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Obligatory sticker post

People, because I love you and also because I am just fabulous and wonderful I used nearly two minutes of my limited free time to locate a pen and paper and go down to the basement storeroom to peruse the can of leftover paint from Mia's room left by the previous owners so that I would be able to tell you that the color featured in yesterday's pictures is Disney's "Pretty as a Princess." Which, gag, kill me now. And I hated it when we first saw it, but it has started to grow on me. Two of the walls are that pink and the other two are green and now I think I like it and want to keep it, at least until Mia can express a solid preference. Chris, however, wants to paint Mia's room when we do the rest of the house.

Hey, you guys like to vote. Here:

Moving on, I was hoping to finally realize my life-long dream of doing the "I Voted" stickers on the nipples shot, but a) the stickers this year are of the small oval variety and frankly insufficient to the task unless we want to turn this into an entirely different kind of website, which I don't think we do, and b) Mia refuses to loan me her sticker. Toddlers can be so selfish. So, you will have to settle for this, and really I assume that most of you are grateful and those of you who aren't honestly should be.

I know, I know, I make this look hott. Get in line, people, I'm beating them off with sticks lately.

(And that's Chris's closet in the background. Mia likes to take the hangers he leaves in the bathroom and hang them on his shoe rack, which suits me fine because I do have to look at the bathroom but almost never at his closet. Hey, I finally found a practical application for the toddler!)

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I want more voting choices or it's no fun. Hey, DEMANDING MUCH?

I do like the pink and don't think you should paint over it. But I love when people are discussing possible new paint colors, so if you DO paint over it I'll be happy with that too.

I kind of like the pink. It's warm and glow-y and not a baby-pink at all, which I WOULD tell you to change immediately. Despite the (stupid) name of it, I'd label this a very Po-Mo Feminist, GRRRL Power pink.

I had pink walls as a child. My daddy carefully painted them. And then he painted darker pink bows at chair-rail height. And then he painted the borders of the inset panels in the door. And not until the age of 13 did I have the nerve to say, "Really guys? This sucks." And then my walls went to a buttery yellow, and I've been in love with yellow walls ever since. They are heroic for me.

Also - what is with you and the voting stickers?! You crack me up...

I love the pink, but my daughter's room is a princess theme - not the "D" princesses, more fairy princess. Anyway, would love to see a shot of the green with the pink.

Honey, I told ya drinking all that beer was going to go right to your gut! LOL! No really, you look totally hot!

Okay, I guess you look pregnant. But the ladies who were concerned that you wouldn't make it to December must be very confused about what month it is currently.

i totally agree with heather & appreciate her pointing that out, the stupid lady who thought u wouldn't make it to december, obviously needs to get out more.....frig....ur tiny....& she's a loony!! mia is so pretty, what a big girl she's becoming, u must be proud!

I think the pink looks great, but I am a little wary of how it looks with the green. It's hard to tell in yesterday's pictures. The pink AND green might be a little candy overkill. But otherwise I think it's a nice color.

His closet looks like my husband's and we have no toddler to blame. Just a thirty-year-old.

Love the belly!

What I want to know is: Did you lift your shirt up and tell the old volunteer dude at the poll location to "stick it to ya" after you put your ballot in? 'Cause if you did that would have totally been hot.

Really, I have to chime in and agree with some of the others...what exactly are people looking at when they act like you are so enormous? I mean, yes, you look pregnant...but not like the kind of pregnant where people should worriedly follow you around with a pile of towels or anything.

I have a rule - I won't get in an elevator with a woman who looks like she has even a tiny chance of going into labor if the elevator gets stuck (I blame it on all of the sitcoms I watched as a child - pregnant women always went into labor in elevators that were stuck). I would totally get into an elevator with you.

The color doesn't make my eyes bleed, but I do wonder what the second Cactus-Fish may think of it someday. Alas, do whatever is easiest for you. And painting a house while pregnant? NOT EASY. So yeah. Whatever.

And great belly shot. Totally hott.

Me? Didn't vote. I'm in freaking MEXICO. Everyone we know here hates American politics. That's what you get when you hang out with ex-pats.

Well I'm glad to see you passed the elevator test ;) You really aren't big at all, hun!
And I just don't know about the paint. It is very, very pink, but if Mia likes it, what the heck? Are she and Wally sharing? Not that he'll be able to voice an opinion for a while yet, and I don't think you'll scar him forever with the pink...I just don't know :P

I knew you'd look fantastic. When I was pregnant, I always thought I looked better naked than I did in clothes. I believe that thought was shared by no one. (Admittedly, there was only one other person who could have possibly voted and I knew well enough not to ask his opinion.)

Also, I like the pink. It's cute for a toddler girl. You should see the yellow in my daughter's room. It's...awfully yellow. It was on the walls when we moved in and if the room weren't 4 zillion square feet with 20 foot ceilings we might consider changing it. Let's just say I've grown to love yellow. Lots and lots of yellow.

Whoever looked at you and thought you wouldn't make it to December needs to be smacked. Seems like maybe she was being a bit catty or something.

Love the pink, but would really like to see how the green looks with it!

So funny that you ask what I think of the color, because when I saw it yesterday, I distinctly thought, "Wow, that is a really pretty, deep pink." I don't even really care for pink, but that shade is lovely.

We just painted Addy's walls a bright pink as opposed to ballet slipper pink. I never thought that I would paint my daughter's room pink but there is a certain irony yo it. I really like the shade in Mia's room. It's a keeper until the pink/green combo becomes outdated.

I don't know that you should trust the opinion of a horomonally impaired person, but I like the paint - I'm anti-pink but pro-magenta. I'd give Mia a while to figure out if she likes it. The lavender bedsheets seem to visually calm things down.

When my belly escapes my shirt/trouser combo and sticks out, I say it's "smiling" - you've got a lovely smile! (And yeah, most sane people would travel cross-country with you at this point, what's up with alarmists anyway??)

increasingly rotund? psh. that's what i look like after dinner, dear. and i'm not just talking about thanksgiving...

also, agreed with Bunny as to the green alongside the pink. it looks great in the pic, but what's the shade of green? at any rate, if it's fresh i'd save myself the trouble and leave it up. won't be long before mia has interior design tastes of her own.

I was going to ask for a couple of extra stickers to send to you when I went in after work, and they had no stickers at all. It was sad.

Yeah you look pregnant but not ginormous by any means!

The pink is good as present Princess Stage - but a more netural color might last longer as Mia begins to collect stuff and make the room her own.

Are you guys going to repaint the entire house yourself or hire someone?? We have been in our house 6 mos and only painted 3 rooms and a is driving me nuts.

Not only do you NOT look 26 weeks, you look smokin' hot. Not that I was looking.

And I have to throw out there that my daughter's wall are bright green. Buzz Lightyear green. I HATED it until I moved all her stuff in there and that's when I realized that Buzz Lightyear green is the best color in the whole world for a girls room. It goes with pink. It goes with orange. It goes with purple. It goes with freaking everything. Except Sharpie. Nothing goes with Sharpie.

Go Green. GO GREEN.

Love the belly shot. And don't deprive the girl of her pink princess walls!

I'm not a pink fan, but that shade works for me.

Nice belly shot.

Oh, you're not that big at all, and I'm not even just saying that. I would ask Mia which walls she likes (meaning the two that are pink, or the two that are green) and take it from there.

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