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Open letter

Dear random sales guy who came to my door yesterday,

Thank you for staring at my boobs the entire time you stood at my door. Ordinarily I would find that sort of thing annoying (ok, so theoretically ordinarily I would find that sort of thing annoying, but I have precious little experience with anyone ever actually ogling my boobs), but at 21 weeks pregnant, frankly I'll take what I can get.

And sure, it was almost 11:00 which certainly should have provided me ample opportunity to have both found and donned a bra at some point prior to you ringing my doorbell, but we didn't have anywhere we had to be so it was a pjs morning. Even given that, I find it surprising that it was such an enthralling sight that you couldn't tear your eyes away for a second. But as I said, pregnant, chubby, not too choosy right now, etc.

Warm regards,

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I dont know, but I would be more pissed. In fact, I probably would not have answered the door. LOL!

I always believe in taking the compliments where/when you can get them when you are feeling in need of them :-)

Nobody ever stared at my chest until I was nursing.

I was flattered and mortified at the same time.

mmmmmmmmm saggy pregnant tits. Mine now hang down to my knees.

At least you can look at the bright side!

Enjoy it while you can. Soon, you'll be over the hill like me and your boobs will rest between your knees and the only one oogling them will be 6 year old boys with nothing better to do but wonder what happened to that old lady!

Women don't stare at my boobs. If they did I would feel good about how good my boobs looked.

But, as we all know, you and I both can't stop talking about boobs.


Unfortunately, most people (including women) stare at my rack when they speak to me.

It is sad how when we feel less than glam, we will take odd things as compliments.
There was a day when I was walking in Guatemala, my daughter was strapped to me in the bjorn, I was hot and sweaty and tired and cranky. Some tourists kids walked past me and called me a MILF. I should have been shocked and outraged. Instead it put a little spring in my step. Yep, I'm pathetic.

Same thing happened to the the other day when my milk came in (I think I included you in the mass email). Anyway, at least this guy wasn't as forward as to ask you "where your boyfriend at?" Maybe it's the pheromones.

I'm sorry, what were you saying? I was a little distracted. Nothing but boobs around here.

Boobs, boobs and more boobs...that's what the interweb is good for!

Haha yeah...I take all kinds of random and possibly rude things as compliments. Just leads to a better day that way!

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