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Mia Monday #100: I Want My Mommy Edition

Mia vs. Santa.

You'd better admire those bows in her hair, since it took 20 solid minutes of arguing to get them there. (The tale of our visit is here.)

And since I've only got one Mia shot for you this week, here, the belly at 31 weeks.

Not so bad? Oh yeah? Check it.

I put it in black and white so you couldn't see that the front of my belly is all red and blotchy and my sides are just regular white girl colored. Also, if you look closely, you may be able to see my skin tags. Pregnancy is so fucking hot.

Finally, photographic proof that I did indeed discover Chris wearing my lingerie last Friday, as well as the accompanying story behind it which I must warn you just sucks the fun right out of the whole thing, is here.

Comments (39)

Mia is such a beautiful little one. And Chris is H-O-T in your lingerie! Thanks for the photo!

At least you can get her to sit on his lap...
My son (who is 5) flat refuses...each year we get a little closer...we stood still for at least 5 minutes right by the swag rope blocking patrons from the jolly guy himself. We actually went up the stairs right beside the display - some of us went up sideways stretching their neck around to see behind and below us.

Love the bows and love the belly! And yay me for being correct about Chris!

Oh goodness, she's just too cute.

Oh god, the pregnancy skin tags!!! I got about a million of the little bastards, most of which I still have. HATED them!

Your little girl is so freaking adorable, esp with the bows. I keep putting off our visit to Santa b/c I am chickenshit.

Your belly rocks, too. White girl colored and all.

Dude, I can't believe there's been 100 of these already. That's nuts.

Dude, are you really that far along? Pregnancy sure does fly by when it's someone else that's pregnant!!

God, you're hot. Even with the skin tags.

Mia is adorable, as always.

The bows are WONDERFUL!!

God, she is so damn pretty. And your belly too.

Adorable Mia with Santa!

I am posting a different photo each day until 12/25 of kids with Santa ... but none of them happy *gasp* but certainly cute =)

Mia's so cute. You know I found some skin tags on me. I think it's an age thing. My wife is darker complected than me and has more of them. As we get older there are more of them. You have a cute belly.


What an adorable photo! My first thought, even before reading the post, was that I couldn't believe you were able to get those bows in her hair!

Mia is beautiful! Well worth the effort to get those bows in her hair.

Your belly rocks, girl!

adorable. both of you.

and as I said at the other place, I don't know how to feel now that I know you blew me off for santa.

That's a great Santa photo. I distinctly remember being afraid of him as a kid, and in fact the only Santa photo my parents got was when a family friend was playing Santa at the mall and they told me it was him... and I still look kinda nervous in that photo. (It comes out and takes its place on my parents' entertainment center each Christmas.)

In fact, it's probably why I wasn't too disappointed when I figured out Santa wasn't real... the idea of a stranger entering my house kinda freaked me out.

Yay belly shot! So, are we going to have Wally Wednesdays too? ;-)

Is it just me or are children all talk and no action? I don't have any kids of my own yet, but have spent enough time to know stories like the one you told of Mia being so excited, then wanting her mommy instead of Santa. :) She is beautiful though and so is your belly!

What the hell is it with skin tags and pregnancy!? I still have a dozen of those little fuckers that stayed, although they (mostly) have shrunk now that I don't have that extra gallon of blood coursing through my veins.

Mia is cute. Great bows! Can't wait to take my daughter to see Santa, although relatively sure (read that: CERTAIN) that she will kick and scream and cling and refuse to actually sit on his lap. But I can't help myself, I must at least try.

Ah, the lingerie story at last. That is one HOTT picture of the mister. ;)

Mia is just precious!
And that belly, WOWIE!!!

Mia is just precious!
And that belly, WOWIE!!!

holy hell..i cannot believe you are 31 weeks already!

even after looking it up, i still have no clear idea of what a skin tag is. sounds like a word you'd hear on CSI though.

she's beautiful.

Mia certainly looks terrified. I don't blame her though. First she finds her dad wearing lingerie, then she has to see a red velour vest and a puffy shirt up close and personal. Poor thing.

She is too cute! And you look great!

She is too cute! And you look great!

Perfect pigtails! She's beautiful.

You look fabulous.

Just this morning I saw a picture of a friend from high school who is also at 31 weeks. Yay for pictures of 31-week-tummies! I'm sure you look incredible because you're Beth and you're hot that way.

Three things:

1. Your kid is freaking adorable.

2. I have always had a thing for pregnant women and their "glow". Bellies included. You look great, and should include your shy smile in these pics.

3. I don't want to alarm you, but you might be having a Hippopotamus. Or two.

Me TOO! I was there yesterday at 2. Doesn't this Santa ROCK! He's the same Santa my kids have seen since '98. He's awesome. Mia is pretty darn cute too.

Oh! OH those pigtails are darling!! Such a beautiful picture of such a beautiful girl. I'd cry from jealousy if I were the crying type.

I can't wait to see what Cole will do this year!

Every time I think Mia can't get any more gorgeous, she goes and proves me wrong.

And I'm so glad you posted a belly picture. I'd just been thinking that we weren't getting them so much this time around and I was disappointed. It's hard to believe that you're that far along!

Great bows!

Great Santa!

Great tum!

Your belly is so freaking cute.

Oh, and your kid is not half bad either :)

And hey, I was in your neck of the woods this weekend...driving to our hotel Thursday night I could have sworn I saw Chris in all the rush hour-post christmas tree lighting traffic...nevermind that "DC area" is a pretty wide scope :)

Oh the cuteness! Cute girl, cute bows, cute belly! Husband in lingerie? Not so cute, but cute that he did it for his daughter!

You did it! You posted the belly pic!! Wow - he'll be here in no time...

Seriously? Those bows are so freaking cute...

That is one beautifully enormous belly! (And Mia with Santa is just dang cute.)

Um, okay, is it just me, or is that piece of lingerie a little bit huge for you?!? It looks to me like if you put that on, it would be like Jarrod (of Subway fame) wearing his size 56 (or whatever) pants around his shiny new 32 inch waist. WTF?

Anyhow, my little girl is totally into lingerie as party dresses (or very fancy headwear) as well. It sounds so dirty, but I figure it's better that at least someone's getting some use out of it.

Nice belly! Plus your belly button hasn't popped. Mine popped 2 seconds after conceiving.

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