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More guidelines than laws, apparently

My house defies the laws of physics. The basement, which is fully underground and in which all the heating vents are firmly closed, is consistently 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house. The upstairs, which is well insulated and has nice, tight seals on all the windows, is consistently 10 degrees cooler than the downstairs. Um, warm air rises, right? Except not so much in my house. We managed to somewhat equalize the upstairs and downstairs by closing all the vents on the main floor and opening all the vents upstairs, which meant the bedrooms were only two or three degrees cooler than the living room. Except that then the painters came, and somehow reinstated natural laws within my house and now with the exact same set up as before the upstairs is meltingly hot if I set the heat to anything above 63. The basement is still an inferno, but they didn't paint down there. I'm thinking they should list "broken laws of thermodymanics repair" as a qualification on their website.

Speaking of the painters, they did a great job except for a couple of really minor things and trying to get them to address those really minor things has turned into a huge battle with their office manager person. When will people realize that doing a great job doesn't count for much if your customers have to deal with a major bitch every time they call you? Seriously, I would recommend these guys and use them again even with the aforementioned minor issues, but I am not willing to deal with bipolar bitch phone woman again and cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone else subject themselves to her.

(P.S. If you participated in my Christmas card exchange last year and sent us a card, thanks! You rock! But, we don't have that box anymore, so if you were planning to be all crafty and just send another one this year to the same address, um, don't. Kisses.)

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Are you Angie's List members? If so, and you tell them that, they'll probably bend over backwards to help you out with your concerns rather than risk getting a bad review from you on Angie's List. It's like the kiss of death to get a bad review on there. (If you're not a member, you could bluff and say you are, or that you're going to have your friend who is a member submit your review for you.)

Our current house doesn't have a basement but I grew up in houses that did. The basement always stayed a constant temperature, regardless of season (earth is actually a really good insulator, better than walls aboveground), while the rest of the house fluctuated. Since my parents chose to only heat the house minimally and rely on sweaters/blankets to stay warm during the winter time, the basement was often as warm or warmer than parts of the house. Of course, in the summer, when my parents chose to open windows instead of use air-conditioning, the basement was the one place you could go to be assured some cool air.

So can we still send cards somewhere?

Yikes Beth... how do you REALLY feel about that woman?? I could never understand WHY on earth a company would put someone with that kind of personality problem on the phone to rep their company...

I really wish that people who have no talent for customer service would NOT go into a line of work that requires it. Doctors offices seem to be awful about that too.

Yes, what Judy said, can we still send cards?

I feel your pain with the temperature variations in the house, ours was the same way until my husband adjusted the dampers on the furnace. Apparently these control how much air flows out of the furnace and into each duct going into each room. It makes a bigger difference than just closing the vents (which I used to do too). You (or Chris) probably need to send more air to the upstairs and less to the basement.
The only thing that I know is that the dampers are some lever-type thing that is physically on the furnace. Other than that, I don't know much else (at least about the furnace and dampers :).

Your basement has earth all around it. That's pretty good insulation.

Maybe that's why the Branch Dividian's buried the bus.


yeah what a couple of other people said.."is there another place where we may send cards?"


I lvoe the new paint colors by the way! The painting company needs to hear about the woman and the poor job she is doing before it ruins their company. Can hardly wait for the new baby's arrival. Take care.

It's like I wrote on my blog the other day, manners are a thing of the past (sadly).

Dude, I so was about to ask you if you still had that address. I'm fixing to make some super awesome Christmas card and I was all set to send one to the Fishes. Don't make me pout!! ;)

Our house is the same way. We had to close the vents down there because I swear, if we left them open, it would start a fire.

I'm with the card people. Info, please. ;)

so, is there a new box that we can send cards to?

Glad you mentioned the card thing 'cause I'm about to start hunting for addresses and surely would have pulled my hair out trying to find yours only to have it returned.

You've got to start cussing more. This post ended up in the blogHerAds festured spot. LOL

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