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So, did everyone else's Halloween end in a sugar- and exhaustion-fueled meltdown too?

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Nope, tried to be good this year. I suppose having a history quiz the next day tames things down a bit too!
And, I swear I'm not stalking yout blog. I was just wandering through my links, because well, I'm bored!
Hope Mia loved her Halloween!

Yup. My three-year-old started unwrapping (not eating, just unwrapping) everything in her treat bucket as soon as we got back home. She was outraged when I took the bucket away from her, leaving her a few treats to eat. They're still not eaten; she was too busy flailing and wailing to get around to it.

Yep. But what's sad, is that it was the ADULTS that had the meltdown.

How did you know? :)

Not here ... but mine might end up in an America's Next Top Model + Jake's Pumpkin Spice Ale hangover.

I was too busy getting drunk with the neighbors to notice.

We're on our way to that now ;)

We teetered on the edge. It was soooo close but we escaped it this year.

Not this year! Mine were passed out cold in the back seat before we made it home.

Very nearly! But I somehow got mine to bed just before the explosion happened.

Oh my god! the whole trick or treating thing was a nightmare! We went with our neighbor and her 4 kids plus two more kids and two more moms, it was crazy. We only got 10 trick or treaters and I made up 60 little bags of candy, plus we have 3 full bags of candy left.
Eric had fun though and that's all that matters.

We had 4 extactly four, Trick or Treaters. Sadly.

My little one fell asleep wrapped in his bath towel on the bathroom floor. I left him with strict instructions to put his jammies on while I checked on his older brother, he totally ignored me.

Well... yes. And I'm very sorry that I acted that way.

Ah, that would be old fat YES. Holy cow, it was the flippin' mother of all meltdown. One of epic proportions... the question really is was it worth it?! Matthew would definitely say YES, Kevin & I - not so much ;)

Our meltdown was pre-Trick or Treating. She almost didn't get to go.

Sounds familiar, except for the meltdown part.

::: cricket :::

What? I was FINE!! Just back away from the chocolate....


I managed not to throw leftover candy out the window at the large, loud group of obnoxious teenagers across the street at 1 my own sugar high, lack of sleep meltdown is approaching this morning...I better quickly have some chocolate with my coffee to feel better :-)

Oh yes. Ours ended with a ripped costume because my child's idiot of a mother couldn't get it off of her fast enough, so Aeralyn decided to take matters into her own hands. Thank god this is over. I'm totally having candy for breakfast.

You mean me, right? Not my kids? 'Cause they only got two pieces of candy, and now I have sole possession. Yummmmmm.

No because I'm starting the morning off with a bottle of A&W Cream Soda. It's like having a Bloody Mary to cure hangover.

at 10:30pm. Not good.

Is there any other way for Halloween to end??

It didn't end in one....I got to wake up a 7 year old with one. It's gonna be a long day, pass the m&m's...

Luckily, little boy doesn't know that his treats are for eating. He just likes collecting the treats. ("I go get more trick or treats" "I not eat it") I'm sure this is the last year we'll be able to get away with that.

But of course, and not just from the three year old.

We skipped Halloween. Our dog had surgery yesterday morning and we decided not to lock her up or bother with Lynn taking Harley door to door for thirty minutes. She wasn't allowed to eat until 8:00 pm last night and was crazy enough without us pulling out chocolate to give to the neighborhood.

We were lazy and watched Ice Age Meltdown with Harley instead.

Yup, but had wine with another Mom friend while the kids slowly melted, so not so bad this year. Wine makes everything better!

Yes, but we don't have kids yet. And I don't really want to talk about it.


Actually, no. I worked last night, so no candy. My night ended with me curled up in bed with my laptop, starting my NaNoWriMo novel. :D

I did, however, take second place in the costume contest at work yesterday. I rock.

yeah, halloween is a bit of a double-edge sword, isn't it? my friend jodie just told me that her little guy threw up in HER bed last night from all the junk.

moderation, folks. 'tis key.

Oddly, the meltdown came in the morning. I think someone had a sick tummy.

She did cough up a big looogie on my work shirt though as she was crying about the minute's travesty (having to share responsibility of making my coffee with her brother).

Interestingly enough, The Phi's meltdown was right smack in the middle of the day over a pocket sized notepad. Good Times

I wouldn't let Dude eat anything but the fruit and raisin based treats in his stash. He went to bed without fuss as he typically does. But he is only 2.3 years old. Next year, he'll be hip to this.

Damn. I wish we could move to Australia where I grew up without Halloween and turned out perfectly fine thankyouverymuch.

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