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Cookies and brownies and doughnuts, oh my!

I am on the horns of a dilemma. I've gained a lot of weight with this pregnancy. I mean, a whole lot of weight. So much that I am not even going to tell you how much, and it takes a lot for me to not be willing to discuss something as meaningless as this. I haven't even told Chris, and he'd better know well enough to not ask me and also to not attend another OB appointment for this entire pregnancy because then he might find out and I would have to kill him.

It's entirely my fault, I accept that, but I just haven't been able to stay away from the sugar. Ordinarily I have no sweet tooth, I don't even eat most fruit because it is too sweet for me. But I had a sugar craving with Mia and an unquenchable sugar beast this time around. But, I also have a vested interest in this kid not getting entirely too huge and I'm not a very good dieter so would rather not come out of this with 60 pounds to lose and so I have been trying lately (by which I mean the last three days or so) to stay away from the sugar. It sucks.

As I mentioned, last Friday I had my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes, and after seeing my massive weight gain I was a little concerned. They called with the results yesterday. Everything was fine. In fact, everything was so fine that both of the people I talked to (yeah, I got two calls, they are kissing my ass after last week's fuck-up) expressed awe and wonder at how low my levels of whatever it is were. Basically, even while pregnant and gaining weight like mad my body is wicked good at processing sugar.

So on the one hand, there's the whole health and well being thing telling me to step away from the brownies, and on the other hand is what I feel is a responsibility to pregnant women everywhere to take advantage of my good fortune and dive into a pint of Ben & Jerry's.

It's a tough call, it really is.

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I think there are only so many times in your life that you can eat Ben & Jerry's and be above reproach. Go for it!

What the hell, you're only pregnant once. Oh, wait....

Eat the ice cream. If you're willing to carry around a small person for 9 months then painfully squeeze said freeloader out of a very small opening (Why does anyone do this more than once? Seriously?), then no one can possibly begrudge you a little Chunky Monkey now and then.

I, too, craved me some sugar when pregnant. I constantly had candy on hand. 86 lbs later, I wish someone would have ripped it from my clenched hands. I am STILL trying to lose the weight. On the other hand, you're pregnant. When else will you have an excuse?

How about if you eat the ice cream while walking on the treadmill?

I gained an ungodly sum of weight during my pregnancy(50 lbs...) I also did not have a sweet tooth prior to pregnancy. I am still trying to lose 8-10 lbs of it before getting pregnant the 2nd time (which is likely NOT going to happen because the old workout ethic has gone the way of the dinosaur...) I figured that pregnancy was the time in my life to do enjoy the home baked goods I usually just gave away! It is weird what these hormones do to you.

SO I know how you feel... I used to look away from the scale when I weighed in b/c I was so horrified. They told me the weight gain was fine so I just went with it. I did not try to slow down or stop eating as I packed on my lbs but oddly the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy I just reached a weight and stopped gaining. It was weird like this is the weight my body needed to get to take care of the wee tiny baby growing in my belly (ha wee tiny he weighed 8 lbs 12 oz...)

Ben & Jerry's Light is actually pretty good and you won't feel as guilty -- not that you should anyway.

I remember at my 5 month check up I had gained 11 lbs in one month! To top it off it was the one appointment that I brought my mother with me! Yeah that was fun!

Don't make yourself crazy over it :) If you dwell on it it will be a very unenjoyable pregnancy. Indulge here and there and be happy :)

I gained over 50 pounds with Eric.

My 1 craving was vanilla milkshakes, and now whenever Eric gets icecream it's plain vanilla.

Eat now, worry later. Depriving yourself of sugar is very very bad for the baby (so says I). Think about the children!!!!

As my Italian grandmother-in-law says "Manga!"

i highly recommend the cinnamon bun flavor Ben & Jerry's...hee!!!

Like they say, moderation is key. Hmmm, I'm sure "they" were never pregnant! Eat away... :)

I had a terrible sweet tooth during my first pregnancy, and like you, I normally don't care much for sweets. The minute the kid was out, the sweet tooth went away.

So, eat up.

Seriously. If you have the same experience I did, you won't enjoy sweets when you're not pregnant, so you owe it to yourself to eat them now.

In my 29th week and I can't step away from the sugar either. I am a maniac. I just made brownies, with frosting no less, this afternoon. It is so bad, and luckily I haven't gained much, but I am just waiting for it to catch up to me!

Delurking...if it makes you feel better (and it really, REALLY should), I gained 100lbs with my daughter. No, that was not an error. I didn't add an extra "0" in there. One. Hundred. Pounds. Feel better!? :)

Eat the ice cream; the baby needs calcium.

I don't know how much I gained during my last pregnancy, because I refused to look at the scale during my appointments. The one time the nurse said my weight out loud, and I was stupid enough to tell my husband about it, he responded with "Wow, you weigh more than I do, now," and then he got a look of terror on his face because he so desperately wanted to pull the words back in.

I've been having serious sugar cravings with this pregnancy as well. My mom actually laughed at me yesterday when I picked up a candy bar at the hardware store along with the caulk I was buying. I'm only 20 weeks and I've already gained half of the weight I wanted to gain with this one. I guess I should slow down.

It's probably your last shot at a run like this. I say eat what you want, just don't stuff yourself silly every time you eat.

I am so jealous. I don't typically crave sweets either but during this pregnancy it's all I really want...and I was diagnosed with GD. AND IT SUCKS. Right now all I want are carbs & sugars and I can't have them (or rather ENOUGH of them) Hmph. I haven't even gained a lot of weight. Sometimes genes SUCK. \

I'm glad to hear though that things are going well with you & you don't have be on this stupid diet.

I gained 70 lbs with both of my kids.
Dude. That's a a 5th grader!

I gained 70 lbs with both of my kids.
Dude. That's a a 5th grader!

I've lost all of it. Will is 16 months.

I'm not a good example. I gained 85 pounds while pregnant. Yep, eighty-five! I went from 125 to 210 and no one in my OB's office said a word until my second to last appointment. I was like a crackhead when it came to food (for the first time in my life, never was much of an eater before) and I didn't deny myself. Now 13+ months later, I am 10 pounds away from where I started, but it's been a long hard road. On one hand I don't regret it, I was pregnant and I did what my body wanted, on the other hand, I'm scared to ever get pregnant again b/c it's not something I wish to repeat.

I will tell you this, and you will never tell a soul. When I got pregnant with my first, I weighed 98 pounds. When I went home from the hopsital with him, I weighed 203. That would be a 105 pound weight gain, in 9 months. I have pictures to prove it.
I hope this helps.

But we've seen you, and you look good!
Enjoy it while you can :)

I think it was being on the horn that got you in this state. You have to own it now.

OMG, did I eat the sugar when pregnant with the bear. Any kind of sugar. Cake, candy, chocolate, but also fruit. I ate more red grapes than should be humanly possible. (Gee, I wonder why that's her favorite food now?) Eat the sugar. Enjoy. Just know that you and your treadmill will have to become reacquainted, post-baby. And yeah, it'll kinda suck.

Ugh! So what I didn't need to be reading when I'm craving junk in the middle of my diet. Sorry to hear you've gained more weight than you anticipated. But I say, hey! You're preggo. Live while you can.

If glucose levels aren't really a concern, I wouldn't worry about it too much. You lose weight relatively quickly and especially since (I assume) you're planning on breastfeeding again, the pounds should melt off without too much trouble.
Besides, it has been statistically proven that pregnant women who eat a lot of chocolate have more amiable children. That is a theory I tested with great gusto while carrying Button, and I found the results to be accurate.
The only thing to be aware of (which I found out the hard way) is that if you get in the habit of eating a lot of sugar, you will have to stop post-breastfeeding, or the pounds will come back once your metabolism slows down. And it can be a hard habit to break.

I have rarely felt that the joy in eating my sweets rivaled the disgust I felt in not fitting into my clothes. Go for feeling morally superior.

P.S. If I'm ever pregnant, I hope to look like you.

I eat what I want when I'm pregnant, because pregnancy is miserable enough without making it more miserable.

Also, I remember you lost weight before becoming pregnant. That weight gain doesn't count. Start from where you were before you lost that weight.

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Zoe. I was shocked, my doctors were shocked. My weight gain was totally within the (supposed) 25-35 lb. range. I was slightly more interested in chocolate than I was before getting pregnant, but we're talking like 0-15 mph. When I had to cut the sugar out of my diet, I suddenly realized how much sugar everything has! And it sucked!

Why am I telling you all this? Because I'm jealous you can metabolize sugar so well pregnant. :D (I'm fine now, BTW) And to say, whether you have to or want to, you can successfully alter your diet at this stage in the game and still get enough to eat to feel good and pregnant. Really. Like I discovered a McDonald's cheesburger (my preggo craving) fit my snack requirements!

I still use pregnancy as the excuse to eat like a pig. lol Good luck with figuring that one out! You are so small I can't see you gaining much at all!

I'm super competitive and I have to know. What was your glucose level? Mine was 107 with my third kid and my doctor told me he hasn't seen one that low in a long time.

So, what's the number?

That certainly is good news bad news, isn't it? I had a horrid craving for DQ hot fudge sundaes with my first... until they closed for the winter (she was born in December). It about killed me!

This sounds like me with D. I gained over 50 lbs, and gave birth to a 9 lbs 1 oz baby just fine. The rest of it came off slowly until Dorrie hit some sort of 7 month growth spurt and started nursing 'round the clock and then BAM, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I really don't think weight gain during pregnancy is that much to worry about, honestly. I guess if it isn't gone in over a year, or maybe if you were to not breastfeed it might be an issue - and some people hold on to an extra 5 or 10 lbs during breastfeeding anyway, but still. On the whole, totally not something to obsess about. Instead, obsess about these, because they make my ovaries twitch.

I would have those cravings too.

My midwife suggested that I try a small protein-rich snack. That, often, the body confuses a protein craving with sugar. If that doesn't cover it, then go for the carbs.

If I hadn't done that (which often really worked) I am scared of how much I might have gained.

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