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Proud moments in parenting

I've taught Mia to say that I have a great big melon head. I figure she may as well know the truth now, it isn't like I can hide it.

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Cute!! hopefully it won't be used in the middle of the grocery store at full volume, or in front of hotty pediatrician!!!

Well, no wonder we are friends. I have a great big pumpkin head.

Heh I'm sure that will be a favourite for years to come.

Hahahahahaha, I love this, Beth.

When my son was about 4, we sat together on a bench in a shopping centre to have a drink. He looked admiringly at how much room on the bench I was taking up, and said, "I only have a little bottom. I wish I had a big bottom like you, Mummy."

And I have great big clown feet! My husband has finger toes (long toes - I think he could use them to support his body weight while dangling from a tree branch but I digress). I fear our daughter has inherited both. Not a good combo.

clarify please... now did you teach Mia to say "Mommy has a great big melon head" or "I (Mia) have a great big melon head" .... it really does make a difference :)

PS I don't think EITHER of your heads look casaba like...

PSS I hope that Baby Boy does NOT have a big melon head (for your sake)

J taught Button to "goose Mama."
I'm so hating him for that right now.

Honesty is always the best policy.

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