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Where my shoulders drop by at least three inches

First a quick update on the horse thing I mentioned yesterday. I assure you that the original plan was for Chris to handle all the horse-related activities while I hid behind the goat barn and cried at the very thought of my poor, innocent child being exposed to such a horrible experience. But once we got there, Mia was not so sure about the whole horse thing after all and decided she had never really wanted to do it anyway and just to prove her point there was no way in hell we were removing her arms from their death grip around my neck. And I would have been totally happy for her to skip the whole thing, except that a) I thought that once she actually got on the horse and saw it wasn't painful that it would be the sort of thrilling, week-making, toddler-mind-blowing experience that she would talk about blissfully for weeks to come, b) when she is afraid of something it is my policy to respect that fear and comfort her all I can while trying to gently show her how to overcome it, and c) I had already paid my four bucks for the damned pony ride. Also, my irrational fear shouldn't become her irrational fear, so I decided I could suck it up for the five minutes I would have to be near the horse and then could slip away somewhere and have a quiet little meltdown while Chris took Mia to admire the pigs or something. And that's exactly how it worked out. And she loved it, so the emotional scars I will suffer for the rest of my life are worth it.

Second, you know what I did yesterday? I took Mia to my in-laws and went shopping. For me. For some decent-looking maternity clothes because even though I hate spending money on that sort of thing all my clothes from last time were borrowed and the ones I did buy were summer clothes and I can't just go naked until February so clothes must be had. And I didn't buy a single thing for either child, I and bought whatever I wanted for myself without succumbing to my usual guilt about how I make barely more than zero dollars a month so shouldn't be spending money on myself. (Which I recognize is stupid, I work damned hard for my $0 salary, but there it is.) Do you know when the last time I actually had two hours to myself was? Two hours that I didn't spend cleaning something or paying bills or grocery shopping? Seriously, I'm asking, I can't remember. It's been a long, long time.

And then I had eggplant parmesan for lunch, which I like but never have because Chris doesn't like it. And then I put Mia down for her nap and didn't clean anything or do any work on either of the jobs that earn me that slightly more than zero dollars a month. When Mia woke up, we played for a while and then had leftovers and peanut butter sandwiches for dinner because Chris wasn't home so I didn't have to even pretend to cook.

If I didn't know any better, I would say that I very nearly relaxed a little bit. I highly recommend it.

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Awesome. And now I want some eggplant parmesan.

It's funny, once you get a taste of what you've been missing your whole world starts to change. You want more. ;)
I hate cooking!! Hubby went away Saturday night and I haven't made an effort to cook anything but iced tea. I love it. I went to my mother's in order to get a decent meal once so far! *L*

Hey, that's great. I highly reccomend shoping therapy!

That sounds like Bliss.

Relax? For shame!

I didn't think mothers were allowed to relax. I was under the impression that mothers everywhere approach relaxation with an "I'll sleep when I'm dead" sort of mentality. Which, y'know...benefits everyone in the house.

God isn't it the most wonderful thing in the whole world to go shopping without a child in tow. I took last Friday off work and went shopping and got my hair cut. I never miss the child when I'm out shopping without her!! Good for you, and you should really do that more often.

Way to go! We all need some time to ourselves! I do feel weird going out anywhere by myself though.

Good for you!

After the baby comes and your done breastfeeding we are going out drinking!

I hate not eating food I like b/c the husband hates it. That's what happens at our house with artichokes. And even if I make one just for me he whines so much about how gross it is and how could anyone eat such a gross thing and so on that it's just not even fun anymore to enjoy the artichoke.

Sounds like a perfectly perfect day. ;)

Oooh. Retail therapy... I'm all for it, and eggplant parmesan too. Yay relaxation!

Sounds lovely, good for you. What all did you buy?

Yay You! I love getting time to myself, yet it is so fleeting. My Mom took Rito yesterday for an hour plus naptime and it was nice to go shop and buy pants. You know what it is like to shop with a stroller hating toddler who crawls under dressing room doors?

Although I had plenty to do at home at the time (see my ongoing saga on the blog) I needed Mommy time just to relax.

Is nice? Yes?

I'll have to try some of that very nearly relaxing. Sounds interesting ;)

Your two hours alone sounds awesome, and props to you for buying nothing for either child. Eggplant parmesan is also my sans-spouse meal of choice. Man, I love that stuff. Add an appetizer of bruschetta, and it's like a sans-spouse meal heaven.

Awesome that you got to relax. Why is it that we always feel guilty when we do something for ourselves?

I have never had eggplant parmesan. My kids have been wanting to try eggplant - they think it looks cool. It sounds pretty tasty though (really anything with parmesan sounds tasty)

you had me at "horse-related acitivites"

yay for shopping. for yourself. by yourself.

That sounds like a really good day.

You should come to Tuesday Night No-Kid Happy Hour with us. Sure, you can't have beer, but we'll let you come anyway. . .

Good for you :) Methinks little breaks like that are important for keeping sane!

You mean you did not spend a single cent on your kies? What kind of Mom are you? Don't you know that Moms are not allowed to have any new clothes unless the old ones are totally worn out? And then only 75% off sale stuff. It is only after the kids are all grown and out of the house that you can buy ablsoultly new and in style stuff. Of course by then Mommy's sense of style has stiltified and we no longer have any style with which to purchase clothes. But hey, we gave to the kids!!11

fingers stuttered, that's supposed to be "spend money on KIDS"

Good for you, Beth! You deserve it. I am the much more demanding sort of wife and must have my pedicures every other week. But shopping and buying nothing for a child? That's just crazy talk!

Wow, I'm impressed. I have been reading your blog daily since you found out about the bean. Now the bean has a name and another is on it's way and this is one of the few times I can remember you spent time on yourself. Go you. Yeah for Beth!!

Wow, I'm impressed. I've been reading your blog since you knew there was a bean. Now? that bean has a name with another one on it's way. Seriously, this is one of the first times I can recall you spending time and $$ on yourself. Go you. Yeah for Beth!

I agree with crooked eyebrow, I really cannot recall a time you actually shopped for yourself since before you were pregnant with Mia...Wow Beth, that's just unbelievable!

awww sounds so great. eggplant parmasan. YUM! new clothes. FUN!

i just clicked on a lot of your ads so hopefully that will add to your $0 income. ;)

I think I may now have a peanut butter sandwich for dinner.

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