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Hey, you know where I am today? Paris? No. A fabulous spa? No. Trapped in Cinderella's castle with no hope of escape until I retract every horrible thing I've ever said about Disney? Slightly more likely, but still no. Indeed, I am stuck in my windowless basement with a two year old while every square inch of my house that is not part of said basement is painted something other than cheap, boring and peeling white or retina-burning pink. With a two year old.

By 10:00 we had blown through all the snacks, read all her books, built an elaborate train track complete with eight tunnels, played with all the other toys, and looked at every picture of a cow to be had on Flickr. I was considering reading to her from the 2001 Almanac, but then Mia discovered a set of kids cds that she hadn't seen in a while and also discovered that I had brought her (pink, Barbie, it was a gift and she loves it) cd player down from her room and she pretty much entertained herself until lunch by putting a cd in, hitting play, listening to five seconds of music, and then switching to a new cd.

And now, because I have the most fabulous, amazing, beautiful and truly impressive child on the planet, she is actually racked out and snoring on her old crib mattress on the floor in the other room. (Not the storeroom, the other other room. Sheesh, what kind of mother do you think I am?)

The painters will be here until at least 7:00, but if the universe loves me Chris will be home by the time Mia wakes up and we can blow this pop stand in favor of a trip to the most perfect place in all the world, Target. The painters will be back bright and early tomorrow, but Chris is working from home so hey, who wants to have me over? I'll be there at 10:00.

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Hey, come on over. I'll keep Mia busy with three dachshunds and a german shepherd!

I'm thinking Mia has her daddy's fascination with music!

There's a Target Greatland by me. Not to make you jealous, just to give you extra incentive in case you wanted to stop in.

My offer for you to accompany me to my ultrasound still stands. Mia, Grace and Suki could cavort in the little play area and you and I can chat about what on earth is going on with this baby of mine. Will she be born in February? April? Next July? Come on, we can place bets. Or! We could leave the three of them in your basement with Chris and go out on our own. That might be even better.

I think all the public transport in Paris is still on strike. You're probably much better off safe in a nice warm dry (paint smelling?) basement.

Hey you can stay over here! We can all go to Target together, of course we don't have a Target anywhere close, but how about a 45 minute drive to one?

Gosh that sucks, or rather stinks. At least it's all happening before Wally's arrived. Hey, I was just thinking as I typed 'miabean' that when Wally's born Chris will have to change his smapbot preventer to 'wally' so there will be no jealousy! Yeah, I think weird things! Hope tomorrow's better for you guys.

Ahh painters. We had them at our house for almost a month. I wanted to shoot myself.

I'm jealous. You have painters. I am our painter. My husband has helped with some of it, but it just annoys me when he hits the ceiling with the roller making more work for me in the end. I have almost painted every wall in our house that needs painting, we have only been here a year. I think I might actually finish before January!

Heh. Mia's attention span when it comes to music sounds like my husband's.

I'd say your welcome here...but western Canada is probably a bit far for a day trip.

I'd say your welcome here...but western Canada is probably a bit far for a day trip.

target. love.

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