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First date

Mia and I spent yesterday morning with three other moms and their five kids. This is not that unusual.

I didn't meet them online.

That is unusual.

One of them picked me up at the library and invited me to get together with them. (It seems to be basically a playgroup, except that they just do it whenever instead of a set day and time.) We traded numbers, she called me, we set a date, and then I put aside all my usual misgivings and trepidation and actually went.

And had a really good time.

And they invited me back.

And yes, all of these things need to be their own paragraphs, and if you know me at all you understand why.

I think I definitely need to get out more, because it was really strange hanging out with people who don't read my blog. People for whom I have no context. People who ask me basic questions rather than just relying on whatever I have already written and they have already read. And don't get me wrong, I have great bloggy friends who I adore, but it's nice to spend time with people who haven't already read all your best stories, and much funnier versions than the ones you can muster in real life at that.

Hey, maybe the "real world" is the Next Big Thing?

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You crack me up Beth !

Of course they liked you, silly! I'm glad you had fun :)

Can you pass some of that my way, please?

yay! you let yourself be picked up AND you went! ow freaking cool. oh, and the playdates (not like i have a kid or should know) that aren't SCHDULED seem best to me. be free flowing and relaxed!! ;)

Hooray! So glad it went well, these things can be so nerve wracking.

Keeping my fingers crossed about tomorrow night and also are we ever going to get a birthday wrap up?

Let's not get crazy with this whole "real world" thing. I'm still not buying into it just yet.

My friends - who were my friends (before? outside of?) my blog - all read the blog. But none of them ever leave comments. So then I don't know that they already know a story until I'm halfway through it and they're like, "Oh, yeah - I read that on your blog!" Then I feel silly. How's that for a real life/bloggy life conundrum? :-)
Glad you had a great playdate!


You cheated on us?

And... and... you're BRAGGING about it to us?

I understand the signifigance of those paragraphs. I applaud the growth of your new, shiny balls! I am not there yet.I still freak out about hanging out with people I know very well. It makes me very tired and anxious and shaky. So yay you!

I see an upcoming MTV show, all right. "The Real World: Fish State."

I never shared my blog info with any casual friends at work. It just seemed safer that way. And now that I'm not going to be working there any more, I'm sure it was a good decision.

I'm glad you found a play group that's nice

i heart your appropriate paragraphs. the blogosphere has annihilated proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling in so many ways, it is comforting to know that there is still some safety here.

(shit! i am an enormous lower-case hypocrite!)

still, thank you for respecting the English language. and for not showing us the tights. (phew.)

I have the type of mom-friend circle, from library storytime. I find I sometimes have a hard time not talking about blogging or someone I know from online. Does that ever happen to you?

Beth, that is great!

Oooo... "real world"... what a concept!

Wait - you mean you can meet people outside of the internet? Impossible.

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