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Almost like a riddle

Q: What's hotter than hot?
A: Maternity tights.

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I never even knew they existed! Are they like the comfiest things ever?

Throw on a nursing bra with those tights and we're talking SMOKING hot.

Throw on a nursing bra with those tights and we're talking SMOKING hot.

I thought for a sec we might get a picture with that! ;)

I HATE maternity tights! They are awful! I tried a bunch of different ones when I was preggers and hates them all!

Ewwww, I think the only thing I hated worse than maternity pants were maternity pantyhose. My brother had the gall to get married when I was 7 months pregnant and I had to find a black tent, er, dress that would minimize the ginormous belly as much as possible and then I got the brilliant idea to wear pantyhose. Most. Uncomfortable. Things. Ever.

My ABSOLUTE favorite part of maternity tights is how they go....right up to my a sexy sexy bodysuit...but not really.


1. First I typed "miabot" ... that didn't work.
2. Hotter than hotter? Me spitting out beer on myself reading this. LOL

Nothing quite like the vision of yourself in the mirror while clad in only a bra and those tights you mention. Which in my case are always pulled up to the top of my ribs. HOT. SO SO SO HOT. Like a spandex-clad goiter with feet.

I wore tights once when I was pregnant and thought that I might possibly poke my own eye out for even putting myself through such torture.

And is that "hot" as in, woo-baby or "hot" as in heat rash? On you, I'm guessing the former.

Do yours actually stay up? Lol. When I was pregnant and at a wedding, I spent the whole night hitching them up and wondering who the f* invented them.

Man, maternity tights are the WORST idea EVER! Those wriggled down more often than maternity panties, which seemed to creep down about twice an hour!

How wrong is it that I am actually considering thigh-highs for a calf-length dress I have to wear for the holidays? Will no one be the wiser? Because I'm thinking that sounds better than maternity tights.

Tell me if I'm out of my mind, for you are more of a pregnancy professional than I.

Yeah, I second the comment above about how sexy they are when you can tuck the waistband under your bra... lurvely. I just used queen-sized regular tights, they were oh-so-slightly less atrocious, and then I decided to forgo the skirts and dresses altogether.

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