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More, give me more

Yesterday was fascinating. I'm inexplicably enthralled by the random and meaningless bits of who you all were in high school. If you didn't read the comments on yesterday's post, I highly recommend that you do it because it's wonderful and painful and voyeuristic and just so very interesting. At least it is to me, so I assume you will all feel the same way.

I think we should continue this, and this is actually what I was going to do before I decided the other thing was going to be more interesting, but I'm having such fun that I hate to stop. So, today's question is: who did you date in high school? Same rules, meaningless, surface-level stuff only, you must define these people only in terms of those high school classes and clubs and activities that so define those years of your life and are so meaningless so shortly thereafter. If you have a huge list of date-ees, you may select a representative sample.

(This game was originally going to be "who did you sleep with in high school?" but a) I decided we all need to maintain just a bit more mystery in our relationship, b) those kids at the football game on Saturday were so young that I shudder to think that such things go on, and c) when it came down to it I didn't want to answer that question myself. So, dating it is. However, remind me sometime to tell you the story about how I came to not sleep with one of these guys because it's very funny. And by "funny," I mean the kind of story where each of you, my kind and faithful internet friends, will fall to your knees and thank the universe that it happened to poor little sweet and innocent high school aged Beth Fish and not to you. That kind of funny.)

I'll go first.

Bachelor #1: This is hard because we didn't go to the same high school and I can't really remember what he did. I know he took Spanish and I think maybe he played some sort of brass instrument in the band and possibly did Drama? All I can really tell you is that he liked wrestling. Not high school wrestling, Hulk Hogan wrestling.

Bachelor #2: Editor of the school newspaper, president of the National Honor Society, Chorus, Drama. French, I think?

Bachelor #3: Band, marching band, saxophone. Getting baked behind the shop building during third period. Um, Spanish, maybe?

You. Spill.

Comments (87)

Oh lord, you are bringing up some painful memories.

There was P, who I knew from gradeschool, he ended up going to a different HS but we still dated. Then he ended up going to a tech school. Flannel shirts, work boots, getting baked everywhere whenever he could. Yikes. I don't think he showed up for school much. I hear he lives in a trailer now with like 6 kids and doesn't work.

Then there was M who I was head over heels infatuated with. And he knew it and played me. He also went to a different HS but he was the star of their football and basketball teams. We dated off and on throughout college too. I cheated on many a boyfriend with M....he was so bad for me. I always wonder what happened to him.

And then there was E, the nice guy. Well mannered. Took Spanish and calculus and played football. He also went to a different hs. (I don't think I ever dated anyone from my own HS). He was even nice when he dumped me and we remain friendly to this day. He lives around the corner from me!

I love bachelor #1 and the Hulk Hogan wrestling! That was too funny!

I dated a boy who was a total hick, he drove an enormous pick-up truck and he was in a band, he thought he was the greatest thing in the world too.

Another guy I dated was kind of a hick too but he was really nice and was also friends with hick #1.

Now these guys weren't hicks with billybob teeth or anything, don't think I'm into creepy deliverence types. Ha Ha I just call them hicks because they liked to hunt and mess around with cars and we'd go fishing and stuff, plus they called themselves hicks so they brought it on themselves.

The jock, class clown, everyone likes guy.
Yeah, I was that girl.

I had two boyfriends in High School. L, who was the nicest guy and probably the one I would have been happier with long term, and my ex-husband who was my sweetie all through our jr & sr. year. The fact that he is now my ex tells you how that relationship worked out.

I went to an all girls high school, but I want to play.

I met A at the supermarket I worked at after school. He was 19 and his second job was stocking shelves on swing shift. He had beautiful muscles ^^ and was one of the kindest people I've ever met. I'm going to hell because I broke up with him after he wrote me two love letters. I was horrified by his grammar school writing.

Nobody! :-(

I went on dates, but only really had two boyfriends-

1-lived in annapolis, was in college, very, very dorky.

2-was in the military. dated my entire senior year. I met him when i was hanging out in the bars in georgetown, see yesterdays comment. Who did you date in college is a much more inetersting topic for me.

#1: Tall, dark, handsome. Homecoming King. Prom King. Student Council Executive Board President. Good grades. Respectable parents. Popular. BMOC. Mom's fave.

#2: Tall, dirty blond. Good looking but not a show stopper. Combat boots. Worked on cars. Rode a motorcycle. Drove a HUGE Impala. Played bass in a band. Was arrested once. Undetected learning disability so grades? Not so great. Parents divorced, messy style. Mom HATED.

#1: Today? Perfectly respectable job. Something boring. Still handsome. Still boring.
#2: Rocket Scientist. Professor at University.

I LOVE to remind my mom of this story. It just never gets old. :)

Not sure if I mentioned this but I never really had a boyfriend in HS or dated anyone for any period of time... Not because I did not want one 'cause I did but I was sort of eh let's say a bit... fickle? Yeah, I was fickle. If a boy liked me I was all freaked out and ran away from them the minute I had them liking me so I was sort of eh ah let's say a what is the nice kind term for this... hmm DICK TEASE?! ACK. Yeah, I admit I was.

I would have to say if there were any "boys" in my life, they were all swimmers and/or water polo players and most of them took Spanish and swam and/or played water polo and got baked basically anywhere and were usually straight A students to boot - damn them why couldn't I get baked and get straight As too!?

There was one unfortunate guy who liked me and I went to my junior prom with him because I wanted to go with a certain group of friends and he hung with these people and yeah WHAT A BITCH, eh? Also, he invited me to his senior ball which I went to but mostly because I had the hots for a bunch of senior guys whom I wanted to get "closer to" and somehow I justified by going I could do this? Again, bitch! All I remember is that he was a total dork and I just remembered a second ago that his name was Jeff but that is about all I can recall...

So what did you get from this pathetic post??? OMG, I was terrible person to men back in the day. That changed thankfully. Gawd, please do not ask me about college - please oh please ;)

1. rich doctors kid that was really smart until he decided he didn't care. played tennis, drove three different cars, all his, and knew he was hot. enjoyed swooning girls by feeling them up on the back roads with the top down on his brand new wrangler. (not be confused with his vintage vw and bmw that were just his.)

2. silent nerdy yet hot baseball player who actually was sweet and affectionate and didn't realize that it was a big deal to go to prom. all advanced classes and beat up car that his parents gave him was the date-mobile.

3. goofy,smart but lazy so i'm failing classes i was placed in, plays basketball, gets a high off of dating cheerleaders, likes to talk big, later found out it was because he is mostly decidely gay. (still hasn't made it through college---7 years later!)

Oh boy. I didn't go to the same school as either of these guys, but THEY went to the same school (I was in an all girls, they were in all boys)

Bachelor #1: Big football player type, over achiever in school, drove his Mom's Range Rover to pick me up on dates. Over-protective, took himself very. seriously. It didn't last long.

Bachelor #2: Low key Swimmer. Average in School, drove a beat-up used Corolla that he shared with his older sister. Sweet guy with a raging sense of humor.

Didn't officially 'date' anyone, but was kinda hanging out with the long-haired rock band bass player. It would be interesting to see what stock brokerage firm he works for now. ;) Just a guess...

The second guy I didn't 'date' was my first husband, before he was, of course. He went to a different school and had graduated by the time we met which was a big no-no to my parents so we just snuck around to see each other.

Hm single all the way through, but the crushes:
C - chubby, funny, short brown hair, beautiful eyes - non-academic, but generally well-liked. I don't think I even remember his last name.
A - tall, hockey player, brown curly hair, glasses, lived in my neighbourhood and I got all swoony if I'd ever see him while out for a walk
N - tall, blond, brilliant - my competition in science class. Principle's son. Called him Dorcas, for no reason whatsoever. We wrote bragging notes to each other all through class.
And finally...for four painful agonizing years...:P (Same guy I mentioned yesterday)
R - average height, computer geek, glasses/contacts, brown hair/eyes, rich kid, drove a family sedan (major source of mocking) - and took gymnastics up until grade 8, when he landed on his head after a back flip. Oh, and bloody brilliant piano player - taught me most of what I know, and sad to say was likely my inspiration for picking it up again. But for that alone, I can't regret it - how can I regret the guy who brought music back into my life? (Saying it like that makes me want to puke, and he would die of embarrassment too ha! Maybe I should tell him :P)

I had two serious high school boyfriends. #1 was sorta cute football player jock (drummer on the side) and #2 was gorgeous model pothead going nowhere fast. He basically ruined any chance I might have had a being financially successful in life.

Ok, my first big love: my dancing partner, Mr. A. (ok, that was not too difficult to guess. Remember - latin dance, Switzerland, and yes, unfortunately, I posted the same lines three times yesterday. Sorry for that). BUT: he was gay.

Then: my second big love, Mr. Heikki. He has been in Austria for an exchange - he came from Finland. I adored this guy (and his kisses and his muscles) BUT: he had to go back. So again, we splitted up.

Then: my third big love. He was also in my dancing group and a little bit older than me. We stayed together for almost one year. BUT we could not manage to dance together. No chance at all.

Last love was the stranger from Switzerland... yes, we are married since 2 years...

Not very exciting, I know...



Date? High school? HAAAAAA. I had a prom date my senior year (college sophomore, worked at the same movie theatre I did, inflated sense of self-importance), but that was pretty much it. At the time? It was highly troublesome. Looking back at the kind of guys that were in my high school? All I can think is, "dude, totally dodged a bullet. Or 12."

Ugh, this is tough.

1st guy: Sophomore year, so what, age 15? Met through my parents. He went to school an hour away from where we lived, so we only saw each other once a week. He was a weightlifter and was built like an ox, which was kind of neat. When he finally kissed me, it was so disgusting (all wet and icky) that I immediately dumped him. I was such a bitch.

2nd guy: Junior year, met through a friend, again, did not go to our school. In fact, I think he had already graduated, but cannot remember now. He was ok looking, but I wasn't really all that into him. On our first date, he tried to take me roller skating but got lost to the tune of two hours in the car looking for the place, and we finally just turned around and went home. He taught me to drive and took me to my Junior Prom.

3rd guy: First serious relationship, lasted well out of high school. Jerry. Poor guy, I dumped him for the man who eventually became my husband. He was four years older than me, had a good job, but was just messed up when I think back on it. No self-esteem and I didn't help matters.

Still, when I think back on boyfriends, it's always on Jerry. If I hadn't met the hubs, I'd probably have married him. Ugh again.

I date the older guy (he was 19, I was 15) LOL. He was into motrocyles and racing. My mom hated him for that. I still talk to him every now and then.

I dated a French guy who thaught me too many things, HE liked rock, smoked and had long hair, and was of course much older than me.

We should talk about college dates/boyfriends much more fun.

I was a total dork. I would wear bermuda shorts when other girls were trying to show off their bikinis.

I dated one guy. For two years. He came out three years ago. I wasn't surprised.

Two guys only, mostly the guys were my "buddies" and I didn't date much.

My junior year I dated R, who was in the ROTC. He also played some instrument, but wasn't in the band any longer. He was a senior at the time. He also had an identical twin, and used to write me notes in German (he took German instead of Spanish) that I was never quite sure the meaning of.

My senior year I dated S. Tall, skinny, red hair, glasses. Played the trumpet in the marching band. His friends called him Einstein, mostly because he thought he was brilliant and witty even though he was really pretty average in the intelligence department. My folks hated him. Looking back, I can totally see why.

Bachelor #1: Um, didn't go to the same school as him, can barely remember his name. Was the neighbor of one of my friends.

Bachelor #2: Rich, jock, popular, beautiful blue eyes and dark hair. I have no idea how we ended up being friends or dating, but I broke up with him because I wasn't ready to sleep with him (or anyone)and he was too pushy about it. We later got to be friends again, but lost touch in college. He took French, because we were in French class together. And history class.

Bachelor #3: also not my high school. Spoke French, but I think he took Spanish. Was vaguely punk rock. Most definitely got baked behind the gym or where ever. Dumped me because I wouldn't sleep with him (hey, sense a theme here?) and then slept with a couple of my friends. But was actually a nicer guy than that makes him sound.

Bachelor #4: Also not my high school, but we dated for years, so I know/remember much more about him. Art geek -- drama club, photography, took Spanish, was an all around great guy. Actually ended up married to another of our friends named Hillary, and infamously, the best man told a story about me in his toast at their wedding. But most people didn't couldn't tell. He was a good guy to have as your high school early college boyfriend.

Love this game!

Dated L during Junior and Senior years. Hick, played hockey and probably got hit in the head one too many times. Drove a big boat of a car, we would spend time after school on his farm (yes, really!) brushing down horses and, um, hunting for eggs...

I had a grand total of one (1) boyfriend in high school. (Let's pretend my hotness scared most guys off.) He was my first date, first kiss, first boyfriend ever. He didn't go to my school, but he was on the football team at his.

He took me to my senior prom even though we weren't together anymore. That was the last I saw of him.

The only boyfriend I had in HS was for about 6 months of senior year, a boy we will call "Bill" (and we will call him that because that's actually his name.) I met him during the summer because of some mutual acquaintances, and then he was at a new school for senior year because his dad had just started a new church (that's right, the "good Catholic girl" was dating the Methodist minister's son.) We saw each other on weekends and called each other every Wednesday night (because it was long distance, our parents wouldn't let us call each other every day.) He was a not part of any of the groups at his school, since he was at a new school for senior year, but had previously been a band guy and a stage crew guy (never onstage drama club stuff). We broke up right before Valentine's Day. Which sucked.

I went to my senior prom with the son of my Youth Ministry Director, a boy we shall call "Mike" (again, because that is his name) but to say we dated would be a vast overstatement. But I had a mad crush on him and we almost hooked up while he was tutoring me for my Pre-Calculus final (he was in college and was a math whiz.)

College boys will provide a more interesting list. But I'm not going there now.

I wanted a boyfriend SO badly. Finally when I was 16, I met M (16 - I felt like SUCH an old maid!). Had my first kiss New Years Eve at the waterfront, under a fireworks display. He offered me peppermint shnapps. He was in the navy (piss my parents off, check!). It may surprise you how much mileage you can get from "I'm shipping out tomorrow" in getting a 16 year old naked in the room you share with your little brother. Something about not going to the jr prom because your boyfriend is the Persian Gulf seems more romantic than it is. In the interest of full disclosure, this guy was not a handsome, hollywood type military man. He was a red headed little boy who worked in the kitchen. I was taking what I could get at that point.

Then came J..! My husband now. We worked at the same supermarket. He played football and baseball. He went to our rival high school (the scandal!). His best friend liked me. He liked my best friend. We spent time talking about them in his truck. He liked to talk about himself (I remember thinking he would outgrow that. He hasn't yet. Then again - who is the one typing away about herself here.). When I got fired from the supermarket job, he quit in protest (my hero ;-). He was (is) a good boy who didn't like to disappoint his parents. I thought I could talk him out of that. I couldn't. He made me stop trying to kill my parents with worry. Today is our 8th anniversary. We have 3 babies. Happily Ever After and all of that.

I didn't really have a serious boyfriend in high school but did go on dates, so we'll count those.

Bachelor #1: French (I think), orchestra, soccer, tennis. On the fringes of being a Popular Kid (eek!), so he was kind of a jerk to me in the end because I was soooooooo not popular.

Bachelor #2: German, band, NHS. A newspaper delivery boy for, like, 8 years. He was sweet.

How fun! I'll give you one, my first boyfriend:

Sportive type, very active in mountain biking, even did tournaments, Red Hot Chilli Pepper fan, looked like Christian Slater and we met at a prom! While he was dating someone else. Yeah, I know.

More fun stuff!

Bachelor #1: Tennis team, not motivated enough to take a foreign language. Stood me up for freshman homecoming.

Bachelor #2: In college, but had been a trombone player in the band. So even though he was out of high school, he was re-living it through me and my band friends. No foreign language either (wasn't a requirement in my school), but very into C&W dancing.

Bachelor #3: Another trombone player with no foreign language. Two years younger than me. On the cross-country team, and dreamy. Very dreamy. Sat together on the band buses to football games and competitions, cut class to fool around. After I graduated, he dated one of my friend's little sister (awkward!). But did I mention dreamy?

Ah, good times.

I can't give specifics b/c there were so many (I was never without a date, not that I was slutty) but I'll give you my type: although I dated a few jocks, mostly it was the Guns N Roses guys with longish hair (bordering on mullets, it was the 80s) who mostly wore concert t-shirts, smoked too much pot and had little or no ambition. They were emphatically non-chalant about the impact anyone else had on their lives and were convinced they might be the next Eddie Van Halen. If only they could get off their stoned asses to make an effort, that is. They were fun and we partied a lot, but I am thankful I outgrew them or I'd be big as a house with 7 kids by now while he still sat on his ass, probably getting high, bitching about his low paying job.

I had no "real" boyfriends in high school. As close as I got was a "boyfriend" of 6 days (although we managed to go on three dates in that time) and the prom date that wasn't.

"Boyfriend" -- trench-coat wearing, cigarette smoking, all-black wearing, goth-type guy; we MET in Spanish class, but can't remember any other school activities (there probably weren't any); one year ahead of me and with a car

"Prom Date" -- soccer player, part of the "in" crowd of his year (again, one year ahead of me), class-skipping, partying type. my mega crush of my sophomore year who, by my incredible luck, asked me to go to his junior prom... only to un-invite me less than a week before it because of an evil plan by his best friend and his GF (one of my arch-enemies) to score the GF's best friend a date. yet, i was still totally head-over-heels for the guy until he graduated... so pathetic.

Oy. I didn't play yesterday but for the record, I was the top goody-two-shoes, all the teachers loved me, had friends but not super-cool friends, poofy hair, cheerleader, sang at school Masses, Honor Society type. (Ugh.) Also, French. I did drama but not at my small school - I did Community Theater. (Worse? Probably!) And dated mostly boys I met there. SO:

Bachelor #1: I was 15, he was 18. Don't know a thing about him except he wore button-down Oxford shirts, had nice short hair, and a higher-pitched voice than was strictly necessary. He was cute. Took me to the beach at night (ro-MAN-tic)!

Bachelor #2: Drama nerd of his h.s. Tenor, and a good singer. Glasses. He was in remedial English to my horror, a nice guy with BAD fashion sense. He had this one... blouse, really... black with three large white polka dots going down one side. Wore it untucked. He didn't have a car but WANTED a white VW bug that he could splatter-paint in rainbow colors. Yi.

Bachelor #3: Senior year, I came back to my own school and dated a Junior, a talented baseball player with a big, big heart. Sweet jock. Met him in typing class, I think. Prom date. We were giddy for each other. My best friend also dated a baseball player that year. Mine drove a big Chevy truck and lived on the bayou, a real country boy. Introduced me to the band Alabama. Hee.

very very sad...i never really had a serious boyfriend, i'm feeling a little left out. I did date for a brief moment, a long hair, punk rocker, secretly smart, too clingy, and now hes a former peace core stud, a Dr, married to a french translator, with a baby. but whatever.

I had an afinity for soccer players, apparently.

Bachelor #1 - soccer player. all-around jackass who got his driver's license the day before Homecoming and was so nervous that he has huge pit stains in all our pictures.

Bachelor #2 - soccer player. national honor society. took Spanish. had rich parents and a very nice car. great guy. I totally did him wrong.

Bachelor #3 - drama star, chorus star, Prom King. I can't remember what language he took. He was diagnosed with clinical depression about three weeks after we started dating. Introduced me to... oh wait, we're not sharing that much. ;)

Um... is it sad that there's no one to account for for me? I had plenty of freaks interested in me, so I'll go with that... okay?

Reject #1: Huge Star Wars fan, ran cross-country, asked me to go to the premier of some Star Wars movie. Looking back, he wasn't that geeky, and when I ran into him in college, he was super hot.

Reject #2: Huge Marilyn Manson fan, dyed black hair with untouched roots (he had red hair). Not involved in anything other than dabbling in satanic rituals. Wrote me poems every day and gave them to me (and they were very dark and weird poems too).

Reject #3: One of my best guy friends, great guy, ran cross-country and track. We talked every day on the phone and were good friends. He developed a liking for me, and I just didn't want to ruin the friendship.

Reject #4: Guy in my youth group, bad bowl-cut (way past the time when bowl cuts were acceptable), and loved wrestling (WWF kind). This guy actually served me well Junior year when no one asked me to prom, and I so desperately wanted to go, I asked him and he said yes. Looking back, that night was painfully embarrasing, as he thought I liked him, and then tried to dance... note, I said TRIED to dance.

That's it... I honestly didn't have my first kiss until I was 18 with a guy I dated briefly my senior year... so I guess I could describe him.

Bachelor #1 (and only): Freshman in college, played lacross, super hott, sweet, and generally wonderful. A bit simple-minded, but again, super sweet. Would have dated longer had the manipulative jerk I dated summer after high school and freshman year in college not convinced me to dump him.

That's about it!!

Pretty much, there was one main bachelor. We met in Spanish class. I was a freshman. He was a junior WITH A CAR!! He worked at Piggly Wiggly so I'd try to get my mom to drive by there and see his car anytime we were out around town. He pretty much skipped school for his entire senior year and I am pretty sure that he never belonged to any student organization though, he did play JV football but, that was before I met him. He spent 70% of his time washing his car and the other 30% trying to convince me to have sex with him. He barely graduated and then joined the Army.

Oh, this is going to be painful. There really was only one guy in h.s. (he lasted for the most of it, unfortunately). He was very into his car, and spending a lot of money on his car and driving his car and standing next to his car. He also played hockey, outside of school. And I probably went to 200 hockey games over the course of a few years. All I ever learned was to yell, quite loudly, "GET OUT OF THE POCKET!" And also that hockey players easily smell worse after games than any other athlete.

I had a lot of strange, unofficial, short-term "flirts," but not many real boyfriends.
The first that liked me was into Queen, taught me who Freddy Mercury was, and then stalked me for a while. He sent me candy a lot.
The first one that I really liked was super tall, super blond, piercing blue eyes, and was in the art club. He drove an awesome old blue car. His dad was the Vice Principal, I was a freshman, and he was a senior, so it didn't go any further.
Then there was the (also senior when I was a freshman) guy in my drafting class. Not tall, long-ish brown hair, major whore. I found out when he dumped me because I wouldn't put out then moved on to another girl who would. I met a bunch of girls later when I was a ski-instructor who told me that he had been their first. All of them. He was a veteran cherry-popper.
Then there was the musician- Spanish heritage, sweet, goofy, played trombone and piano. He was always happy and everybody's friend. I dumped him because I couldn't believe that anybody could be THAT happy ALL OF THE TIME.
Then was my husband. He was a super-mega geek, played D&D frequently, was in the "Students For The Future" club (environmental stuff), liked English and Journalism, and was the only one I ever put out for. What can I say- geeks are hot.

There are only 2 significant men in my life, with w few dalliances in between #1 and #2.

Guy #1 --- I dated for 4 years, he was a nice guy a not dumb (but not smart) guy and worked part time through school. His parents were losers, there was never food in the house and they were always at the bingo hall, not concerned about their kids at all. I was always bringing a bag of groceries over to make something for dinner. He did a few stupid things, like stealing his Dad's truck (without a drivers permit) and getting into a car accident (lots of damage but no one hurt). He also went through a stage where he wanted to go to parties without me and with other girls around. I naturally got jealous and started cheating on him with other guys. He is a good guy but just (JUST) moved out of his parents house at the age of 30. After we broke up he dated girls that found it necessary to egg my car. So immature, but so was he.

Guy#2 -- I worked with him, he smelled good and had really nice muscles. Seriously. He was nice, seemed to drive a decent car, had his own place and appeared to be very smart financially. We ended up working in different locations and 4 months later I met up with him at his new job. Dammit he had a girlfriend by then. I guess I was the "other woman" because he soon left her for me. Now 11 years later he is still my boyfriend and the father of my son. He has stuck to me through school, my Father's illness and death (which was really hard on Dad!) and a Labour and Delivery from hell. We have our rough patches but I think everyone does, all in all we are a good team. Maybe someday we will get married, but there always seems to be something in the house to spend our money on.

Who DID I date in high school....

Bachelor #1 - older guy (freshman in college while I was a junior in high school), played french horn, sang, drama, alcoholic (probably) - clearly gay but I refused to acknowledge that while dating him (although my mother liked to point it out)

Bachelor #2 - skater dude, recovering druggie, he lived in a house w/a bunch of other skater dudes and we watched a lot of Miami Vice

Bachelor #3 - Mormon (!), squeaky clean, "All American," drama, choir, show choir, had a 'dragon lady' for a mother (shudder)

I'm so glad I didn't marry while still in high school! GAH!!

dude #1: super suave, has the charm of an oiled snake, super slick, played snooker like a pro, was resident bad boy of neighboring school. lasted a month.

dude #2: was one of the guys in the popular guys group, played street soccer, liked to skip school, grades were crap, basically went out with friends everyday and got drunk even on school days. also very slick. my wallet was much fatter and he managed to use me like an ATM. lost my virginity to this one. not proud.

dude #3: friend of #2 and was a complete sweetheart. was more sensitive than a box of kittens. also played street soccer, liked to party on weekends, we would fax notes to one another from our homes, made me a billion folded paper hearts, i was broken hearted and angry from #2 so i broke #3's heart. still feel guilty to this day.

dude that got away: he was a real head-case, dark and silent, he liked another girl in school, he had the best eyes ever. he carved the girl's name into his arm and bled all over the classroom floor, at the time i thought that was super romantic and i wished he would carve my name.

Oh gosh...the guys I dated in high school are so not even worth it. But I'll try.

The first guy was a guy who wore Z. Cavarichi's and Skidz pants, and was nice enough I guess but so not boyfriend material.

The second guy was a dweeb. played football, but was just not boyfriend material either.

The third guy was much older than I was (as in not in HS anymore) he wore a leather jacket and was the spiky hair type.

The forth I met 2 weeks before graduation (he didn't go to my HS) but he came to my prom with me and we dated for 9 months. He was a join-the-armed-forces wanna be, no direction in life, never passed type guy. We broke up because I was convinced he had slept with his best friend (a girl of course) or would if the opportunity came up. I was right...they had a baby within a year or two and now have like 4. I'm so glad that wasn't me.

Oh i get to play twice in 1 day. Ok here goes nothin

Guy # 1 --> Cool good looking year ahead of me in neighboring school. Took Spanish and got good grades. Partied like me and had a really cool car, SS Nova.

Guy # 2 --> Another cool guy who graduated like 3 years before me (don't know what he did in high school just know he graduated and that was enough for me), this didn't last long. Just long enough to snatch my virginity. We had fun though while it lasted, i moved on....

Guy # 3 --> Broke my heart! he was cool (seeing a theme here!) and 6 years older. In high school he was in drama, choir, track and took spanish and got high behind the school. He was a tortured artist and spoke french. He had moved there with 1 of his last girlfriends. He also read all the time and had a great library that i would steal. He introduced me to a lot of new things. we stayed together for 2 years and tried to remain friends but we drifted apart (ok in unison... "AWE.....")

Now i am engaged to a geek or at least in high school he was. and i never would have dated him then, or should i say he wouldn't have dated me then!

I've saved yesterday's & this post in my feed reader to be able to satisfy my inner voyeur and read every comment. My 15 year reunion was a couple weeks ago. Although I didn't go, I've recently become reacquainted with some HS people through MySpace. Oddly, not the same people I hung out with in HS. Three of us got together recently and all had such different perspectives of the same events.

Anyway -

Boy #1 - He was a Sr. football player when I was a freshman. His mom was the youth group (EYC) leader at our church, so my parents approved. I liked him because I was supposed to. He broke up with me because I wouldn't sleep with him on homecoming night. I look back at our homecoming picture and laugh at the fact that he was so short I had to wear flats and bend my knees.

Boy #2 - Went to a different HS, was a year older. Played the Cello. I think he took German. He was also from church (damn, see a theme here? church boys not necessarily as nice as they seem). No sports - Academic Decathlon, thankyouverymuch. We broke up when I was a Sr. and he was in his first year of college and getting baked way more often than I felt comfortable with.

Boy #3 and I started dating our Sr. year of HS and were together for the first two years of college. Tennis, National Merit Scholar, agnostic. Hung out with the Student Council types. Got an MIP for mixing vodka into a soft drink at a baseball game and the school administrators almost denied him the honor of being salutatorian. Is now a doctor and married to a doctor.

Oddly - my husband went to my high school, but since he was two years ahead of me & we weren't in the same clique, he didn't know who I was then. Our paths crossed several years later (as is bound to happen when you go to college in the same town you grow up in) and the rest is history.

I had only a few longterm relationships in high school. Ironically, I did date Hubby for 2 weeks my sophomore year. That ended up in a dramatic high school breakup which resulted in us not speaking for a year and then becoming friends later.

My junior year, I had a friend who was a bit more than a friend off and on for a few more years - he later went into the Navy and we developed a weird penpal thing where he'd send me love notes when he was on the ship and ignore me when he came home.

My senior year, I dated a guy named C who I mentioned yesterday. The dumb one. He was two weeks older than me, but two years behind me in school. He took VERY basic classes, worked for a pig farmer (I'm not kidding) and taught me how to change brake shoes. He was dumber than a box of rocks, but he was so nice.

For most of high school I dated the sweet fuck up. The guy that everyone (teachers, principals, other students) rooted for but that kept getting busted for drinking, smoking, and petty thievery. You know, the damaged soul.

He belonged to no clubs. He belonged to no group. He played football for two years but quit because he liked pot better. He took Spanish.

Also, he wore a motorcycle jacket with many, many zippers. Mucho, mucho sexy.

Jazz band, marching band, band band band, trumpet. Chemist who longed to blow things up, kind of dorky in an oversized little boy kind of way. Spanish, by the grace of god helped me through high school Physics.

I didn't really date in high school. Living in the country kind of messed with my social life. I did have a few flings, though.

#1: Skate punk that I met at a church function in another city. Yes, me, the atheist, at a church function. Long distance, doomed to failure, even though we did end up going to the same university.

#2: Someone from my circle of friends. Big mistake. Started during Christmas break, was over before New Years.

My junior prom date: Myself. Sad, I know.

My senior prom date: A friend from another school (there were, um, limited choices at mine, given that there were only 250 students in the whole school). We ended up not going and instead went to a club in a nearby city. I had WAY more fun than I would have at prom.

I kept reading yesterday's comments, wondering if there'd be any like me. There weren't. Hmm. Even though I didn't play yesterday, I'm feeling gamey today.

Here goes...

Boy #1: Went to another school. Some kind of rebel debate-team member? Was in a band (though I still wonder what he **did** in the band - sing? play the guitar? sort of?). Spent a large amount of time reading Hermann Hesse, writing poetry, and smoking various substances. He took both Spanish and French.

Boy #2: Wore a leather jacket. Took Spanish. Didn't belong to any clubs or sports. Had a pierced nose. Strangely, didn't scare my parents as much as Boy #1 because he was still a good church-going boy. In leather.

A slew of boys who were in bands (mostly drummers). One of whom wore a dress and make-up at a talent show while I was out of town, much to the horror of my 15 year old friends who were keeping watch for me. I sort of loved it in a Kurt Cobain way.

Then there was college guy (he was 20, I was 17). That was fun, but didn't end well for poor broken hearted high school me.

Then there were a couple of other boys who took things either entirely too seriously or not seriously enough for my taste. Ending of course with the boy I decided to date "long distance" from my college and hour and a half away. Obviously that lasted about a month, even though at the time we were "desperately in lurve".

I didn't date anyone in HS. I just wasn't what the boys went for ;) However, I had (and still do have) a penchant for the ridiculously intelligent types. One of them was outgoing, made straight As without trying, and was very well liked by everyone. The other was a slacker who never had a desire to reach his potential, even though he was smarter than probably 99% of the school, teachers included. Think Troy Dyer from Reality Bites.

#1: Different high school. (Catholic one!) Older brother of one of my friends. He was just a screw-up. Did nothing.

#2: The first love of my life. Pined for him and was with him for two years. Brilliant artist. Very funny. Terrible in school. Moody.

Bachelor #1: Red-headed, hunting fanatic, NASCAR lover (I shudder when I think that I actually dated this guy)

Bachelor #2: The "older" man (he was definitely robbing the cradle)

Bachelor #3: Super smart, fatigue wearing (was in the Army), nice piece of man-meat (heh, this would be my now husband) ;-)

oh there was R, whom in retrospect should have better hygiene. But we forgive him because he was a major jock. He also was a total jerk and made me wait to get kissed. He knew I wanted to be kissed, and I waited. Yes, now a days I would totally nail him first, but back then, the pup, alas was shy.

Then there was E. The kissing machine. He majored in SHOP. He could build anything. He just couldn't spell it. I remember how rough his hands were...stop it...he was a hand holder. Liked to hold my hand. Sadly, he was a senior when I was a he went to Shopland...or wherever.

Then there was A. Again, not a major speller. I have a thing going here. But was a builder. Mr. FFA. Mr. King of Barnwarming. Mr. Drag your calf to school for an exhibition. He majored in welding a trailer in the ag building and lunch. This loser also became husband number 1....go figger.

geez - 2 in a row!

Had a lot of "flirts" and crushes, no 1 really serious guy but here goes:

Guy #1 - Steve, on the swim team with me so not only was he in great shape - but I got to see him in a Speedo every day. Rowr. We lived in different cities, but tried to go to movies a lot and talked EVERY nite on the phone. He ended up a police officer and was killed in the line of duty in 1994.

Guy #2 - was a year younger than me, stoner, musician, terrible in school, but cute and a great kisser. Is now somewhat of an acclaimed "savant" musician. Who knew?

Guy #3 - gorgeous, blond soccer player who appeared my JR year. Had been an exchange student in Australia for a year. He was sweet, got eh grades but had the attention span of a gnat on Red Bull...needless to say he forgot a lot of things that were a death-knell to a teenager's idea of "realtionship" but we still keep in touch!

The only guy I dated in high school is now my husband. This November will be our 20th dating anniversary, and we have been married for 6 years. I guess we just didn't want to rush into marriage without being sure. :-)

#1: Blonde hair, blue eyed skater cutie. We dated for 6 months and for no good reason what-so-ever, I unceremoniously told him we should "just be friends." I guess because I thought it was time to move on to the next thing, even though I didn't know what that was. In any case, it was a bad decision and he was always a sweet guy. I sometimes wonder where he is now...

#2: Asian gangster type. I didn't even like this guy but it drove my parents crazy that I hung out with him. I got bored with him quickly and tried to dump him numerous times but he'd threaten to kill himself. Finally, I said "go ahead then!" and hung up. He never followed through on his threats but he actually stalked me for a while. After I moved out and went to college, my mom informed me that sometimes (usually the days leading up to and after my birthday) she'd see him sitting in his red car in front of our house. Creepy McCreeperson! A couple of years ago, he called my house and asked for me and my sister told him I was married and that it's about time he moved on. We haven't heard from him since.

#3: Senior year. My friend sets me up with a friend of hers in another school. He's this nerdy guy who was into cars. He was very cool and relaxed and we easily stayed together into college. On our second year of college we mutually decided that we were better off as friends. We still talk to this day and he's one of my best friends.

I seemed to have a thing for cute, not-exactly-scholastic-geniuses-kind-of-troublemaker boys

#1 - German, band, golf team, Eagle scout (yes, even at 16 years old), new age music (don't knock it...)

#2 - Art and more art (very talented, still), heavy metal

They were total opposites, but both really good people.


Subject A: Sat next to him in band. Ridiculously, fabulously, smokin' Latin lover hott and one year older than me. Band, physics, AP Chem, smart people classes were where we hung out-- he's now a physicist. And the worst mistake I ever made was dating him, because then I beat him in chair auditions. I don't recommend that particular brand of hell to anyone. Ever.

Subject B: Went to church with him, was in band with him. One year older, he was my first kiss on the bus back from a football game. Cute, but like kissing your brother, so we wound up switching and dating each other's best friends. See above. Bad idea.

Subject C: Worked at the grocery store with this one. Cute, but just not enough chemistry. Different schools, so I only remember that he was on the soccer team (nice legs) and was an athletics trainer for the football team. Cute, but he got the boot when I met D at band camp the summer before my senior year.

Oh. It's so fun to read everyone's. Let's keep playing these games!

First "boyfriend": Artsy guy - took Spanish, drew comics and made up a character based on me and on him - I still have them - music nerd who played trumpet and made me tons of mix tapes.

Second significant boy: (I'm still friends with) hunky swimmer/water polo player, track, took Russian (cool, huh?) and we "dated" on and off for many years after high school.

Why is it that in summing up high school boyfriends I feel like I dated a bunch of jerks?

#1: We met when he played my love interest in a school play. I have no idea what classes he took. I remember listening to Dr. Demento stuff with him.

#2: He went to a neighboring school. He was mormon, loved the Cure and played guitar. I've totally lost track of him (she says, with a smidge of regret).

#3: This guy only wore horizantaly striped shirts -- seriously, he had 43 of them. He loved the Stone Roses and other Brit groups. Played the trombone, sang and did theater. I don't know what language he took but he was a year ahead of me and took a lot of AP classes.

#4: He played bass, looooved R.E.M. and did chorus and theater. He didn't really attend his classes but he spoke French because of growing up in Montreal. He was very good at math.

1st- skater dude, waist at his knees, pot smoking, have no idea what he took - he was in a public school, I was private. Didn't talk - gave me a cute valentines card though.

2nd- wonderful guy, had been in school with him since kindergarden, camp counselor's together, a rock climber, took sciences, and did lot's of sports, his family was friends with mine. If I didn't marry my hubby I would've gone chasing back for him, ( i dumped him because he was to nice to me, what a freak i am)

3rd- Looser, did capoiera, good at math, really there is nothing more to him, oh except that he's cheated on everysingle one of his girlfriends ( i was not excluded from this) I should've known better, but I was blinded by all the expensive gifts....

I was going to comment yesterday, but I deleted it when it turned into who I dated in high school. High school was purely social for me. goes!

Boyfriend #1 - R. I was 14, a freshman, and he was 18, a senior. He was tall, blond, blue eyes, baseball, basketball, handsome and popular. He was my first "real" boyfriend. I dated him for 1 1/2 years. He convinced me to be intimate with him by telling me that he would go back to his "old" girlfriend if I didn't. Dumb of me, I know. I am still friends with him and he recently told me that he lied to me way back then when he told me he would go back to his old girlfriend. He was a virgin, as was I.

Boyfriend #2 - G. Tall, dark curly hair. A moody stoner that looked like Richard Gere and was a drummer. Didn't finish high school. He stole me away from boyfriend #1. He went to another high school and was 1 year older then I was. I met him during the summer when my girlfriend and I decided we would hitch-hike to the beach (it was 1971 folks). We rode our bikes to a guy-friend's house. The guy-friend convinced us that hitching was not a good idea and to go to his friend G's house instead. G had a reputation for being very cool and mysterious. We went, G was flirting with me but I ignored him because I had a boyfriend. G called me the next day and then weeks of drama insued until I dumped R (#1). G and I dated for about 9 months till he sort of drifted away from me, mostly because he thought I was a virgin (I lied to him about that) and he was afraid if we stayed together I would get pregnant. We are still friends.

Boyfriend #3 - M. M was just about as tall as I am, 5'8". Dark hair, could have had a full beard if he didn't shave everyday, super funny. M was a good student, on the football team. M was a senior and I was a junior. He pursued me like crazy, but I wasn't sure I liked him. I finally gave into him and we dated for 4 years. We went to Jr. College together(for 1 year). Then M went away to college and slept with another girl. Came home on Christmas break, asked me to marry him, I said yes. A few days later he was dumb enough to tell me about the cheating. I was crushed. Then boyfriend #2 sent me roses and a card out of the blue professing his love for me. I hadn't heard form him in 4 years. I went see G on Christmas evening (M gave me permission to) and then 6 months later I married G.

G and I were married for 3 years, then divorced. I am still friendly with all of them.
I have always been someone's girlfriend or wife since I was 14. I am now 51. Sometimes I wish I had been brave enough to be alone, but I had fun!

Bach #1: Rich kid, private school, an odd duck - a bit snobby - thought he might be gay. Jewish. No clubs but maybe spanish. We knew each other from youth group (Not gay, but waaaay too horny.)

Bach #2: Drum major. Very popular. Very middle class. Not jewish and parents HATED him. Left for college but never finished.

Being a serial monogamist, I only had one boyfriend in HS. He was the second adopted son of one of the richest families in town. His mother hated that he was dating below his station. While she wasn't mean about it, she didn't try too hard to hide it, either. She did buy me a Gucci purse one Christmas. So I have that going for me. Which is nice.

After that I married my college sweetheart. We were together 6 years but were married less than 2. We forgot to have the "What do you want to do with your life?" discussion before the wedding and discovered shortly thereafter that we didn't want the same things. But not before crushing each other emotionally.

I met the next one 6 months after my divorce. Also not right for me but I didn't realize it until five years later. At least I didn't marry that one. And this time I learned from it.

After him, I put myself in time out. I've dated here and there since, but know that I still have some things to discover before I'd make a good mate. I didn't have mature, stable adult role models and was completely on my own at age 17 so had to learn much about life the hard way.

NO ONE. I had not one boyfriend until 6 months after high school. That said, I was sort of a Promiscuos Prude. I made out with a jock on the back of a school bus because he dared me too. I made out with a drama geek at a Monty Python-a-thon (we were really nerds; we had weekend-long Monty Python-a-thons) because we were all cracked out on Doritos and Dr. Pepper. I totally would have made out with any number of other people, but the rest were too afraid of me. (see comment on previous post)

Y'know, I've lurked around here a while, but I love this topic. I work in a high school, so I'm constantly immersed in "God, was I really that ___?" on a daily basis.

So . . . boyf#1 was the sensitive, guitar-playing, flannel-shirt-wearing type. He wasn't involved in any extra curriculars, but he took German. He got me hooked on Queen and Chuck Taylors. He played baseball, but not for the school. He was pretty darn hot, but cheated on me because I wouldn't sleep with him.
Boyf#2 was nerdy - glasses, good at science and math (he sat next to me in Trig and would always let me copy), played euphonium in the band. He was my marching band boy - let me wear his marching uniform coat when I was cold (color guard girl). He took Spanish (also in my class).
Boyf#3 was even a bigger science nerd than #2, AP Chem and all. No extracurriculars, except me (apparently). Super tall, super thin, not a great dresser but a fan of the "surf shirt" (y'know, Billabong tees and all). Hard-core into computers. Took German. I married him. We're blissful! :D

Now that I write it out, it's funny to see the progression: sensitive musician-->geeky band guy-->geek.

I only dated one guy in high school. I married (and then divorced) him, too.

He was a fellow nerd. Trumpet player, German student, tennis player, geek. Yeah. That sums him up.

No real boyfriend, just a few crushes. I was always the girl who was friends with the guys and gave them advice for how to get the girls they really liked.

My biggest crush, however, was the QB and star of the football team. He was gorgeous! Not sure what he's up to now.

First 2 years I went to all girls school in Thailand. No boys entered the picture. Ever. Tons of dude friends who looked at me as a cute and tiny little foreign exchange sister. But that's about it.

Then the coed U.S. high school, still nobody. LOL. Had a mad crush on one of the tenors, tracked him down after college and had been in touch with him since. My prom date was my guy friend who despite all the obvious, postponed his official coming out until after graduation. Ah. The two men in my HS life!

I didn't date in high school.

I only dated one girl in high school and that was my senior year. She was a sophmore. She was in the band and played the flute. Never attended band camp as far as I know. She literally was the girl next door. She was actually a little taller than me. Very smart. I still think of her from time to time.

I didn't date anyone in high school. Thanks for bringing up 4 years of PAIN! :) Actually high school dudes are total douche nozzles and I'm sure I missed out on a whole lot of not much.

Oh, this is fun!

1: Met while I was in Jr. High. A couple of years older. Gorgeous blue eyes with dark brown shaggy hair. I was totally in love. Sewed curtains for the shell of the truck his mommy bought him. Made him a quilt. Embroidered the cover of a KISS album on the back of a denim shirt. He dumped me my freshman year because I wouldn't sleep with him. Hello, I was 14! My mom used to see him every once in a while at her workplace. Apparently, he's divorced. I've googled him and found a number for his mom, but haven't actually tried to get in touch.

2: Met my sophomore year. He was a year older. FFA boy with a vintage GTO. Smart, cocky and a bit controlling. Used to pick me up and drive me to school even though we didn't go to the same school. I switched schools my Jr. year. Much more convenient! He and his brother both walked funny. He changed that while we were an item. Bought me two promise rings. We broke up a couple of weeks before my Sr. Prom and he went back to walking funny. Never had sex even though we were together for three years. He and his mom came to my wedding years later. Saw him and his wife about 10 years after high school. Hate to say it, but I'm SO glad I didn't marry him.

3: Jock/surfer/semi-FFA boy. Hot body. Didn't have a car, but I did, so it didn't matter. Girls fought over him. I refereed and tried to steer him toward the girl I liked best. Kissed him on a dare. Turned out he liked me. We hung out one time and were together everyday after. We married two years after HS. Were married for 17 years. Would have been our 25th anniversary last week. On very rare occasions, I wish it had lasted forever. Mostly I'm just relieved it didn't.

Haven't had a BF since high school...maybe I should work on

Hmmm... I think there were just 2 that I dated. Had a few innocent crushes, before I started dating TJ, who I'd known since 2nd grade. I was kinda sweet on him, even then.. having 2 of my friends help me chase him down at recess so I could kiss him on the cheek. LOL I guess I'd be expelled for sexual harrassment for that in today's world!

TJ and I flirted mostly, in Jr High, but dated my freshman year and part of my sophmore year. He drove a big truck with huge tires, played JV football and baseball. He was a cute and very sweet country boy.

Then there was Monty! He went to a school 20 miles away, was the captain of the football team... total jock and extremely hot!

We started dating during the summer before my junior year and dated through my first semester of college. I wore his varsity letterman jacket and his senior ring, very proudly, despite the fact that I didn't like the way he treated me.

I finally woke up one day and realized what a jerk he was. He's divorced today. Has like 6 or 7 kids. He's put on A LOT of weight and he's bald. Thank God I came to my senses! Bleh!!!

Freshman year: dated a guy for a month. His brother was in my class and was a big football jock and was very popular, older brother who was a junior, not so much, but was very sweet, quite smart and played the tuba in the band. We remained friends.
Sophomore year: dated a guy in my class for a while-he was cute, smart, good swimmer and had a great family. We broke up because he started smoking again and I was mad. We sort of got back together only to find that my so called best friend made a move on him when I was away one weekend and that was the end of both of them for me. He is now married to a girl I went to summer camp with-small world! I soon met a great guy who went to the school my mom worked at-ditched my prom date (from their school's prom) at the party for him. Dated for four months. Loved him. He drove a Mercedes. I think we broke up because I wouldn't sleep with him. To this day when I see him I get fluttery.
Junior year: I think I sort of dated a few guys from youth group but nothing serious. Dated the friend of guy #2 from sophomore year even though he was away at college. Didn't last long.
Senior year: drought city. Went to the prom with a junior who I was friends with because I thought I would have more fun at the prom with his friends than my own. Had a bad time obviously. Ended up hooking up with a crush at senior banquet and hung out with him all summer which was fun. Waited until two days after graduation to lose my virginity so that's an accomplishment! He had gorgeous eyes but not much else to offer.

Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to boys. I was seriously clueless.

Oh i JUST have to comment on this one! I was one of those girls who found a guy who's Mother said, "your not seeing HIM" so I did- "M" was a bad boy, and we KNOW that we all love bad boys! He went to the highschool across town. So began my career of sneaking out... yeah! I got caught. Today I'm glad we didn't end up together. He was a loser and is prolly in jail somewhere. :)

I had one date with another Smartykins. He said he'd call and never did. I had two dates with the over-confident guy who gets all the girls. He made me nervous and I stopped seeing him. I mostly dated one guy, the kind of dumb but really cute guy who knows what a high school boyfriend is "supposed to be" like: single long-stemmed roses, creative dates, talk about marriage, singing to me, etc. Lots of cliche crap. I loved it.

Jerk #1: I was a sophomore and he was Senior from another high school. He had long hair and he played guitar. I thought he was a God for about 2 weeks. He turned out to be a total asshole.

Jerk #2: The king of the dorks. He was the band geek that all the other band geeks wanted to go out with. We went on one date. I didn't put out and he was not impressed.

Jerk #3: A brief fling that was the best friend of jerk #1. He was a nice guy, and he was in a cool band, but one I realized that he was failing out of high school, not so much because he was lazy, but because he was probably really that dumb it just didn't work out. Plus I had a HUGE thing for his other guitar player.

Jerk #4: A guy with a great sense of humor, but a complete loser drop out. I liked him as a friend but not so much as a boyfriend. We dated for a couple of weeks. When we broke up he threatened to kill himself. Then he moved to California.

Nice Guy #1: Last I dated a nice guy. He was in a death metal band. We dated for 4 1/2 years. We grew apart when I went away to college.

Had the typical HS sweetheart (together for two years). He was a grade above me, super popular, varsity soccer player, took Spanish and spoke it fluently, insanely smart, wicked-hot, talented artist, and had an awesome family. We spent nearly every waking (and plenty of sleeping) moments together. He was mostly awesome, though a pretty big asshole (didn't catch on to that one until after we broke up). I'm glad it's over, happy for the good memories, and couldn't forget him if I tried.

Had the typical HS sweetheart (together for two years). He was a grade above me, super popular, varsity soccer player, took Spanish and spoke it fluently, insanely smart, wicked-hot, talented artist, and had an awesome family. We spent nearly every waking (and plenty of sleeping) moments together. He was mostly awesome, though a pretty big asshole (didn't catch on to that one until after we broke up). I'm glad it's over, happy for the good memories, and couldn't forget him if I tried.

The assistant drum instructor. 6 years older than me and going to college. He could write hall passes so I could skip school and to up to the local CC with him and my best friend so she could tutor me in geometry. Stupid new math and new teachers. And help write my history homework. He couldn't drive at first and we both lived at home, so we would walk to a nearby creek kinda of in between our houses and make out. A lot. And once he got his license back we found every dark spot one could park a car and not get in trouble.

Just one... German (I think), Psych, and Choir. He took me to plays and loved Bette Midler.

...I'll let you draw your own conclusion.

I dated the less-than-popular geeky band boys :) One became my boyfriend senior year and we dated until this past February.

Sorry for breaking the fourth wall here, but I just wanted to comment that what's cool that I'm seeing in some of these comments is that often people who behaved in a superficial way know they did, and it sort of re-affirms my "we're all bubbles on the same bowl of soup" worldview, that when we're young and self-centered we're sort of like actors playing roles, but as time goes on we let go of those roles and revert to being "part of all that is", and yes, I totally expect most of you to roll your eyes at this comment, and I'm totally cool with that. :)

1. Skateboarder guy, knew how to play Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" on an acoustic guitar
2. 6'6" guy who went to another school. Edited an unauthorized literary magazine, loved Led Zeppelin and Living Colour.
3. Drama/music guy. This was a total mistake
4. Clarinet/bells player who is still one of my best friends
5. Guy who had heart surgery
6. Hard core band guy. Went to another school. Published zines (and raged against machines).

Wow... you're really raking up the muck here, aren'tcha? You get a pregnancy pass right now...

The only guy I dated for any length of time was 21 (to my 15/16). I lost my virginity to him. Years later I found out he was arrested for breaking and entering, so apparently it's habit forming.

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