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Blame this on the three hours of sleep I got last night

What do you suppose these sheep are doing?

And does it really belong in a children's book about strawberries?

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Hmmmmm looks to me like a goat coming out of another goat's private area. Not sure what is has to do with strawberries.

Goat porn!!!!

I have no words for what those sheep are doing... I find them a bit scary looking actually!!

I'm not sure that it's two sheep but rather one with a very large appendage.

Something that Jesus would not approve of.

Depends on what "strawberries" is a euphemism for.

Seriously, though: why doesn't that one sheep have a face? It's freaking me out, man.

Snuggling. And that's EXACTLY what I would be telling my 3 year old when she asks.

I laughed at Sarah's comment... because, yes, yes, he totally doesn't sanction goat sex. :) That said, that's pretty messed up for a children's book

maybe they are conjoined twin sheep!!!

I'm apparently too exhausted to get jokes these days. They just look like they are standing to me.

I don't think Jesus would necessarily be against goat sex on the whole, I mean, how else would the world population of goats continue to flourish? But I do agree Jesus would be opposed to the particular type of goat carryings-on happening in Mia's books about strawberries.

Hmm...those are some freaky looking sheep, actually! Kinda Conjoined twin sheep, I think.

Yeah, I'm tired too. Not sure why. Just too tired to see much of anything going on with the goats, sheep? Furry animals!

Reminds me when I was young and my parents had my brother and I design x-mas cards. I drew a scene where the shepherds (and their sheep) were visited by angles. One of the sheep, who was very excited and wanted a better view of the heavenly hubbub, had climbed on the back of another sheep.


20 years later I find the card and I wonder how my parents could send that out with a straight face. I wonder if that one even made it out of the house...

OH MY......
Maybe I should get my little head out of the gutter but that looks a little inappropriate for a children's boook.

he he he

Interesting reads y'all have there.

that is sheep porn in disguise if I've ever seen it.

That does look very wrong!

It looks is giving birth to another. Or else they are really messed up conjoined twins..JOINED AT THE BOOTY! :D

Yesterday I was in the dining hall here on campus, getting some Jamba Juice, and the mascot is a ram, right? So there are stupid rams everywhere, and painted on the wall across from JJ are these two rams. But their butts are totally mashed up together. My first thought? OMG! RAM BUTTSECKS! Heh.I turn 30 on Saturday. Clearly I inherited my father's immaturity.

and by the way, where are the strawberries? If they're going to pretend it's about strawberries, at least put some in that field.

What does hot goat love have to do with strawberries? I mean, besides the obvious.

Is that a hip new word for it? They're strawberrying?

Well not a children's book about strawberries exactly, but if you can come up with a few more of these illustrations, I think I can write a pretty awesome book for Mommies and Daddies!!

Oh my. Goat love....right up there with seeing your parents getting it on.

Oh my. Goat love....right up there with seeing your parents getting it on.

you should see what the horses are doing in the Golden Book's "Old McDonald Has a Farm" book... I do a double take every time Bennett makes me read it to him. ;)

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