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Mia Monday #98: Turkey Day '07 Edition

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CUTE CUTE CUTE! That's all I have to say!

so cute!

Oh BETH! Mia looks like a grown up kid! When on Earth did that happen?!

Lady and I are both green with envy over that hair. Sigh.

I say it all the time, but I can't help repeating myself. Mia is so beautiful!! Her hair is gorgeous and it's so fun to watch her grow into a little girl.

Those are some seriously huge eyes. I'll bet they're deadly when she pulls the 'puppy dog look' on you and Chris when she wants something.

Was just over visiting the Cactus, and saw these. What a beautiful little girl you have. OMG! She's not a baby any more, she is an all grown up little girl!

She's beautiful. She is also losing some of her "baby" look and growing into her own look. I'm still adjusting to my 3.5 y/o looking less like a baby/toddler and more like herself. *sigh*

Wow! When did she get so blonde? And old? She is looking more like someone's big sister every week. I guess that is a good thing!

She is so beautifull....hard to believe she's such a grown up girl now! the picture of her by the living room, looking to the right, holding her hands so proper...with the background pic of the 3 of you is just so great & she's so pretty! =)

Gorgeous photos. And the hair! Mia has beautiful hair (and you too!)

Wow, what gorgeous pictures! And that hair! Except for the color difference, you can really see where she gets her beautiful, shiny locks in that last shot!

She's going to be a heartbreaker! Has daddy got his rocking chair and shotgun yet for fending off all the boys? He's going to need it!

Wow her hair is so blonde! How interesting. My daughter is blonde like that. My wife and I are both brunettes.


She is just beautiful!

yeah, yeah, yeah...we all know she's ridiculously cute (because. oh. my. god. she's. cute.)
i want to know if she's sharing those cookies!! :)

I love her dress. She looks like a big, big girl.

You both have beautiful hair.

I am in complete hair styling envy over here. You are officially a pro at little girl hair. Do you style it when it's wet? Because that's the only way I can get Grace's to look even remotely under control. Beautiful pictures, love them.

I am dying from cuteness overdose!

Her hair is getting so long! Gah. she's loosing her baby look! So grown up! So adorable!

She really does have the face of an angel! When did her hair get so light?

Is it OK to covet a 2 year old's hair? Just wondering since seriously she has the best hair I have ever seen on a 2 year old.

Absolutely beautiful girl! And she has got your eyes. :-)

She just gets prettier and prettier. I love pic #4.


Ok, besides the usual compliments to the cuteness of Mia, YOUR HAIR is so damn shiny! What do you use? What is your secret? Or are you just born with it?

Oh wow, that face, and that hair! She gets her good looks from her mama, for sure. :)

Mia is adorable. She and my daughter have very similar profiles (so yes, I might be slightly subjective). I love that first picture. She looks like an angel. I think they're cute as buttons in their finery, but it's when they're in their jammies that I want to eat 'em with a spoon!

Love the pics! Mia's a real cutie pie!! (But you already knew that!) Them cookies look good, too...


Mia is very clever...wearing a dress, so she can eat lots of yummy Thanksgiving stuff and not suffer through a too-tight waist band...

She is just beautiful.

okay, you know you're going to have major trouble in about 12 years, right?


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