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Talking turkey

Yeah, it's totally going to pop this time.

I can't wear light-colored shirts anymore, because the glimpse of my cavernous navel visible through the fabric is entirely too disconcerting to inflict upon the general public. Luckily, Mia is into band-aids, so once this sucker pops I figure I'll just have her hook me up every morning.

23 weeks, for those playing along at home, and this belly is starting to get in the way.

Comments (24)

It's really sorta cute.

Cool! Have you seen the blog Shape of a Mother -- many bellies on display!

It IS pretty cute. How many other times can you flaunt your belly button with such abandon and not be a floozy?!

Most impressive ;)

Hey! I spy some lint!

lol.. Just kidding. :P

I'm a big fan of pregnant bellies. And while I thought mine would pop with Anya, it never did. And that kinda makes me sad... I was looking forward to it for some odd reason.

Sorta cute?! It's totally cute! You look fabulous!

Is she into Big Bird or Dora or Wiggles bandages? I really want to know so I can imagine your belly tattooed with those images. So sorry. I'm laughing already. Bad me.

Awwww! Beautiful belly.

Mine totally popped a few weeks ago. Nothing glamorous about being pregnant.

my belly button is nowhere near so cute, though it is probably about as big.

Pregnancy is a joyful journey of nine months and every woman works hard in these months to welcome the baby in to this world.

I will say... pic of the week. :-)

mmmmWAH! (Internet belly kisses)

(Something you can only do over the internet, because honestly, if I did that in person, it would be creepy.)

That belly TOTALLY needs a pumpkin painted on it :)

It's like a turkey timer, when it pops you're done!

My belly button was totally flat when I was pregnant, when I coughed it would pop out a little.

Cute belly... but I have one word for you. And I truly mean that affectionately. Bitch. Where are your stretch marks? Why does your stomach not look like a roadmap to a major city?

If it makes you feel any better, I am only 18 weeks and I'm bigger than you I think. Boo hiss. Get ready for turkey jokes.

Wow, is that baby totally hogging up the right side of your belly, or is that a weird trick of the picture?

My youngest was born the week before Thanksgiving, there were so many bad jokes about getting the turkey/bun/pie/whatever out of the oven.

You're rockin!

Think of the tummy painting you could do for Halloween!! LOL!

Now you have a place to serve soup.

My belly button was my most favorite thing of being pregnant. You really should spend more time with your finger in there.

You should paint something on that belly. The button would make a great nose. Too cute!

That is great birth control. I don't miss those days as much as I thought! Thanks!!

It is cute though.

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