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Reindeer we have heard on high

Mia is into Christmas carols these days - mainly "Jingle Bells," but sometimes she demands that I branch out. The other night I searched my vast repertoire of partial carols for one to which I knew something more than the chorus and then launched into a rousing rendition of "O Come, All Ye Faithful." As I worked my way toward the chorus, however, I realized it was a bit more than I had bargained for. Which is how I ended up singing "Oh come let us adore him, oh come let us adore him, oh come let us adore him, Santa Claus."

Hey, come for the bitching, stay for the blasphemy, you know?

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LMFAO! I love the smell of blasphemy in the morning! (oh wait... it's night time)

oh but I DO adore him - santa claus. he is one of my favorite people.

LOL...hey man, whatever works. Whatever!

I have no idea how that song goes. The version I was taught goes, "Oh, come let us adore him, we quit our day jobs for him! Oh, come let us adore him; Garcia's the Lord!"

Hey, a study released yesterday showed that more than 11% of the Dutch population think that Santa is a biblical figure....

Haha, I can't wait til Mia's old enough to learn the original version and tries to make sense of your interpretation ;-)
Although, I think that eve if you don't celebrate Christmas as a Christian, it's still valuable to know the roots of it and why it was originally celebrated. But Mia's just a bit too wee to understand that! :P

LOL! I think I'll steal that. (Do you think it will work for Silent Night...hahahaha!)

Fantastic, your version is much better.

And THAT is why I sing O Come All Ye Faithful in Latin (Italian Catholic... learned it as a kid in church)

Well, I suppose Santa is sort of a biblical person... he was actually a Saint ( and most Europeans celebrate Saint Nicholas Day. Wow, you so did not need that information, did you?

Whatever, I like your version better as well!

You changed my repitore forever.


Yes, it is fun to celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday.

I think I just read your blog for the last time.

You and Mia should release a CD un-Christianizing all the traditional Christmas songs. I think it'd be a big hit.

And this is why we have a Santa Hat as our tree-top instead of a star. We do adore Santa :)

If it makes you feel any better, years ago I turned "O Holy Night" into "O Holy Crap" and usually sing it all year long.

And I thought you guys were the best parents ever! Pretty sad.

They are the best parents ever; they're not saddling their kid with fairy tales.

(The song is very pretty in Latin, though.)

Fantastic! May I use it?

My mother used to sing the Our Father to me when I was a kid and I still think the tune is pretty. So, instead, I sing "Your Father, who's in the next room, John be his name" and improvise from there.

(And GODDAM, do people take this shit seriously!)

Wow, some people really can't handle the whole "America is made up of people with many different religious views" thing, huh?
Kudos to you for doing what you think is best, even if it's harder.

Admittedly, I don't want G adoring Santa Claus anymore than he does. Apparently, he's gonna bring him parents that don't time-out. HA!

I like your version!

"They are the best parents ever; they're not saddling their kid with fairy tales." Sooo Jesis is a fairy tale whereas Santa, he's a bona fide real-life actual guy,hmmm? Can anyone say IRONY?

jesus, sorry. next i'll be typing satan instead of santa.

I'm all for Jesus, but you know, she's your kid and it's your blog. You can sing it however you want.

You know, po-tay-to, po-tah-to and all :)

"Sooo Jesis is a fairy tale whereas Santa, he's a bona fide real-life actual guy,hmmm? Can anyone say IRONY?"

The crucial difference is that kids are expected to outgrow the Santa Claus myth. You don't see presidential candidates being asked how their belief in Santa will affect their decisions in office.

which is a real shame, maybe that's exactly the question presidential candidates SHOULD be asked, don't you think?

I'm dying to hear your version of "away in a manger."

I've hesitated to weigh in here -- what you meant to be a light-hearted post has already taken on a whole new meaning, and I don't want to stir up more controversy when everybody's already moved on.

I have to admit, though, that this post bothered me a little. You should raise your daughter as you see fit. Holidays, traditions, faith -- those are all completely within your province.

But I was under the impression that one of your goals was to teach her tolerance for holidays, traditions, and faiths that are not the same as yours. I know you're relating a moment that caught you off-guard, so I'm sure your intent was not to mock what I consider sacred.

Still, that's how it felt. For the record.

She's not teaching her tolerance or intolerance. She's simply not teaching her about any faith yet. It makes perfect sense to me, no two year old would understand what they're expected to believe if you randomly introduced Christianity through a song
I had no idea people had such strong feelings about carols. First time I've heard them referred to as sacred. I still remember singing " We three kings of Orient are... smoking on a big, fat cigar" when I was still a good little Catholic schoolgirl...

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