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I am very funny

Chris likes to sit around and take deep, meaningful, artistic pictures of his own noggin. Hey, someone has to marry the narcissists, right? I was sitting down to pull together some pictures of Mia for tomorrow and found a string of such pictures amidst the other shots of our weekend, and it cracked me right the hell up that this shot:

Was immediately followed by this one:

Make your own jokes, I'm going to be in enough trouble as it is.

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Yep, i'd say ur either in trouble, or on his list......LoL
i think its hilarious that those two shots were one after another, but i have no mean comments to say, just laughin' =) hope you all had an enjoyable weekend!! & i hope your feelin' well & healthy with this pregnancy =)


"Someone has to marry the narcissists." I heart you Beth. That was marvelous.

Is there something different about the 2 photos?

(there, now I am in more trouble than you LOL)

Uh... not to nit-pick, but you posted the same photo twice.



still giggling over here... :)


(So tell me...why do you have any pictures of goats?! I find that very, very odd.)

I really tried not to laugh but I failed.

Oh my god I am still laughing out loud!!!!!!!!

Okay this is just funny... ah, needed that 1st thing Monday morning headache and all :)

Dude - what's going on with his hair? Fresh out of the shower? Or is it just the angle?

You better save those random headshots--think how much they will be worth when he becomes a huge rock star!!

Is that a goat? Is it the one that peed on its own head? Is Chris' hair wet for the same reason?

Ahhhh...public spousal humiliation. Is there anything better?

I say that is what he gets for taking silly pics of himself!

Can't... stop... laughing...

You are pure evil.

LOL...are you sure they weren't seperated at birth?

Hahahaha! So, you're still married? LOL!

That was soooo funny. People at work are looking at me funny.

Hi -- just found your site through blogher. My hubby sneaks his own self portraits into the camera, too. Oddly enough, his self-portraits are often the most interesting picts. You get to see him as he sees himself in a way. Perhaps one day these two will be in their own husband-self-portrait gallery exhibit. You never know... Too funny.

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