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Holy hell. I caught sight of myself in a mirror tonight, in profile, wearing a tank top and yoga pants and man oh man but the belly is just out of control. I am at least as big as I was at the very end with Mia, maybe bigger, and I swear this kid just kicked me in the sternum.

Eight more weeks. Eight. Expect a lot of bitching ahead.

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That's what we're here for ... that and the hysterical-laugh inducing Mia videos. :)

But you're glowing! *ducks*

better the sternum than the chin, that's what i always say...

That's an impressive belly, I suppose! Hope the next eight weeks go quickly!

Eek...I don't think I'd be looking forward to the end of the 8 weeks, but what do I know.

my mother-in-law's 6th (and last) baby was so long it dislocated her ribs by kicked the botom pair up over the next pair! :p

Same problem here! HUGE belly. But still growing. Six more weeks. How is that even possible?

Are you done with the nursery yet?

Bitch away. We get cute Mia pictures/videos/ stories and you get a place to vent. Even trade!

Hey at least you have a baby in there! My belly is resting on the edge of my desk and it's not full of anything but coffee and lack of motivation.

My wife's cousin had twins 18 months ago. I saw a picture of her near the end and thought, "Holy crap, how did you stand it?"

And then there are some men who find the pregnant female form amazingly attractive.

I bet you look beautiful ... but you feel uncomfortable.

Does that help?


you're almost there!

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