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Mia Monday #97: Soup Edition

I thought Chris had taken a pile of fabulous pictures of Mia feeding her brother "soup" with a tiny little pot and a honking big wooden spoon, but when I went to pull them off the camera I found three shots of our amazing, wonderful child doing something truly adorable and 25 shots of a lamp and Chris's closet and some random furniture. (And no, Mia did not take those other 25 pictures.) So, here are the three shots, and you can blame my husband that they aren't better.

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Oh my goodness, that is too cute for words!

I love how absolutely serious she is about it.

hot belly! ;)

How adorable! So you have a Tigger fan too? My son is in love with his Tigger.

Adorable! Did Tigger get any?

What, no pictures of a llama head? Just a closet, lamp and furniture?

Those pictures are so cute, did she stick the spoon in your belly button?

You've put on a lot of weight? Pssht... I wish "a lot of weight" looked as good on me as it does on you.

I kinda miss the belly pics, because though you're still all wee, your tummy's starting to look quite bowling ball-ish there!

Those photos are adorable.

OK...NO MORE comments on your weight gain, If your scale is telling you that, then the babe must be very DENSE is what I'm saying, because you were thin before and YOU STILL ARE...there is still a frickin' WAISTLINE on you!

Seeing her do that makes me want to have another one for Meghan's sake.

Tigger looks a bit like a third wheel here. Poor awkward Tigger.

Well you have to give her credit - that was really nice of her!

Too cute.

cutey patootie.

i'm heading over to chris's place now. can't wait to catch a glimpse (or 25) of the lamp. must be some incredible lighting apparatus to have that many frames devoted to it...

Oh, that is so very sweet.

Did she let him burp too?

That was, by far, one of the most precious things I've seen!

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