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Mia Monday #102: Jolly and Late Edition

Yes, I am three days late and also promised pictures yesterday, but so what? You wanna make something of it? This is the first break I've had from my child in four days, including the four solid hours of yesterday that I spent trying to convince her to sleep. It seems that the combination of Christmas, the sudden appearance in her toy room of every piece of Little People crap known to man, and having Fun Daddy home for a week and counting leads to that dreaded condition known as Toddler Overload. Also knows as "It's a Good Thing I Love this Kid Because She Sure is Rotten-itis." Plus, I've spent my very brief stretches of free time doing twelve loads of laundry because suddenly it is not possible for me to continue to breathe if I do not have piles of little blue jammies and onesies neatly piled in the crib. Hi, I'm nesting, how are you?

Anyway, without further ado, I present the Abbreviated Christmas Photo Essay. Check out Chris's site in the coming days for a link to what I am sure will be a much more extensive assortment. ("Fun Daddy" has more free time than "I Want My Mommy Now!". Remind me to make him start doing the laundry.)

Decorating cookies on Christmas Eve. Not pictured is the Grandparent assembly line, who were charged with applying frosting and who ate roughly half of the cookies in various stages of decoration. I shouldn't have bothered making dinner.

Play food from Santa. The hot dogs are a huge hit. Child has never seen a hot dog in her life.

"Bumblebee toy" from Santa, deemed acceptable, Mom and Dad exchanged a surreptitious high five once toddler's back was turned to congratulate selves on not ruining Christmas.

Christmas dress and pigtails. Oh yes, and robot. Mia is in the middle of a robot fetish. If you ever see her, you should ask her to talk like a robot because it is the funniest thing to ever happen in this universe or any other.

The shiny shoes. Gotta love Target.


More cousins. Well, I mean, the same two cousins, clearly, just an additional shot of them. We also have a few shots of all three cousins, but I am way too fat to be posting pictures of myself on the internet. Important note to pregnant girls though, once you get too fat to cross your legs you should stop wearing skirts shorter than your ankles. 2007 will henceforth be known as the year Chris took 18 pictures of my crotch. Happy Holidays.

Ah. A brand new baby doll (tentatively named Herman, and don't make fun because that was my grandfather's name) and a strawberry the size of your fist. Life just doesn't get much better than that.

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She gets more adorable each Monday. Nice work on the bumblebee! My task was a "purple diamond" this year. She loves to torment me.

PREGNANT CROTCH SHOTS RULE!, and I congratulate Chris for making it happen. Well done, sir. Well done.

Sounds like a good time was had by all, even if you did pull a Britney and flash your crotch in a lot of holiday pictures. Hey, no one said pregnancy made you classy.

And YEAH for little blue onesies!!!

You are one of the few people who could put up pics of her crotch and I not only would not mind, I would ENJOY it.

I have the same red shoes from Target. Sure, they are a little tight and hurt when I walk...but damn...they are CUTE!

LOVE THOSE SHOES!! Glad the bumblebee toy was approved.

my husband has a robot fetish as well. He wanted us to register for robot presents for our wedding.

I absolutely LOVE the shoes!!!! Great shots, Beth!!!

I want to know if Target carries the ruby slippers in adult size...


I am 15 weeks pregnant and starting to "feel the weight" that I can now throw around - I won't even go into the whole about my older brother writing "Large and in charge!" on his Christmas card to me!

Anyway, today I got a rather amusing daily email from informing me that I am not "fat" but rather, I just have an abundance of "maternal storage tissue" now. So there! You are SO. NOT. FAT!

I am 15 weeks pregnant and starting to "feel the weight" that I can now throw around - I won't even go into the whole thing about my older brother writing "Large and in charge!" on his Christmas card to me!

Anyway, today I got a rather amusing daily email from informing me that I am not "fat" but rather, I just have an abundance of "maternal storage tissue" now. So there! You are SO. NOT. FAT!

The dress and the pigtails!? Sofreakingcute...

Great photos! Of course you'll have to find time to post a video of robot voice...don't hate me!

How could you call the body that belongs to such an overwhelmingly adorable face "rotten"? Surely she is as sweet as her appearance... HA!!

It sounds like a wonderful Christmas, really! I, too, am glad that the bumble bee toy went over well.

The shoes THE SHOES -- there's no place like home there's no place like home -- I LOVE THEM! (And, can you believe how big our girls are getting???? It's crazy.)

Congrats on no barf this Christmas! :)

YOU should ask Mia to robot-talk for video ... the peoples demand!

Adorable pics. Looks like she had a great time. Be careful with all that laundry though...believe me, you are going to have a lot more once baby comes : )

Mia looks ADORABLE!! I love her shoes.

I can still cross my legs... if you give me a minute or 5.

Just a few more weeks and we'll both be even more busy AND doing more laundry! So can't you wait until the little one comes or do you think it's a good thing it's still a few weeks?

Ian likes Mia's new baby. We just spent 10 minutes discussing the difference between Herman and Ian Jr.

I like her Herman. :-)

Love Mia's shoes and dress. She looks so very pretty.

Lots of cuteness. Target is the bomb when it comes to adorable shoes.

Resist the urge to have Chris do the laundry. My husband decided to "help" me by doing my wash while I was at work this week. My handknit, bamboo blend sweater (worn only one time) did not survive the ordeal. I made Hubby pay for the replacement yarn so I can start over from stitch one, instead of taking it out of my regular knitting fund.

So cute! It sounds like it was indeed a very Merry Christmas at your house!

My daughter has the same shiny shoes in silver courtesy of target. She has rarely, if ever, taken them off in the time that she's had them. haha.

I absolutely love the Christmas pictures! Reminds me of when my daughter was that young. I can't wait to see the pictures of the Little People invasion!

The pictures are so cute! I'm glad the bumblebee toy worked out. Also, any way to get a video of Mia talking like a robot to share with us internet readers? I could use a good laugh! :)

Beautiful little girl! We have a pair of pink sparkly Target shoes AND a pair of red ones (two different children)

Is it just me or are those things the HARDEST shoes to get on?

Glad your holiday was merry, crotch shots and all.

She's adorable, as usual. I can't make fun of Herman. My niece (3 years old) got twin babies for Christmas and her's are now named Melvin and Lovely. I feel bad for her future children.

OH, little blue sleepers and sparkly red shoes! Your life could not get better.

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