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Mia Monday #103: Happiness is a Bendy Straw and a Carousel Edition

We also took the child to two museums, but these were her favorite parts.

(Also hey, my last ever Playgroup Dropout post is up here, if you care.)

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I LOOOOOOOOVE the last picture!! Looks like fun was had by all! Happy New Year Beth...thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I love you dearly and your blog too (though you dont even KNOW ME...I think it is a blog induced love *wink*) I pray for your health, wealth and happiness for the whole new year through. You, Chris, Mia, and Herman (grin) ROCK my world.
XOXO-Cheryl in the South
*10 days til due date!*

I hope it's not too stalker of me to say, but I wish we lived closer. You guys would be awesome playdate buddies.

there's little in life that's better than a good ole bendy straw! ;)

If bendy straws and carosels don't make you happy, then I don't think that anything would!

Happy New Year!

I love looking at your Mia Monday pics, they are always so cute! I wish you, Chris, Mia, and baby-to-be a wonderful, happy, and healthy new year!

I can't for the life of me figure out where you are. I know you are on the mall, but where the resturant is.

Happy New Year!

I am in full agreement- nothing is better than a bendy straw and a ride on the carousel....

i finally figured it out. It's that little nose. I cannot resist that little nose.

I think it was very brave of you to go with Mia and Chris to the carousel. I know how you feel about those horses...LOL
Happy New Year to my favorite young family! Hugs to you all!!!

Looks like fun :) Happy New Year, guys!

Bendy straws are the best! Happy new year, and that's a great final post on Club Mom.

Bendy straws are the best. I still use 'em!

Happy new year!!

bendy straws rock!

We have bendy straws on hand at ALL TIMES at Casa Greeblemonkey.

Button has always had a bit of a narcissistic complex and every time she sees me on the computer she runs over and says "I wanna look at pictures of ME!" She's been doing that for ages.
Now when she sees me on the computer, she comes running over and says "I wanna look at pictures of MIA!"
She's now a dedicated Mia Monday fan.

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