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Mia Monday #95: Big Girl Bed Edition

Yes, I am woefully late with these, and also she had just woken up from her nap and was not in the mood for a photo session, but you take what you can get around here.

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So pretty...and you can sort of squint at the picture and just imagine that same expression on her face in, oh, say eleven years, can't you?

Man. What a doll. And her hair! I never realized how long it is!

Gorgeous...she looks SO old!!!!

Gosh, Beth! She always look so adorable and young in the pictures you post, but in these she looks like she's got a little attitude.

She looks so big, until you put it into perspective with her bed! Still, WOW it seems like she's growing up so fast!

omg. she looks like an actual GIRL instead of a toddler in the first picture. Like she should be in grade two or something!!!

I always thought Mia was cute, she has now grown from cute to gorgeous! Mattress seems a lil too high though, does she tumble off from it often?

Suddenly, to me, she seems so big and grown up. And it's breaking my heart!

P.S. I love the color of her walls! What an awesome pinkish lilac!

She's really, really ridiculously good-looking, just like Zoolander.

Great shots! I assume you're keeping the crib in the room to make the transition less traumatic?

My daughter will be 3 in December, and we had our second child last November, just before her second birthday. We, too, made the move to the big girl bed not long before the baby was born. We had bought her a convertible crib, though, so there was no "transition" per se. One day we just took the front off the crib and she had a new toddler bed. She was ok with it because she got to watch (and help) while we took the bed apart. And, she got new bed linen... anything new always makes her happy. She was born to shop!

Anyway, just wanted to say that I enjoyed your pics - they made me a little nostalgic. And I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm new to this whole blogging thing, and you inspire me to try to write on my blog more often (and more engagingly!). I have a long way to go yet...


Her hair is getting so long. It's beautiful.

The walls! Did you guys do that or where they like that? I love it.

Oh she is so sweet! I was thinking about you guys yesterday when I was in a book store looking at kids books and I saw a book called "Big Sister"! I thought, that's my Mia!

Oh my! She doesn't look like a toddler in the close-ups. I still marvel at how tiny my 3.5 year old looks in her big girl bed.

That's one adorable kid! Love the hot pinkish room too. I've been wanting to make Kaylee's room more "little girlish", but didn't want to go with baby pink. I really think Mia's room falls more in line with my taste as far as pinks go!

Looks like you got a very nice mattress set, too! It looks very comfy.

She is a stunner, although looks less than pleased that she is awake.

Great pictures Beth. And when did she grow all that hair? Its looks awesome.

Hi, I'm a lurker and I have to say your daughter is gorgeous! I have a 4yr old and we just moved,my husband surprised me by painting my daughters room the most awful shade of pepto bismol pink I have ever seen(He tried! He gets points for that!lol). I'm looking around for a new color to paint it and the color in Mia's room is stunning I was wonder if you were willing to share what color and brand you used?

All right - those are some awesome pictures of Mia! I love the just woken up face :D

She is gorgeous. And when did she get so blonde?

Does she really sleep without bedrails? And doesn't fall out? Seriously?

Still damn cute.

That pink is SO PERFECT it looks fake. Seriously, I don't usually like pink...but I love this pink!

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