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Things that annoy me

* The new version of gmail.

* People who take their five-year-old to two-year-old storytime. I mean, not that they bring the kids, which is fine, but that they seemingly don't anticipate that a five-year-old is going to be really bored in a program designed for two-year-olds and then let the five-year-olds take over such that the two-year-olds who are the intended audience are not only totally shut out but also sometimes terrorized to the point of tears. Can we all just agree that we are each responsible for controlling our own children to the absolute best of our abilities, and that this goes double for when we have by far the oldest and biggest child in the room?

* See above except substitute "storytime" for "the toddler play area at the mall" and substitute "five-year-olds" for "ten-year-olds." Again, of course the ten-year-olds are bored and want to compensate by body slamming each other and whatever teetering, brand new walker happens to be in the way. I dunno, maybe I'll feel differently when I have the older kids begging to be allowed to go play, but somehow I just don't think so.

* That the mailman hides all my real mail (ok, just bills, who gets real mail anymore?) inside my junk mail so I have to dig through every piece of everything every day to make sure I haven't missed anything. Not that missing a bill would ruin my day, but sometimes there are checks in there and I do like to have those.

* That I don't have a bullets feature on my blog and am too lazy to code one so have to just use the asterisks. Although I like the word "asterisks," so that is some compensation.

* That I do half my blogging in Movable Type and half in Typepad and that I get confused. They are by the same company, couldn't we have some similar functionality here? I mean similar in ways other than including all the bullshit Typepad coding in the standard MT templates thereby forcing those of us who do not enjoy digging through thousands of lines of useless code to find the bit that underlines the sidebar titles pull it all out.

And just so I'm not exclusively complaining (although I am on day one million of a sinus headache and can't take any good drugs, so that's really all I want to do), I am thrilled that I found a way to get to the mall, my bank, the good grocery store and Target without getting on the main drag that is stupidly backed-up for most of every day. The one and only thing I liked better about the old house than the new house was that I could get to all of those places without hitting traffic (because I could have spit on most of those places from the old house), and now I have solved the problem. Ta-da!

Ooh! This will be fun! What's annoying you?

Comments (62)

Ooh, a bitchfest! Let's see. This whole week is annoying me. Because it's not Thanksgiving week yet, which means it's not a three-day work week. And yet. And YET, it is ALMOST Thanksgiving week, which means I should probably be getting my ass in gear for Thanksgiving. Oh, and also Christmas. No pressure, though!

(You're right. That was fun.)

Not only did my 10 month old decide she wanted to wake up at 3 and not go back to bed (which is not that uncommon...but wait, there's more)but her three year old sister decided to join her. She actually got up to go to the bathroom, which is good progress, but didn't want to go back to sleep, and that sucked.

I have certain in-laws that behave like those five year olds in the play group you mentioned, and frankly, it's getting very annoying to think that in spite of the fact that I am younger than all of them except for one, I seem to be the only "adult". Scary, huh?

What you said about the mailman reminded me of our current annoyance: he keeps delivering things to the wrong address. Our neighbourhood has 4 streets in which there is a 1241. SO I keep getting packages (and one time, an envelope with a check) from all the other 1241s and then I have to go deliver it myself. He just isn't reading the address!

The word asterisk intimidates me. I always pronounce it "ass-ter-icks" in my head, and then feel like a dumbass, even though I'm the only one who heard me say it.

If you want to make me cry, just chase me around yelling "ASTERICKS! ASTERICKS! ASTERICKS!"

Maybe I'm oversharing.

yay - complaint day :)

What aren't I complaining about these days? The big complaint is that we're renovating the kitchen (yay!) and this past weekend when it came time to move the stove my soon-to-be father-in-law decided to take the door off the oven despite our protestations, and ended up breaking the door in the process. So we are now ovenless. And have to find $$$ for a new stove on top of the home renos...

You know what? When you have older kids, you don't let them terrorize the younger crowd...if you're a caring parent. (I almost put "good parent" but then thought better of it as one of my peeves is getting into it with people over semantics.)

oooh, a place to vent!
My mortgage company taking forever to fix a problem they caused, holding up my being able to sell my house to purchase the one I want.
My ex who wasn't ready for marriage and children, after we moved in together...has now decided he is, after I moved out. Too late now!
And my coworker who told me if I want children, I better get moving.

I hate the 6-foot-tall ten year olds at the swim club that run and splash through the two foot deep kiddie pool, knocking the babies face first into the water. And the parents of these monsters that just read their magazines pretending not to have a clue.

My brother in law. I babysit his son, my nephew, and he is potty training. Why does my BIL bring extra underwear for him to wear but not EXTRA PANTS? Does he really think that the kid is going to pee on his underwear but not his pants? Seriously? Moron.

I have a knot the size of a baseball in the back of my left shoulder that has been there for DAYS, is not going away, and makes it impossible to lean or turn my head to the left without it hurting. Other than that? Not much. Today is a good and happy day.

*delurking to bitch*


Need I say more?

It is so infuriating when people don't control their kids and ruin the experience for everyone else :-(

Also, I know you said you're too lazy to code bullets and that it's more of an extra point to add to your list than anything, but a bulletized list is soooo easy to include when you're writing your post that I just *had* to type out how to do it here.

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Etc...

That will make your items into lists. Takes about the same amount of time as typing in the asterisks, too.

Sorry if this is one of those situations where you actually didn't WANT an answer to your gripe...but hey, that gives you another thing to gripe about - people that give advice when you didn't want it! :-)

Slow servers in another state are annoying me today. How am I supposed to get any work done if it takes 15 minutes to open a Quark document? Dag nabbit!

The Drop In
Not only does the mother in law drop in unannounced, the doorbell wakes both me and the baby up from a much needed nap. Then she gives me crap because I should be sleeping when he is sleeping. I WAS! YOU WOKE ME UP!

Am I allowed to confess that it's my daughter that's annoying me? She's little Miss Clingy McPickMeUp. Not that I don't feel appreciated and loved, but it would sure be nice to be able to leave the room without her wailing as though I've died.

Ok...didn't realize the html text was going to turn INTO the list when I posted my comment. Ugh.

2nd try:

<li>Item 1
<li>Item 2

oh... you don't even want to go there!
PS. what new version of gmail? I use it and haven't noticed a thing! maybe I need a LONG nap...

Ha, this could be opening a can of worms!!

I also get annoyed with people who allow the older child to run a muck in a younger child's activity/event. Our library has a special room for the little ones & there are always kids way older than the HUGE sign on the door recommends. It drives me batty!

People who do not use turn signals and trucks with loud engines and/or loud bumping music from cars going by my house just after I got my son too sleep, grrrr!


Also, when I am hoping something foodwise is going to be super tasty and then it just tastes not that great...

See can o worms ;)

My Husband.

I almost feel bad saying this but, the people who bring adolescent special needs children to the toddler playground in the mall. I'm not annoyed because they're special needs, only that they are physically large and mentally incapable of understanding the physics of their body around small bodies. Really. It's frightening. And some of them are emotionally sensitive and if they were to make a small child cry it would impact them greatly and it would be because their caregiver didn't think ahead.

Stress, which makes me procrastinate, which makes me stress harder...

Basically, I'm annoying me right now.
Sad huh?

Goldberg beat me to the punch, bulleted list-wise. You can also do an ordered list by substituting ol for ul in the code.


  1. I'm annoyed that any blog hosted on Typepad won't let me comment if I'm behind a firewall (which is why I only comment on this instance of your blog, despite reading both).

  2. I'm desperately annoyed at my mother-in-law, the most passive-aggressive woman on the planet.

  3. And I'm annoyed by the widespread confusion between "its" and "it's," but that's more of a personal issue.

Other than that, I'm actually absurdly happy.

(Claire! Just scrawl "wrong address" across the envelope and put it back in your mailbox. They'll re-deliver it to the right address.)

I get annoyed at people who won't cut their children's hair and let it hang in their eyes. Pull it back or cut it...but please don't teach them to look stupid, they will have that instruction going on their whole life.

I get annoyed at people who ask me if they can put someone besides their spouse on their company paid spousal life insurance. Does the word spouse mean anything to you? Your mother is not your spouse, now is she?

I get annoyed at my smoke detector. It goes off all the bleeping time for no reason at all. Yes I've had it checked and yes it goes off when I cook bacon, or bake a biscuit or the other night when I lit candles. And of course, I'm too scared to just take the damn battery out of it.

I get annoyed at people who complain endlessly about the irratic behaviors of their children, yet do nothing to discipline them. Spanking, not beating, spanking is still an option. Deprivation of toys/tv/ice cream is still an option. Time out is still an option. I interview these grown up ill behaved children every day...and I'm sick of them. Parenting also means setting boundaries.

Thank you. I feel much better now.


HA! C'mon. That's funny.

I'm annoyed that my last week in this job isn't all cookies and doughnuts and people crying about me leaving. Instead, I've had two work-in-the-middle-of-the-night episodes, and long days working on shit that's broken. Can't I just go out on the shoulders of my cheering co-workers?

Why do the mailmen do that? It is annoying. I love finding new and more convenient ways to get places. I just figured out a much better way to get to the park where we go hiking on the weekend recently, and it made my whole day.

What's annoying me right now? I whacked the shit out of my knee on the bed this morning, and I'm sitting here feeling the bruise get worse. I don't like that one bit.

Oh, and I'm with cobwebs on the its/it's issue. Why can't people get that right?

I'm annoyed that the pricipal of my daughters school is a dumbass. And he looks like a duck (which I could forgive if he weren't a dumbass). And he strikes me as the type who dates the computer, if you know what I mean.

The knucklehead across the street that has nothing better to do than rev his extremely loud motorcycle for hours on end. At midnight. I should also mention that his young children are also out in the front yard playing tetherball until after 10pm almost every night. I don't like him very much.

i'm 32 weeks pregnant, so, EVERYTHING.

My cold is annoying me and I have been feeling like crap for a week, and I'm not sure I'm going to feel like doing all the fun things for my birthday this weekend that we planned to do.

People who are too lazy to use the internet properly and ask you to go back to your desk to find a number that they are perfectly capable of finding themselves, it's just that they are in the middle of something on Facebook and anyway, hey, it's your job to find information isn't it?

Also I want to write a blog post and Typepad is being very slow.

And I agree with you on the bigger kids thing.

My current annoyance? That Christmas decorations and music went up THE. DAY. AFTER. HALLOWEEN. THIS. YEAR. I'm already sick of it and I have a month-long happy-happy-joy-joy Christmas orchestra tour looming.

That and people who run stop signs in front of our house, scaring the crap out of the kids waiting for the school bus. Not. cool.

Feeling obligated to play with the neighbors' kids every day -- we get home at 5pm, and they're ALWAYS out there, so I ALWAYS feel like we have to invite ourselves over to say hello, for politeness' sake, (or else they'll come here and we won't be able to get rid of them).

Also my job.

Essays on psychological personality theorists. And essays on 18th century literature. Both of which I need to get done in the next couple days except I seem to be utterly braindead. Again.
Winter-induced stupidly dry skin. Because looking like you have leprosy is sooo hot.
Too few hours in the day, and actually requiring sleep. If I didn't need to sleep, I could get so much more done. (I realize that I am very lucky that I don't have a toddler waking me up.)
You have now successfully opened the floodgates of internet bitching! Woo!

Oh, and I haven't noticed anything different about gmail? I am notoriously unobservant, but whaa?

Ooh an opportunity to bitch. I'm there.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, my company is replacing all of the ceiling tiles in our office. This has been going on for days. I and everything at my desk have been coated in a fine sheen of grit for three days now. I go home at night to fish small pieces of ceiling tile out of my eyes. I am not happy.

ha! yahoo keeps trying to give me their new version of email, too. i get over there and start to tremble, like my little dog toto is at my feet and, yeah, you know what's coming...we're not in kansas anymore.

luckily they let me turn around. but i suspect its only a matter of time before yahoo pulls the plug on the old version, comfortable as it is.

What did gmail change ?

Hundred kilometre an hour winds (not even kidding) that ripped the paper (you know, pre-siding) off of my new garage !

I hate the big kids in toddler areas too. Actually, I dislike kids in general.

My complaint: My house construction has been "two weeks away" from completion for over three months now.

The big kids where only little kids should be bothers me also.

Plus, kudos on finding a way around the traffic. Do you also plan your errands in a circle? I do, just wanting some reassurance that I am not crazy?!

My complaint right now isn't even really mine: my husband is working 10 hour days/ 7 days a week until he comes home for vacation in 33 days. He is crabby...I am trying to hold it together so I don't freak out on him. Yea, fun.

My seven year old still enjoys the play area at the mall. But she gets a warning before she goes in that she's to watch out for the little kids.

Oh, and my fun for the day is ongoing fun with school fundraising. Feel free to go read all about my woes. ;-)

10 year olds in the toddler play section at the mall really bake my cookies! They're always up to some sort of mischief when they invade. Also, the word asterisk is divine! i can't get enough of it. I wish it meant/defined something way cooler than *. Maybe it does and I am just out of the know.

re: Gmail... at right, next to settings, click "Older Version".

Voila... you have one less thing to bitch about (which, realistically, when dealing with a hormonal pregnant woman, is like tossing a pebble at a mountain, but nonetheless...)


The surgery department was running behind like 3 hours yesterday so I had to sit still in a hopsital gown for four hours before I got the anesthetic cocktail. Woe is me! :-)

I, too, am annoyed with the new version of Gmail.

Maybe your web designer will get you some bullets if they ever get around to coding your new layout. (Just an idea.)

Our office receptionist is driving me crazy. She's unprofessional, rude, and embarrassing. If I make it through the day without saying, "Fucking idiot," it's been a success, and I'm not really one to say that, so it's a pretty big deal.

ugh! Too many things to list that are annoying me right now!

Love reading your blog and all the comments you get. They crack me up!

I'm totally with you about gmail. What a pain in the ass it's become.

the fact that I can't even go to Target now that I am living in Canada. On any road. In any amount of traffic.

Ok, sure, someday soon I will be able to travel back and forth again freely, maybe next summer thanks to the snails pace my immigration lawyer is working at, and I'm afraid to yell at her even though she is two months late with my application because she just had a baby. what kind of monster yells at someone with a new baby, even if it does delay my ability to travel down to the states, or even work, for three more months.


i have something you might try for your MT/Typepad bullet issue, however. It's called Ecto, and it's a lovely desktop blogging application that works with both protocols. It looks more like a word processor, so will put bullets in with a click of a button. Or numbering. There is a free trial, and even after that it's only about $18. I've been using it for years and I love it.

longest comment ever.

Not a complaint, but a suggestion!

I was allowed to take Sudafed during pregnancy. It was great for the never-effing-ending sinus headaches. Have you asked your doctor(s)? Speaking of, have you decided whether to dump your doctor(s)?

I wish I was only wrestling with MT/Typepad. The website I'm being paid to edit keeps changing on me. Suddenly, sporadically, and entirely too frequently. The menu completely rearranges itself for NO. APPARENT. REASON. and new (useless) pages that I didn't create keep appearing. All the web and server gurus at the company are as baffled as I am so they're not taking ownership in the problem or solution.
It's driving me to my death.

1. My favorite son-in-law's deployment date keeps getting moved up. It will be his third tour in Iraq and I realllly don't want him to go. But, since he's going, I reallllly want him to still be home for Christmas.

2. Guilt over having had my cat put to sleep. It needed done, but I feel terribly guilty for having made the choice.

3. "Real" teachers who act like "subs" are second-class citizens.

4. Parents who let 6 and 7 year olds pack their own lunch, without even bothering to ensure that there's anything remotely nutritious in it. Kids bring a can of soda, cheetos and candy; I kid you, not.

I could go on and on, but then I'd annoy others!

i love annoyed Beth! she's awesome :)

Beth I have a solution to your sinus infection woes. Get a neti pot (Google it to learn more). No drugs and I swear everything they say about how well it works is the truth!

This was a good week to ask me. I am pissed off that my husbands wh*#e of a boss fired him just because she wanted to.
Right before the holidays knowing I have two kids and I am pregnant.
I have nothing nice to say about her or what I wish for her in the future.

1. My Boss
2. It's snowing
3. My department is moving and they painted my new office baby poop brown.

I didn't notice any difference in g-mail, so I went and looked, still don't see what is different but I noticed a link at the top of the g-mail that says "older version" so you can go back to using the older version I assume?

Oh, dear... too many things to mention.

Gmail has a new version? Hmmm...

Substitute step class instructors who walk in and say, "Hey, I'm covering this class today but, I don't know step so, let's do a Bootcamp class instead".

I so agree with you on the mailman thing and the older kids in the toddler areas. My boys range in age from the toddler to the teenager and we DO NOT let the older kids play in those areas for that very reason.

you can still use the old version of gmail. if you look up on the right hand corner near settings it says older version. just click and use away.

I used Gmail and I haven't noticed anything different. What changed?

I use Gmail and I haven't noticed anything different. What changed?

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