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Birthday Recap

My friend Laura has demanded a birthday recap, and since it already seems like a month ago I figured I'd better get on it while I still remember a few details. Let's see, it was last Wednesday, right? Mia and I got up to find that Chris had adorned the kitchen table with balloons and streamers. This thrilled Mia's little soul to absolute bits and I have to say that having my two year old spend most of the day bringing me balloons and saying "Happy Birthday, Mommy" made for the most fabulous birthday I've had in a long time. Once I dragged her away from the decorations, Mia and I went about our normal business. We went out for a while, came home for lunch, she took her nap while I cleaned up and did some laundry and emptied the dishwasher and balanced the checkbook. Thrilling, I know. Then Chris got home and I got presents (spa gift card from Chris, Olivia book from Mia, cleaning service gift card from my parents, spa gift card from my in-laws, these people really know how to shop) and then I went out to pick up sushi. We ate, did the bedtime routine, tucked Mia into bed, and then I spent the next three hours trying to get her to stop screaming and go to sleep.

So then on Saturday, I took Chris out to dinner to celebrate me birthday. (What? I made all the arrangements, what else would you call it?) We left Mia with my parents, went to an Indian place that we like ok but that is still nowhere close to our dearly departed all-time favorite which was knocked down two years ago to make room for a parking lot. Then we had a lengthy debate about whether we could just go get Mia rather than leaving her at my parents' all night as planned, decided we couldn't, headed to a mall with the idea of maybe seeing a movie, decided we didn't want to see a movie so just peed and got coffee instead, headed home and watched TiVo while waiting for my parents to call with the news that Mia was asleep. Which didn't happen until 11:00 because they let her stay up and watch Animal Planet and now Mia wants to live with Nana and Papa.

In other news, I've managed to lose the list of paint colors that we need to send to the painters who are coming next week to paint our entire house, which is bad. Also, I've been fired from this gig and am considering getting a new job as a pregnant stripper. What do you think? I think it would be great, except that I can't deal with the heels right now. Could I be a stripper in sensible shoes? Maybe crocs? And finally, I am dying for a sugar fix and willing to pitch that whole "trying to be good" bullshit straight out the window but am just too lazy to put on real pants and go to the store, so will just have to power through it, and I hate powering through it.

Hey, I just choked on nothing. I rock.

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Crocs! *snort*

Aw I like your presents :) They're what I would've got you actually, I think, if I could get you presents!

sorry to hear about the loss of gig.

i'd like to get me a gig someday. i'm a sucky housewife.

Seriously, you got fired from that gig? Meh. I was never very impressed with that gig anyway- highly over rated. Not you of course, but the gig itself. I read at least 3 bloggers that also write for THAT gig. And I NEVER read what they write on the gig.
A much better gig will come along.

Oh, and it would have been helpful to add that I am a mom of a sweet crazy cranky two year old, so you would THINK that I would WANT to read the gig. No, not so much.

Fired, for real? Idiots.

I'm with you on the powering through it. IT TOTALLY SUCKS! And it's even worse when it's because you don't have the energy to just go take care of it.

By the way, where can I get a family that shops like YOURS?!

I love you here. Stopped reading ClubMom after finding out Meredith Viera was part of it. (I'm sure I effed-up the spelling of her name, but whatever.) Go somewhere else pro-Mom, and I'll check it out. (I know, I know, my facts are probably all wrong. Whatever. Still love you.)

I actually had the same adverse thoughts about ClubMom as patois. Not a fan of Viera, maybe because of the bullshit she pulled with the drinking mom/playdate crap with Melissa (SuburbanBliss) or maybe because she just drives me nuts.

I'm sorry about ClubMom -- whatever else it was, it was a paycheck, huh?

I'm sure you'll find something else -- you are a very talented writer.

Sorry to hear about the loss of the gig. You're actually the only one over there that I was willing to click through for.

When you find something else, I'm sure I'll read that too.

Sounds almost like my birthday only I forced my husband to make the reservations for dinner because I was NOT going to make them myself AGAIN ;)

Sorry about Clubmom - hope there are other options available soon for all of you ladies!

I also loved that Matthew said Happy Birthday several times a day EVERY day for two weeks prior to my birthday as well as many times on my birthday. It was truly the best b-day ever! Also, he referred to my cake as Birthday which was pretty cute!

Definitely a fab birthday :) Glad you survived the overnight, too! There was never a question about Mia's survival ;)

And dude, seriously, pregnant strippers in crocs are HOTT.

A better gig will come along.

The cleaning service certificate sounds like the perfect gift to me. Even more so than the spa. Does that make me strange or just very lazy?

All I want for my birthday on Saturday are bookshelves. Titillating, right? Although spa, cleaning service, Indian food, and a little munchkin to wish me a happy birthday all day does sound like a little slice of heaven.

i hear pregnant strippers are the new black.

can you tell us more about the club mom thing? why are they shutting down their blogs????

Step away from the crocs.... slowly!

I am so bummed about the club mom thing, I am totally going to miss reading a few of the blogs. Why would they ever get rid of something people actually read?

Seriously, fired? WTF?

You were too good for them anyway.

P.S. Happy birthday! :)

Wait, what? Fired, really? You were the only club mom blog I ever read! I'm so confused... and bummed for you!

Your day sounds perfect, right up until bedtime anyway. Speaking of perfect, maybe losing the paint colors makes this a perfect time to start over. Go with mauve instead of powder blue, etc. Have they turned up yet?

Happy Belated Birthday fellow Scorpio. I'm gone for just 2 weeks and everything has changed!

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