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Mia Monday #99: Mia Models the New Paint Edition

Someone was so not in the mood for a photo shoot this morning, and all y'all know how impossible it is to accurately capture paint colors in a picture, right? So take with a grain of salt and the assumption that I have fabulous taste and therefore anything you don't care for is the fault of the photograph, not the walls.

Dining room:


Master bedroom and bathroom (but you don't really want to see my bathroom, do you?):

Mia's room:


I forgot to take a shot of the upstairs bathroom, but here's the guest room which we did not paint as consolation:

And I couldn't get a decent shot of the foyer, hall, kitchen, family room, stairwell, upstairs hall color, so picture something between the bit of hallway you can see in the shot above, and this:

Yes yes, you love it. Do please try not to gush.

Comments (43)

Lovely! You've got excellent taste, but then you probably already knew that, didn't you?

My nursery is the exact same color! We're doing an aquarium theme.

Mia is such a sweetie!

So pretty! I love the colors. And I love me some new paint. I'm a paintaholic.

Oh my crap, I Also, I never noticed before... but we have that crib too. The contempo right? We also have the combo unit... weirdness.


I love the blue in the nursery! Very pretty.

What the...? Part of my post disappeared after I hit submit. It said:
Oh my crap, I

ARGH. I will do it without the punctuation then, evil platform...
Oh my crap, I *heart* the nursery color.

I love the pic and colors of Mia in her bedroom!

Gushing like a faucet on high. That girl is so adorable. Oh, and the walls are, too!

I love the paint colors, especially Mia's room. But honestly, the best part of the pictures are of the model in each one.

Yay for pretty walls!

Oh I just love the colors, Beth. Really. I am simply green with envy! I wish I was not so boring (all white) and had the courage to colorize my house!

Great colors - they look great! And here I thought it would be hard to top those pink walls that used to be in Mia's room...

Those colors are unbelievably beautiful together. I'm going to have to take the Beth series of seminars soon: Toddler Hair 101, Finding Back Routes to Avoid Certain Roads, Paint Coordination For Dummies, etc. You could recoup some of the fee the painters charged you!

i love them all. especially the dining room. i have always wanted to paint a room that color!

How'd you get the aquarium to stay on her head/foot board?

Beautiful colors, adorable model *wink*

Now you need to tell us the paint colors/brands...I love the nursery color especially! :)

Mia's room is absolutely lovely. Perfect for a little girl, but not PINK all over the place.

What is the brand/color you used for the nursery? From that photo, it looks like pretty much the color I'm thinking of painting my living room... when I finally get around to it.

lovely purple for a lovely girl.
nice choice.

gorgeous! especially the dining room. LOVE IT.

Aww she's so cute!
It's really difficult to take pictures of little children. My cousin is 9 months old and probably 9 out 10 photos I take of him are blurred, always! So I think these pics look great!

I already saw the colours over at Chris's place and commented on your guys' excellent taste. But Mia definitely adds to the overall ambiance! Also, I hadn't noticed before how nicely they all coordinate together. You could probably get some sort of career as an interior decorator/ colour consultant if you wanted to!

The paint is beautiful, and made even more lovely by the sweet model!

The colors look awesome! I wish we could paint our house. I'm with you guys -- plain white everything is blindingly awful (which is most of our house, ugh). I especially like Mia's room and the nursery. And Mia has done a fabulous paint-modeling job. She's such a cutie!

I love love love the color you picked out for the nursery. It reminds me a bit of what I painted my bathroom earlier this year.

I don't suppose you'd be willing to share the name of that paint brand and color would you? My guest bedroom needs it. Bad.

Beautiful choices. Congratulations on reclaiming your house!

oh I looooooooove Mia's new room color!! and the rest of it too...

Yes, yes, LOVE IT! ALL!! I think I need to pain our house now... but I think it will just have to wait until after Christmas.

I love the colors, and they are even better because of their cute little model. She wears those walls like a pro.

B e a u t i f u l !!!

Greetings, A.

I love the colors espcially Mia's room and the nursery.

ooh, pretty. Very jealous here of your sparkling fresh walls.
Love the dining room red...much better than my poor choice of red bedroom walls.....

I love the dining room color. Dark colors never get enough credit for how awesome they are.

I wish I could still wear a onesie.

I love the paint colors, and the reindeer jammies too! :) My daughter Allie just recently started liking footed jammies after being opposed to them since birth.

I am loving the bedroom color. I've been pretending to be blind everytime I walk into our bedroom for the last three and a half years (really? it's been that long?). I may now have to take the paiting plunge! *k

You have excellent taste. I love Mia's room...

I love the colors! Do share the names! I especially love the playroom, Mia's room and the baby's room. I need a new color to paint our basement/future playroom.

You're right...I do love it.

(And it reminds me how happy I will be to have our new house done!)

You did a good job choosing some great colors.

The nursery color is my favorite! It's all lovely though.

Great taste! I especially like Mia's jammies.

I love that you painted her room a soft purple. :o) Did she get to pick?

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