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You know what I'm doing this morning? Visiting the Hotty Pediatrician solely to have an in-depth discussion about poop.

I'm thinking of leading with "hey, have I ever told you that you are really hot?" I figure that way, he'll be so embarrassed he won't even notice I'm talking to him about poop and it will be like it never happened and I can maintain my air of mystery and glamor. Although, I already have peanut butter on my pants and no time to change, so it is always possible I am not quite as mysterious and glamorous as I lead myself to believe.

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Don't worry Beth... I am sure in your glowing pregnant state he will be too blinded by your glow to notice the peanut butter and the word poop will sound like music to his ears!!!
Feel better??

Have fun with the hottie. Sorry about the topic.


It could be worse. He could be Hotty Regular Doctor and you could be talking to him about your own poop. I'm going to assume (and hope) you're going in to talk about Mia's poop, so yes, it could be worse.

Maybe not so glamarous, but definitely have that "air" of mystery about you.

Don't worry. Maybe he is into that kind of thing.

he's gonna LOVE you 'cause you're helping grow his practice.

Peanut butter is extremely sexy. Add syrup and a waffle and I'll be your slave (cheap date...I know).

Twice the kids - twice the number of reasons to visit the Hotty Pediatrician. This is why you're having a second child, isn't it? ;)

They say that some men find pregnant women irrassistable! (sp?) Anyway. You might go in and find him all thrilled just to look at your fertile loveliness!

Stephanie said he would be too blinded by the pregnancy glow. I'm thinking he will be too blinded by the pregnancy boobs. Show 'em off girl and he will never notice the peanut butter.

Hey, I think peanut butter on your pants is pretty suggestive. Where, exactly, on your pants in the peanut butter? Perhaps you should add some more peanut butter (or even jelly) in a strategic location.

Heh. The last "random fact" is that you're freakishly flexible. Maybe you should work that little factoid into the peanut butter jelly time and *then* bring up the poop (or lack thereof)?

Beth, I think you're missing a big opportunity here -- visiting the HP on Halloween? Perfect chance to wear the Slutty-Fill-In-The-Blank costume. That will distract him for sure. Perhaps you could be the Slutty Pharmaceutical Rep or the Slutty Nurse. Plus you know Chris will love it when you get home. Double win! I don't want to hear how your belly will change the effect of the costume, either :)

i am only assuming you went to the doctor to talk about mia's poop. or more likely, lack thereof, if 'anal fissures' were discussed.

i went thru this with lauren for good grief 8-10 months. it was hellish. if you ever want to commiserate or want advice from a mother/pharmacist who lived through it and decided NEVER AGAIN so is being much more careful with child #2... well, lemme know :)

Love this post! Oh, and your pretend celebrity boyfriend!

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