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I have no idea how this happened

This one is for Heather.

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it's a time honored tradition.

the baby is me.

You leave them alone for five minutes...LOL

That is great!

Awww so cute!! My kid's cribs would have broke if I climbed into them, lolol

And does it matter, really? Because the end result, CUTE, is all that matters :-)

look how precious and teeny tiny he looks.
Like a pocket husband.

I showed it to Paul (who is a kingdom of one, ruled by our toddler daughter) and he was like, That's totally reasonable!

That is too cute...not to mention hilarious!

Makes you want to carry them both around in your pocket.

Hee! "Pocket husband," that's adorable.

HA! If I did that, I would break the crib.

Haha thanks Beth. That's great- and he fits in there surprisingly well!

So cute! I'm sure if I tried to get into the crib it would
a) collapse or
b) cripple me indefinitely!

The confusing part is that I have met Chris in real life. He didn't look that small.

Quite possibly the best crib safety standard I've seen. Send this one to the manufacturer!

awesome. never tried that...

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