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Pre-Meltdown Clown

Mia adored Halloween. She loved it so much, that after the first five or six houses she even agreed to walk herself rather than making Mommy carry her.

There were a number of important lessons learned last night. Mia learned that if you are the cutest two-year-old in the neighborhood and say "trick or treat" in this sweet, high, shy little voice, people will drop huge heaping handfuls of candy into your pumpkin bucket. I learned that you should not keep a two-year-old up an hour past bedtime, give her a bag of M&Ms and then a bag of Reese's Pieces and expect anything other than a full-scale nuclear meltdown. All good tips for next year, don't you think?

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Cole, after also consuming a bag of m&ms and a bag of Reese's Pieces (quel coincidence? Or am I very effectively stalking you from 3,500 miles away? Hmmmm...), said "no thank you" when I tried to bribe him with more candy. Thanks to a well-timed car ride, we managed to avoid the meltdown. Just lucky, I guess.

I love her costume! Here's another tip. Dump her bag often into another bag and let them keep going. People say "well you just got ya go!!" dumping a bunch in their bag. My lovely husband started doing this a few years ago and we've kept doing it every year with the same results! LOL

I hope you had a great night!

Ah shucks! Isn't she just the cutest clown you've ever seen?

Haha Sabrina is so sneaky ;) It's a good thing you're around to help Mia eat all that candy.

Oh my goodness! She is the cutest clown ever! Love that costume.

She looks lovely, what a cute clown!

Surely you did not MAKE that costume did you? Because if you did I will cry because you are all crafty and I am not. And if you didn't make it then I will beg you to tell me where you bought it so that I can steal it for my daughter for next year.

That is great advice. You should carve it into a pumpkin. (Of course, the pumpkin will get moldy in a few days so you'll have to throw it out and will totally forget the advice by next year. But it's still good advice.)

I love that costume! She is so cute!

Clowns are usually scary, but she is the cutest one ever! and look at those shoes too!

Clowns are usually scary, but she is the cutest one ever! and look at those shoes too!

Yes, but she looks so CUTE. So that cancels out the meltdowns. And also that she's dressed as a clown, which is the scariest thing known to man. Seriously. Screw bears. Clowns are the number one threat to national security.

Oh she is the cutest clown! So sweet!

I am not in the business of liking anything clownish, but she's got to be the cutest clown ever.

She is just the cutest thing! Please tell us where you got the outfit? And if you DID make it I will be disappointed as it means 'I' can't buy one as well!

I normally hate anything to do with clowns, but that is the cutest clown getup! Seriously, I think that is one of the best kid's costumes I've ever seen. If she came to my house, I would give her the whole bowl of candy.

You've just described our night-time ritual with 2 boys under the age of 3 (minus the candy and add in extra loud whining and crying of course).

where oh where did you find that costume - when i have my make believe created in my minds eye - not here on earth with us yet daughter I need that costume for her!

that has to be the yummiest little clown this side of the circus!

A full-scale nuclear meltdown...dressed as a clown, no less. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

A full-scale nuclear meltdown...dressed as a clown, no less. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

A full-scale nuclear meltdown...dressed as a clown, no less. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Good lesson to keep in mind for next year when you might be dealing with two meltdowns. Double the fun!

That's a great clown costume. I'm glad she didn't make you carry her all the way.

I know I'm stating the obvious here, but she is the cutest clown ever.

Where did you get the costume? She looks so cute! I'm glad she had a good time.

She is absolutely adorable!

The cuteness factor totally overrides any meltdown! She is the cutest clown ever! Great costume!

How could that adorable clown have any type of meltdown? I do believe her mother is telling tales.

What an adorable clown! Lilli was a clown one year.

Lovin' the Converse.

Mia looks fierce in that costume. If she would have come to our house, I would have been forced to give her ALL of our candy. Too cute.

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