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I know that nobody really cares but us, but I care a whole lot that Mia just peed in the potty. Actually, she asked to sit on the potty, and then she peed. My kid is totally advanced.

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I'm first? Wow! I'm never first. So cool.

That is a HUGE deal. Mia is totally advanced. Completely. Like, she'll probably go to an Ivy League school with a full ride scholarship. Go Mia!

WOOHOO! Clearly she has inherited your brilliance.


And now your nice little schedule will turn upside down as you will now "go potty" 900 gafrillion times a day not being able to leave the house for any length of time as you may be too far from "her potty".

So fantastic! Grace has asked to sit on hers but nothing ever happens before she gets bored and starts wandering around bare bottomed. Personally, I think she might be shocked if anything -did- happen. Was Mia surprised?

Michael pooped on the potty tonight. It must be in the water.

I care! In the karmic universe when I know that some day it will be my turn, I definitely care. & I give you and Mia a big WOO HOO for the first potty!!!

Well way to go Miss Mia!

um Jodi, *rimshot!*

HURRAH!!! That is so exciting!! High five Mia from us, Lady is very impressed.

That is awesome! Now teach me how to get mine to do that.

WOOT!!!! That deserves a chocolate chocolate chip sundae from Haagen Daz!

That's huge! Congratulations, Mia! And Beth, of course...

It's so much easier when they decide for themselves.

Well done Mia! Milestones seem to be bashed down faster when they get to toddlerdom.

Now that's a red-letter day. And I'm serious.


WOWIE!!! Yes, she sure is advanced, but then look at her parents!

Way to go, Mia!

Huzzah! I mean, I don't have kids or anything but I understand your excitement. I would be just as excited if I could teach my mice not to poop in their food dishes! :D


I think thats pretty awesome!


That's great!

an advanced bladder!!! yay Mia!!

I care. I am one of those type of people who send cards to kids who are potty trained, lose a tooth and for half birthdays. Don't worry. you are not alone.

Woo hoo!




CON-GRAT-U-LATIONS!!!! ok so spelling it out that way was l-a-m-e...but Cal just sooo peed in the potty today without the wet diaper, so I just felt psyched for you and thus the exaggerated spelling above. Cute belly on the current post BTW.

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