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Small favors, thankful for

You know what I haven't had with this pregnancy? Those searing middle-of-the-night calf cramps that send you shooting out of bed screaming in agony telling yourself to flex, flex dammit but oh my fucking god you flex because I am too busy literally dropping dead from calf pain over here. I had those every night for months with Mia, and so far with this pregnancy, not a one.

I mean sure, I do have hip pain and back pain and pelvic pain of the sort that makes daring to draw breath an agony and the total inability to roll over in bed, but hey, no leg cramps. Woo-hoo.

P.S. This is a great post. You should read it.

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Oh geez, I totally forgot about those. OUCH! I didn't have them every night but I did have thema handful of times toward the end. My husband would wake up to my screaming in an absolute panic which was, in retrospect, kinda funny. Although my panic (and pain, dear GOD the pain) was never funny. Neither was the searing hip pain that prevented me from walking while standing fully erect. Ah yes. Thanks for the reminders. Ugh.

All things I will never miss again. Just reading your vivid description brings back horrible memories and made me involuntarily flex my leg.

I have had those with all of my pregnancies too, but not this one so far. I have tried explaining the pain to my husband, but he doesn't get it. It feels like the muscle is actually tearing in half, at least to me. I hope your good fortune (and mine) in this department lasts.

Do you have the restless legs? I had those all through my pregnancy and it sucked ass. I'd have to get out of bed and pace around the house just to satisfy that horrible urge to MOVE, DAMN IT!

Ick! I remember getting something similar during growth spurts - glad you don't have that, at least!

Honestly, I don't know how you ladies do it. If it were up to us, humans would be extinct.

funny! I didn't have that excruciating calf pain in the second pregnancy either, but, like you, I had every other discomfort!

You know, I used to get shouted at when I'd wake up shouting out because of calf cramp. My partner would say he thought I was going into labour and to stop doing it. I'd love to see him wake up with calf cramp. Its a horrible pain.

You know you just jinxed yourself.

I remember those leg cramps - I had them with all four pregnancies and they suck. I hope you didn't jinx yourself.

You just reminded me of the impending doom. The pain...I already have back pain and I'm so so far away.

One day after an ultrasound, my hips and back were so stiff and sore that I could hardly walk. Big fat pregnant woman, hobbling through the hospital toward her car -- no fewer than 3 men stopped and asked whether they could help me (and they all looked intensely relieved to find out that I did not expect them to), or whether I shouldn't be walking the other way.

Pregnancy sucks, but at least you get a baby out of it.

Funny, I had those cramps with Tim a LOT more often. Now I've only waken up like 4 times or so.

Holy hell, Beth! Every NIGHT?? I had one ONE NIGHT and I was too terrified to go to bed again for like three nights after that.

I hope I don't have any this pregnancy, either. =)

Toes up toward the shin, I remember that.

FTEP post was good! I think there is a lot to be said for expecting the worst.

Calcium supplements are the saving grace for the God-awful calf cramps and restless legs! I swear my Midwife told me to take a calcium supplement and they went away. talk to your OB and get some calcium!!!

If you have any cramps or just want to ward any of them off, that is!! (see previous)

Second pregnancy leg cramps were resolved with calcium supplements...omg...first pregnancy full of the cramps that make your leg hurt all the next day...ouch!

I had these pains when I was pregnant. They were a fate worse than hell. I still get them a few times a year. They're hateful.

I also love how if you think about the leg cramp it gets worse. If I start to get one and try to ignore it, it will go away but if I think about it getting worse it does.

Hell yeah, thank goodness for the (not-so) little things. There were quite a few nights I would wake up to Jen hollering and I'd go from zero to calf-massage in 2.2. It was a heart-exploding experience for me too.

Agh! The leg cramps! I had those with both pregnancies and man, did they ever suck!

I hope you make it through this pregnancy without them.

I had those. I have them all the time now because of the sydrome I have decided to hang with and now I swear to you that in my dreams I start to feel that muscular wind up and I force my heel down hard enough to wake me up. LOL. My body practically does the dance itself.

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