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All these things

I'm thankful for getting up at 2 AM to spend three hours comforting a screaming toddler and cajoling her back to sleep. I'm thankful for temper tantrums, diaper blow-outs and drive-by snottings. I'm thankful for four solid days of refusing to eat anything other than waffles. I'm thankful for never ending laundry, an overflowing dishwasher, and the pile of cracker bits and half-eaten grapes under my coffee table. I'm thankful for every kick to my ribs and karate chop to my bladder. I'm thankful for already outgrowing my maternity clothes. I'm thankful for tossing and turning and leg cramps and being woken up by snores once I do finally get to sleep.

I'm thankful for "NO MOMMY!" and "Mia says no!" and defiance and pouting. I'm thankful for having to reload the dishwasher every time my husband does it and for having to dump every diaper he changes into the actual diaper pail when I find it sitting in the top instead. I'm thankful for never quite enough time and never quite enough money and collapsing into bed too exhausted to even shower after three straight days without a single moment to myself. I'm thankful for bad hair and no makeup and ratty old clothes.

I'm thankful for every boring hour of library story time, every repetition of the same old books and the same old songs. I'm thankful for every battle about wearing shoes or a jacket or buckling the car seat straps. I'm thankful for out of control weeds that it now seems easier to leave for the frost than even consider getting a chance to pull. I'm thankful for turning my life and body back over to another infant, for endless nights of breastfeeding to come, for vomit in my hair and a sad, flabby belly.

I'm thankful for my imperfect, challenging, frustrating life. I'm thankful for every minute of it.

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And in the morning? I'm making *waffles*. Ok, sorry, I'll stop channeling Donkey from Shrek.
That was very well put, and a wonderful reminder that even with the day-to-day challenges, the little ones and the ones that seem insurmountable, we still have innumerable things for which to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your...tofurkey? ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hear hear! I'll join you in that sentiment.

I hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I'll have some (actual real turkey) gravy on my mashed potatoes for you. ;)

Have a wonderful holiday!

LOL!Happy Thanksgiving!

(and to make you even more thankful: I'll send you my never ending laundry!)

You put that perfectly well. God bless the bastards.

I am thankful that you have all those things, too. 'Cause I'd seriously throw up if you didn't have this blog.

So yes, I am thankful for you and your husband and your kids and your internet connection.

Happy holidays.

Oh those really were some of the best times of my my house is way to quiet and my house is some times lonely without all the tantrums it used to have...every once in awhile my grown kids act like 2 year olds and I remember how exhausted I was! : ) Enjoy goes by fast!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for you and your family! And for letting come along on your journey!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

That was actually quite beautiful in it's truth.

Beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving.


Amen, sister. Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ohhh! Just wait till you have two of 'em!! ;) Two times the THANKS! ;) Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, you made me tired. More tired than I already am.

You say it well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, too.

very sweet. :) I hope you guys had a lovely day.

And I'm thankful that I'm not quite doing all of that just yet (even though I'm sure I definitely will one of these years). Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

Oh my, you've got a lot to be thankful for.
I'm thankful for your blog, you remind me that we're all in the same boat.

can I just say "ditto"? Thanks for reminding me that I am not alone in this job called motherhood!

Yay! I'm thankful for you! I'm not alone!

Me,too. You said a mouthful.

You've said it perfectly.

And vomit in your hair? Is totally underrated.

Ditto, sister. Except I was the one leaving diapers on top of the can.

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