TOUCHDOWN!!

Michael said, "I want to dance too!"

Mia is such a cute little dancer,... I especially love her bouncing curls. Baby curls are just the cutest!

Take a memo, Britney. Touchdown!

MM says "She's a really good dancer."

Ha ha. I think my son is smitten. I had to play the video twice for him and the second time he danced along too.

Super cute!


Go Mia! Touchdown... and the two point conversion for that one!

oh mi god I need you and Chris to give me my dates so I can 1. see that in person and 2. teach her how to do front rolls :)

Aww shes so precious!!

Dude, she dances and plays an instrument and talks. When did she get big? I think I missed something.

Touchdown. Must be Sarah's influence huh?

Holy bajeezers. When did she become such a little girl and not a baby?

Soo cute! :D (Inane comment # 7846)

I love the Flashdance Maniac maneuvers in the middle there.

Mia's a rock star.

That little girl can SO get down with her bad self.

So cute! (P.S. Don't you love that dress? Our Lucy has one -- Target rocks.)

Beth - I don't me to scare you, but someone has obviously replaced your precious little baby girl with a big girl. The good news is that she can dance.

That girl sure knows how to throw a rockin' partay. And man, is she growing up. What a big girl that is shaking her booty!!

Ahhh! So cute! And she has more rhythm than I do! (dammit)

Rock on Mia!

Just found your blog and I love it. Very funny and Mia is a riot!

HA!! TOO funny. And cute. My favorite part was the impromptu recorder solo at the end there.

Okay okay that was just a cruel level of cuteness! and im jelous of her funky moves!... what by the way was she saying other than touchdown though ... lol im intrigued!

Damn! That girl can DANCE!!

She is too cute!

But seriously, I'm not sure you have enough cds!

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