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Mia Monday #94: Pajama Pumpkin Party Edition

Don't forget to vote, the fate of the free world may well hang in the balance! Ok, so probably not, but voting is fun and there are cute guys.

Mia felt the pumpkins were "too messy" and that Mommy was very selfish to hog the knife all to herself.

Dude, this is so boring. Let's just have some snacks.

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With a cameo from Cinderfella! My Monday just got brighter now that I've seen my favorite tranny princess cup!

Beautiful, as always. I'm with Mia. Pumpkins are sorta yuckie inside. slimy! But I like the end result!

Silly my child a seven-letter name with no suitable abreviation with which to style a pumpkin for his pleasure, amusement, and/or complete lack of interest. (As he is two also, and would likely be about as interested as she was in the whole thing.) Cute pictures as always!

She is so adorable! We're carving pumpkins tonight when Daddy gets home. I wish Alaina had a short nickname, like Mia. What a cute pumpkin idea! And where did you find a princess cup with a straw? I can only find the spout variety, which my little one refuses to drink from. Love the pictures, they're precious!

Bwah! I'd forgotten all about Cinderfella.

The pumpkin looks great but yes, I suppose it is a little messy.

She is such a doll!

Aw I love that you carved her name in it. I'm sure she doesn't feel important or loved enough already, after all ;)

snacks. i'm all for snacks. :)

Now that's one beautiful jack with a marvelous face. And a gorgeous child, of course.

Cutie patootie as always. Where did you get that smock? Love it.

She's right. Pumpkins are messy.

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