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Poor child

Inappropriate things to say to your toddler while helping her zip her footie pajamas:

"Here honey, let me get it up for you. I'll be your fluffer."

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HA HA that's great!

I love you, I do..anyone that says that on a Monday morning is my hero!

Hee! Well, at least she didn't ask what a fluffer is.

She doesn't have access to urban dictionary, right?

bwah ha ha ha

Speaking of fluffers, my friend was a canned line to use when quitting a job (which she's still waiting to use)

"I'd rather be a fluffer on a porn set than work here one more day"


Comedy is wasted on the young and innocent.


Time for you to get out and have an adult 3-martini lunch, where you can get out all your dirty jokes so you're not wasting them on a 2 year old ;)

PLEASE tell me that's going in her baby book.

Being a selfless mom is just so all-encompassing, isn't it?

Seriously, I want to parent like you. Not an ounce of sarcasm.

I just learned that word three days ago. So glad I can now be in on the joke ;)

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