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I've lived in this house for nearly four months now, and still spend at least one night a week standing in front of the stove waiting for a pot or pan to get hot only to eventually discover that I've turned on the wrong burner. I'm a dumbshit.

But then, yesterday Chris smashed his head into the ceiling while jumping down the stairs. Twice. So at least I have good company.

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I've lived in my house for 10 years and still turn the wrong burner on. Don't feel bad!

As if we needed more proof you two are perfect for each other ;-)

I used to work for GE, and I once sat in an hour-long meeting discussing how they have been making stoves for decades but still haven't found a way to keep people from turning on the wrong burners. So rest assured, they are working on it :-)

I've lived here for almost two years and I do that same thing about every third day.

The stove thing, not the stair thing.

I forgot how I got to your site, but every time I come here I leave laughing =)

I better bookmark your blog.

If it makes you feel any better ('cause it sure doesn't make me sound too swift), we've been in our house for about 6 years now and I still do that at least monthly.

The darn things are just on backwards, I think.

I have one of those small burners in a large burner and I am forever turning on the small one when a big pan is on the stove...good grief...

The knots on Chris' head must be awful! :-)

LOL Hope you get used to it all soon

I've been here since the beginning of September and I still reach for the light switch on the wrong side of the door.

The stove burners aren't too big a problem except for getting used to gas instead of electric.

We actually built our house, and when the electrician came I told him where to put switches, and plugs etc. Do you think I always turn on the right switch for the kitchen lights? No. In fact I almost always hit the wrong one.
It explains why I can relate to you and Chris!

It seems you are in good company. Many us poor souls that are forced to use electric stoves seem to do the same thing.

um yeah, i do that and i've lived in my house nearly 6 years...

Oh, I had that issue with our old stove. It drove me batty!

New house less so but I still do it from time to time...

....and you two have offspring. Super.

That's why I love gas ranges. No electric stove for me. I can't cook on electric. You know immediately if you've got the wrong burner on, and the heat is either on or off. When you want it to be.

Maybe Chris needs a sign on the wall so he doesn't bumo his head? Or some foam?


There should be a little optical sensor in each burner that senses when something is put on it. Then the appropriate knob on the stove should light up to say "hey dummy, turn ME".

Off to apply for a patent...

Well, you have me beat. I've lived in my house for 4+ YEARS and still do that. My stove has wonky old-timey buttons on the top and I still can't keep them straight.

ha ha! I've lived in this house for SEVEN YEARS and I bump my head going down our 1930s staircase into the basement at least once a week.

So, as I review your comments, apparently we're ALL dumbshits.

I had one of those pushbutton stoves like carrster in my old condo, where I lived for 5 years, and I always did that. My last Christmas in that place I actually had set a plate on a "spare" burner to scoop the eggs onto as they finished cooking, but ended up exploding the plate because the burner under it was on.

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